CDC confirms first person-to-person spread of coronavirus in US

CDC confirms first person-to-person spread of coronavirus in US

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “CDC confirms first person-to-person spread of coronavirus in US

  1. The speed is the lie that Chinese government made. There is no speed for the virus. The Chinese government lied to the world to prepare.

  2. Aww the year has been so good so far WW3 predictions and coronavirus in the first month of 2020! Yay such a good year so far!

  3. In a world where so much product and goods are being shipped from China to the rest of the world, person-to-person is the least of the CDC's problems..

  4. CDC First person to person infection in US but don't worry, there's no need for concern
    (1 month later)
    News All major US cities & capitals are quarantined to try & contain the outbreak.

  5. We dumped 5.6 billion pounds of pesticides on Mother Earth back in 1999.
    God only knows how much we have dump now that Trump has fired EPA.
    Pesticides lower our ability to resist disease (in addition to causing obesity, diabetes and dementia).

  6. It’s more then what we are hearing anyone ever think about all those Missiles that was sent out by the Chinese we are not Sure what they had Place in those missiles To Affect the Chinese people I know it’s causing the spread worldwide that’s something we all need to think about

  7. Why is there not a blanket travel ban to & from China & all of Asia surrounding it. I’m freaking pissed that it’s not already been done.

  8. Xí Jìnpíng is to visit Japan this April and see Japanese Emperor as a NATIONAL GUEST. Does Japanese royal family want to celebrate not only the human rights abusing in Hong Kong, Tibet and Uyguhr but also the spreading of corona virus? Well, it's like when Japanese Emperor visited China just after the Tiananmen massacre to give China acknowledgement.

  9. Maybe someone who has some medical education can explain why this is more worrisome than the flu which killed 30,000 last year in the US? Is it the quickness of the spread?

  10. Alright, whoever is playing this game of pandemic is either very clever or very stupid. We know it exists, but we also don't know how to find it until it is too late, but we learned about it before it was ready for prime time. You are supposed to make sure people don't start dying until AFTER you reach Madagascar.

  11. I wouldn't at all be surprised to learn this whole coronavirus thing is an orchestrated biological attack from China. If our government, "the good guys," could do the Tuskegee Experiments, MK Ultra, and possibly developed Lyme Disease, surely China's human-organ-harvesting government must be guilty of far worse. If they refuse to get this under control we ought to "accidentally" send some Lyme Disease ticks over there like how they "accidentally" sent us people infected with the coronavirus. Whoopsie!

  12. People with the coronavirus are contagious without out showing symptoms or feeling sick. Coronavirus is spread by simply touching the infected person or touching something they touched; if they cough or sneeze it not only can infected you through your mouth and nose, but also through your eyes and most likely pores if all you have to do is touch something with it.

  13. People with the coronavirus are contagious without out showing symptoms or feeling sick. Coronavirus is spread by simply touching the infected person or touching something they touched; if they cough or sneeze it not only can infected you through your mouth and nose, but also through your eyes and most likely pores if all you have to do is touch something with it.

  14. Corona virus is electronic virus measured by a electron gun.

    China 🇨🇳 reaping it's virus creation's. Then how OBOR is allowed?

  15. So is this the beginning of the end? I suddenly feel like singing that song by Harry styles…..😇Just kidding Aloha Friday!

  16. What about money carrying the virus.
    Money used on planes, taxis, airports then circulated around Australia. WASH YOUR HANDS.

  17. To all the people saying stop the flight from leaving. This virus had definitely been around among people for atl3ast a week. I am sure they did not report it right away. What about the ships with all the made in China coming in, that we just love to buy and need to have? It was handled and touched by Chinese workers. Will we be stopping the ships from docking at our ports?
    This it’s pointless now. The biggest mistake was to evacuate Americans who left America to live there and want to come running back now that it’s no longer safe. They should never have been brought back on American soil.
    I think the safest thing to do is wait it out. See what happens. if things get worse in the states just stay at home, limit contact with other humans. What if it becomes stronger and becomes airborne. It wouldn’t matter where we are. And don’t run to safe zones like Greenland. If we do we will infect the people there. We should not do what China did by sending infected people back.

  18. I would suggest, be careful where you order things from. I'm curious how Amazon is going to handle this now that surface contact is also an issue.

  19. No matter how it look it does looks human to human infection. Not all Chinese eat exotic foods like bat, they aren’t cheap either…..and it alrdy wide spread in China this quickly
    Declared global emergency too late lol

  20. This new virus is I suppose another good reason to avoid using and touching cash.

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  21. Why are they still accepting flights from China? Also whats up with 72 your quarantine? China says 14days are required and the US is sending them out into the public in 3? WTF? Is that INTENTIONAL?

