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  1. At the start of this video the guy introducing the host mentions that there are many people looking to view this on YouTube. Where can I find a list of upcoming talks at Google?

  2. I am learning about a growth vs fixed mindset in my English class in college and I find that Carol Dweck has really proven her research and backs up what she states. I also find that having sa growth mindset allows a person to be able to reach their potential and overcome obstacles. Thank You Prof. Carol Dweck

  3. 8:00 – Smart and Stupid labels. When you are told that you are smart or stupid, then you build your life around those labels. Smart people think they don't have to work hard.

  4. Wanted to say she's a genius……She's really worked hard to create a radical new way of motivating effectively, especially children!

  5. so basically we protect the high status of "smart"
    by emotional protections and emotional manipulations
    of our own logic, and rationalizing are logic to explain
    to others our nonsense logic, only cause we can't
    see that we are in a defence mechanism of our
    own ego "status".

    holly shit… we are complicated people 🙂

  6. Then why are so many schools in the fixed mindsets?  To think differently or to challenge the students to think differently gets you punitive measures.  At my school you have to be a robot that spits out "A"s otherwise the higher ups and parents get mad.

  7. I wasted 10 minutes trying to figure out what she was talking about. She talks as if "Growth Mindset" should mean something to me. Also, how many mindsets should there be? What is a "fixed mindset"? As if people automatically fit into one of 2 categories. I was criticized as I did not buy into the "Whole Language" system. My children did better under a competitive scenario which was criticized. She never defines Growth Mindset nor how one fits into this category. OK>>>>what is a growth mindset? What is her point? How does one evaluate this concept….

  8. love her argument. Ordered her book, looking forward to reading it. We are raising literally a bunch of wimps and doing more bad than good by constantly praising kids. When one hears they are "smart", why would they challenge themselves to become even smarter? Reinforcement is good, no doubt, but praising a kid for doing nothing more than doing what every other kid is doing imo, is strongly hindering their ability to raise above everyone else and to challenge themselves. This doesn't just apply to kids but to adults as well. Too many people are using the "good enough" approach and mindset which is why you see so many people living average lives. People don't realize what more they can achieve financially, spiritually, their health, their relationships with others, if they were to adopt a growth mindset.

  9. I have been thinking about 5 minutes where this growth mindset comes from and now I know. It is from slavery and mass cattle production. When a master has a slave and domesticated cattle he wants to grow them up and their production up all the while limiting them up by throwing a virtual or a real cage around them by teling them that the environment is may I say fixed and they are just good for one thing to the master. In essence , under this theory one can only grow to put themselves in a cage to find that the environment is fixed and limiting.

  10. 28 years and I've been holding back learning new things, thinking it's gonna push out all the good memories! Thanks

  11. Starting reading this and only on the third chapter and a bell went off. Love it. Been reading or listening to lots of spiritual awareness "teachings" or insights for past 8-9 years, so I consider this another wonderful tool. You may not get the context of the video w/o reading some of the book, but highly recommend it. Give it a shot. You can change you're life through your thinking but like anything it takes some work and reversing years of momentum built up of making you think otherwise.

  12. before i know growth mindset, i was living in other's eyes, i was so worried about making mistakes and not looking smart. Now by contrast, i am confident and see every failure as opportunities to learn and grow, i don't care what people see me, i have firmer self-assertiveness and self-esteem which is great!

  13. I really was in trauma for a few days after reading her book. It made me understand my learning problems. I actually collected everything I can find and put it on a gihtub. https://github.com/antimercy/awesome-mindset

  14. I'd love to listen but that vocal fry is too irritating. She's surrounded in her life by mentors and coaches. Why doesn't someone tell her and fix it?

  15. Mam, you are fuckin right about self-esteem movement. Telling people that they are smart actually, limits their ability to accept challanges. Actually, this strategy backfires.

  16. I'm not sure that telling someone that they are smart isn't a good idea. I think letting someone know that they are capable and smart or good at something is a net possitive.
    I think what is missing is telling that person that they are resilient. That no matter what the world thows at you that you are able, capable, and smart enough to figure it out.
    That's my approach and it works well for me.

  17. Carol, Thanks for this amazing study. I am sure the world will be better in future due to this study and human growth will take a different trajectory due to this
    Thank you is not enough for your work.

    Thank you google for this talk

  18. Thanks for sharing this talk.
    @ 34:07 | Someone asked, what to say to kids, if saying "you are smart" is not good..
    Vikas Jain > I would say, we can say, you have done well but remember you can always "Do better". Just a thought.
    We have shared this talk on our Blog "Right Knowledge > Ultimate Motivation" | http://motivationalgyan.com/carol-dweck-growth-mindset-talks-google/

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  20. She is a breath of fresh air in comparison to the women whom mostly advocate ONLY for young girls and women"s education. I like how she cares about ALL THE CHILDREN"S education and not preferring one gender over the other. Thank you Carol, keep up the good work and much respect to you.

  21. This talk is giving me vocabulary to use to describe work environments! Around the 25:00 pt, she is responding to a Q about how to change the culture of a biz from fixed to growth. Some of her suggestions go deep into the eval and reward system of a biz. Reminded me of a brief snit with a supervisor at a previous job. He cc'd me an email he wrote to my Boss, basically about my messy desk. He had been standing right there, he could have talked with ME about it. The tone of the email was really mean. It made me angry! Thankfully, I did not respond immediately. The next morning, I replied via email to all. I apologized for my 'messy' desk. Then I pointed out that it was messy because I was WORKING on 5-6 different projects and that I was usually very good about putting things away before I left each night. I reminded them all of my recent effectiveness and good reviews. And how I had stepped up on recent weekends to help other teams in the company complete projects on time. In hindsight, and after seeing this talk, I think that supervisor was quite 'FIXED'. Perhaps tallying his personal points? And I was more 'Growth' and teamwork. Perhaps that is why we sometimes clashed? Hmmmm?

