Cat Dental Health & Tooth Care : How to Brush Cat Teeth

Cat Dental Health & Tooth Care : How to Brush Cat Teeth

Hi this is Dr. Greg McDonald and I am here
with Expert We are going to talk a little bit about home care of your cat’s
teeth. Things you can do at home to prevent dental disease in your cat. One of the products
that we really like is called CET Toothpaste and this comes with a really neat little toothbrush
that you can put on your finger and I think it is excellent for cats because a regular
toothbrush is really hard to put into their mouth. This slides over your finger like this
and it has little brushes on it and you can brush your cat’s teeth. Stripe, why don’t
you come over here and we will show you a little bit about how to do that. The thing
is that you don’t want to use regular toothpaste in homecare because cat’s don’t know that
they are supposed to spit out the toothpaste and if they swallow it, it has some detergent
in it that can upset their GI tract so you do need to get a special tooth polish from
your veterinarian and one of the other fun things that I talked about if you can make
it fun for your cat to get their teeth done by successive approximations. By that I mean
you just get a little bit done every day. The first couple of times you try it you are
not trying to get anything done with the teeth cleaning, you are just trying to expose the
cat to something that he is going to have done to him that he won’t be afraid of later
in life. If you just go home with something like this and you just force your finger in
their mouth, then he is going to runaway and never gets anything done. Now Strike has had
some oral care before this way and you just start by just brushing the teeth a little
bit like that and you can see they actually let you take some of that tartar and brush
it off. If I had some of that stuff on there, we would actually be accomplishing a lot more.
You put this special tooth polish onto this and you rub it onto the teeth. The real key
to homecare especially in cats and this works for dogs too, is the training process. Just
like any animal if they like coming over and visiting to you they get groomed or petted
and they like that is because you have done nothing to hurt them. So if you can start
out slowly I think you should take like a months time period every day and call your
cat over and give him a little bit of taste of the tooth polish and say, let’s brush,
let’s brush and just get a little bit done every time and you may actually avoid having
to put your cat under anesthesia at a later date. So this has been about home dental care
that you can do for your cat. Check in with your veterinarian for the right products so
you don’t use something that can make them sick and you can really do this at home.

Author: Kevin Mason

52 thoughts on “Cat Dental Health & Tooth Care : How to Brush Cat Teeth

  1. i really need to brush my cats teeth…but i didn't train them from they were small. i think it will take a long time to train them to let me clean their teeth. thx you for sharing the good info about brushing cat's teeth!

  2. Great idea!! Any follow up suggestion on getting your health insurer to cover the stitches and emergency room visit?????

  3. I would have liked to have seen how to get to those side and back teeth. Better demonstration, please!

  4. My cat is looking at me right now. It knows what I just watched and what I'm thinking about doing. It has this look on it's face like.."you can try it, I'm willing to give it a shot, but it's not going to end well and we both know it".

  5. Great video. Going tomorrow to get a brush like that and some paste. My cat lets me open her mouth and rub on her teeth but I haven't been able to use any kind of implement to get the tarter off. Thanks for the video. I wish more vets would put these kinds of videos online!


  6. Dr. Greg Mcdonald, that is great example, i want you to do me a favor why stop brushing at home pets go out in the wild and spread the message, stick your hand in a tiger or better yet a lion's mouth and brushing that stinkin' teeth. i think that tiger or lion won't taste any brush or paste.

  7. Mr. Bojangles lets me brush the front and the fangs fine, but those hidden back teeferz, under the various flaps in their lips, I can't get at those. He's got more flaps in his lips than a you-know-what.

  8. @samswank hahahah lol yes but i cant do it with mine we dont know why and we cant afford to goto the et but she has this thing growingon her tootth dso yeah

  9. I tried this today and my cat was going nuts , the best way is to put it to sleep and then have a vet do it.

  10. @naboba, it's not always that simple. My cat had his teeth cleaned today under general anaesthetic, and the vet said he took far too long to wake up afterwards. She said it would be best to avoid anaesthesia in future if at all possible. Obviously you can't if the condition is life threatening, but dental disease is something you can at least try to prevent. And my cat is only 6yo! Older cats, or cats with chronic health problems, are even more at risk.

  11. @paintbrush0300 Yes. And if I recall, it should be between 4-6 months. Usually by 6/7 months they have their full adult teeth. After that, no unless you count diseases, accidents etc…But the baby teeth is nothing to worry about. Most of the time people don't notice. I've never had to "yank" my cat's teeth out. But if you are worried just check with your vet or look yourself to keep up with them.

  12. @Zoraiz786786 Thats not a good sign. That usually means there's overgrowth of bacteria that could be causing dental caries. You should take him to the vet. I had a friend who waited too long and his cat had major dental problems. Better to get it checked out as early as possible.

  13. It would have been nice if you would not have held the cat down until you were ready to demonstrate. You say a lot of nice things about not stressing the cat, and wanting the cat to trust you, but yet you never even as much as stroked the cat or talked sweet to him in order to comfort him for this video! You only put your hand on his back and drug him to you and then made him stay that way. Not nice. It's really sad that so many Veterinarians don't really have love or compassion for animals.

  14. Nice tips. This gives you and your cat a month to gradually get into the routine of daily dental care. Everybody seems to want to do everything this instant. Cats think differently than we do. They've got plenty of time and they are, believe it or not, suspicious of us! We can hurt them and they know it.

  15. I'm a vet nurse and know it is so important to clean your cats teeth, luckily my cat is really cooperative, check out my video

  16. I think if I try this on my cat, I won't have a face anymore. But still, I'll give it a shot. Bye bye face, you will be missed.

  17. Great tips! Toothpaste for pets are readily available and so is there's no reason for using Colgate on them..

  18. mm I have never brushed my cats teeth. she's about to turn 2. I've been told that you have to brush them. so this is my first time doing this

  19. If you aren't going to brush your cats teeth…and I know it is much harder than this guy lets on…KEEP AN EYE ON THEIR GUMS. I just had to take my cat in for allergies and they told me her teeth were really bad. I blame myself for not caring better for them. She had 10 extractions and I got an $800 bill. So if you aren't going to brush, check on their gums often to see if they are turning red. Ciao!

  20. My cat let's me brush his teeth everyday he is such a sweet cat I put a little on my finger at first to let him  taste it he did really good the first time. he also let''s me trim his nails with no problem. My cat is amazing and I only had him for about 6 weeks. and he goes to  the vet also. but the toothpaste is about 10.00 but he loves the taste. I use Sentry petrodex from 

  21. Great gentle video.What is the device on your finger? Is that some kind of toothbrush for cats? What is the brand? Any more recommendations on brushes or pastes for cleaning cats teeth?

  22. They sell those plastic finger brushes at pharmacies or infant sections at Walmart or Target. They're in the infant department where u find hygiene products for infants. I used to use them to brush my daughter's gums and tongue to prevent thrush. Now I buy them for my furbabies.

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