  22. Well make sure when that China leader are them top elite person's get this disease then it's not planned action by communist origins they can't jyst shoot 5 million people any longer

  23. China must cut off travel otherwise quarantine doesnt work. Someone can just go to another country and come here whether we block China or not.

  24. And why are planes even flying to the U.S. how many planes would China allow full of sick U.S. citizens to land in their country none

  25. If "they" can't control you with laws and voting they will do it biologically. Either way you will stop your misbehaving, protesting and questioning of the elite power structure!

  26. Virus: spreads through human contact, two weeks incubation.

    China: Travel time, flies to different counties via airplane

    W.H.O: it’s okay it’s not a real emergency

    Virus: oh look 👀 new hosts

    W.H.O: Okay so… we may have been wrong, but you know…at least you have healthcare and vaccines.

    USA: 👁👄👁

    Anti-Vax people: 👁👄👁 herbs will save us

    Rest of the word: 🤧😷

  27. The rich didn't want to lose money on trade and travel so they let it spread. It's time the poor rise up and eat the rich.

  28. Yes that sounds just about right. Bring sick people home and everyone in the country is a potential victim. The people resoonsable are too smart to think that virus will not spread in the USA. Looks light they brought it to the USA so it can spread. Any child would advise against bringing potentially Infected people to the USA.

  29. Hopefully no officials see this comment but I have the corona virus and I think I got it from a friend and it’s been spreading

  30. The Corona Virus was CREATED back in 2015 in a lab in China (Patent #10130701 look it up) Don't let the news keep you in fear, that is their main priority right now. They are not on your side. Stay safe everybody 🙏

  31. Are any racial or genome groups other than Asian being infected by this corona virus? Or does it only affect those of Asian background to a greater or lesser degree?

  32. Nearly 1.25 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day. We do not want to see panic news. We want to see who is making donations for the vaccination development and scientific data for the solution.

  33. Just realize that China has over 1 billion people. A couple hundred people dying is not relatively much. Do NOT be pushing the PANIC BUTTON.

  34. The amount of propaganda in this video is just what I would expect from America media. We are supposed to thank our government for diverting one plane from China when hundreds more arrive in the U.S. everyday. I've seen these joker's compare this to the flu and say it isn't so bad. Lies have become the common currency.

  35. This "cororna-virus" is bio-engineered…its nothing more than a money maker for the vaccine industry and the elites…vaccine maker stocks have shot up 60% when they've announced their intentions to create a vaccine. Fear doesn't help either. This is all calculated by the elites…Wuhan is a testing ground. Most vaccine manufacturers are connected directly or indirectly to the Gates Foundation. Do your research!!!

  36. The flu is dangerous! Even the low-end estimate of deaths each year is startling, Savoy said: The Centers for Disease Control predicts at least 12,000 people will die from the flu in the US every year. In the 2017-2018 flu season, as many as 61,000 people died, and 45 million were sickened.

  37. Temperature scan every single asian passing through. They may have contact with someone from Wuhan. MAGA!!! People travel or have friends n relatives who travel.
    No that isn't racist. It's smart. Always err on the side of caution.

  38. Please fact check
    There is a P4 lab in Wuhan set up by the dept head of chem, Harvard University. In October, 8 researchers discovered a new virus from a deceased elderly man. They reported it to no avail. A complete scientific report was requested. Report was submitted on Nov26 and still to no avail. The Researchers leaked the findings to the West. They were arrested. The "seemingly" first publicized case surfaced on Dec09. It was made to be "tied in" with a fish market that also sold game meat. Only 27 of the first 40 cases could be chased back to the fish market.
    Bottom line – did the virus come from game meat innocently? Or did it come from a lab?

  39. The United States of America Russia and China should start a new race not a weapons race like the cold war but a race to see who can create the vaccine to get rid of the virus winner-takes-all

  40. all the calamities and diseases that are coming are a sign that the Lord Jesus is coming soon and no one can stop it because everything is written in the Bible. only one has not yet been fulfilled that day of judgment.

  41. Stupid people alarmists saying stupid opinions. Just emotions. Mindless babble. Time to cut off the head of Chicken Little. You have no first hand knowledge so STFU!  BTY, wife and I got back from Shenzhen last Sunday.

  42. We Can always count on African and asian countries to start some crazy viral spread. China, Just eat normal meats… not cats and bats … smh

  43. You know what f*** it, don't just close off travel from China, close off travel from Europe to. We can't risk this anymore than we already have.

  44. My personal opinion is the WHO did not take proper precautions in the beginning for the potential seriousness of the situation. I cringed when I saw a chuckle from the person speaking. Just saying that was not appreciated.nor appropriate.

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