  22. I am a teacher, left the US education system, if you didn’t teach to the test you get fired. Fix the USeducational system. You can’t teach what Carol is preaching.

  23. Fantastic and awesome. As a Life Coach and Psychological Counselor, I have personally seen real transformation in the lives of people in adopting a Growth Mindset. I am forever grateful to You reverend Carol Dweck for your great work in this most important field which is creating revolution in my coaching to students, parents, executives and those who come for individual counseling for success and happiness. As you have said here and written in your classic book, Identifying Triggers for a week is the best first step of transformation. Thank You thank You thank You respected Professor Carol Dweck for your so cool and practical presentation and thank you very much Google for sharing this most important video.

  24. This was awesome!! Favorite part was adding the word "yet" to negative mindset sentences. My daughter gets frustrated easily (she has her Mommy's inherent temperament that can lean towards developing a fixed mindset…I think), and she will often yell, "Uhhhggg!! I can't do this!" And I would always reply, "Don't say the word 'can't'. Say "I have to keep on trying." Which would work sometimes, rarely… But now I want to try getting her in the habit of saying, "I can't do this yet." Thanks for the great video!

  25. I think that's what backfired for me…. I was a 1st ranker from grade 1 to grade 2 then came the downfall from grade 3 to grade 8…almost last ranker. slowly picked myself up from grade 9 to 12 and then finally became a 1st ranker again in college and university.
    Even now, I cringe when people tell me oh… How smart you are, how knowledgeable, how talented… and whoosh, I go back into my shell…

  26. I wish someone had asked: What about cultural differences? That is, would young people (or adults) in, for example, Japan tend to have growth mindsets more than young people (or adults) in, for example, Great Britain?

  27. Environments that are not meritocratic like corrupt/nepotistic govt also create fixed mindsets i.e Why grow if growth is not rewarded

  28. If one believes in the divine in every person, it is on point to tell people they are smart, beautiful…divine! That should not negate the need to build skills, get fit, take a shower to build on inherent smarts, beauty etc

  29. she's brilliant… but she looks like an alien…
    it's cool, i'm not specesist. a lot of the best people on earth are actually aliens… except elon musk… he's a wierdo alien.

  30. I disagree. If I'm deciding my life based on what people think about me then thinking smart will act negatively but at the same time if I think myself as smart and don't worry about what people think of me then I'll try to do things smartly and growth mindset supports it and gives me an opportunity to challenge myself. Also, if I think I'm not smart, every failure will strengthen that belief of not being a smart person and end up feeling miserable and stupid and stop challenging myself. The approach is important. I mean think about it, if you don't think you're smart, will you even try to do anything creative, better and awesome?

  31. You are not your mind?
    The most of us have been created to function automatically, work as robots. Solve the companies solution without ask. More of the people create habits to make the life easier to follow.
    We love the laziness and comfortable life.
    When you live the presence, you will force the brain to think all the time, you will do things not automatically, instead use your brain to solve the problem, that is why we love to create habits to follow, easy life with out to think.

    People that let their mind to force them, are not willing to live the presence.
    They will therefore not create a huge success.

  32. 9:40 data supports challenge mindset and difficult tasks followed through creates neural connections 20:00 is intelligence learned

  33. Does anyone know which research Carol is referring to when she talks about a fixed mindset being beneficial for ageing??

  34. she is intentionally avoiding the reality that people have different genetic potential in order to push/exaggerate the legitimacy of her theory.

  35. Mary Himiona

    An encouraging talk.

    Eduardo Briceno works with Carol Dweck and they have been
    part of the Mindset movement. I am currently reading Dweck's book on Mindset
    and I am currently finding the time to reflect on my own mindset in the
    classroom as a teacher. Am I providing my students learning opportunities that
    stretch them in ways they can imagine (Drama)? I have the unique opportunity to
    provide students with a range of roles that they would never play in everyday
    life and this in turn allows them to consider new thoughts and physical
    behaviours that they previously did not know they were capable of.

    Reflection and feedback is an important element of the process to help them grow. The
    suggestions of both peers as and teacher feedback allows the student in turn to
    reflect back on the feedback given and apply and alter their performance to
    stretch and grow.

  36. hardly revolutionary… "Don't be full of yourself, try to always improve!" There I summarised her entire work in 10 words. Did she need to be a Stanford professor to come up with this? Of course, being confident and having high self esteem is all of a sudden bad for you, thanks to her groundbreaking research. What a bunch of bullshit… Clever marketing for the book though… what's the real disaster is all these people buying into self-help movement gurus and paying money!

  37. I see, fixed mind set is like being comfortable on to your goal and getting there quickly as to Growth mind set taking steps to achieve to you goal in a longer learning process with better performance.. hmmm am I close?

  38. Mediocrity is the new evil, and heavily supported by the new media where idiots are hero, while hard workers/ scholars/ scientists, are barely known.

  39. I was always praised for being artistically 'talented', long before the self-esteem movement. Compared to Rembrandt or Sargent I'm not, though….this mindset idea is a valuable concept.

  40. I always got told, that I'm a fast learner, so watching this video I realized why I fear bigger things, things that take a while to master. Like playing the guitar or drawing. Those things take time. You cannot master them within minutes or a day. So when I do not learn them fast, iI feel like a loser, not good enough, demotivated by the task. Thank you for making me realizing that! Time to change that!

  41. We are not very well able to control what we want (seem smart or be smarter). This is the same psychological safety that good group norms give rise to. The lack of competition in the group, trust and attention to each other are inseparable elements of efficiency. So just one mood for growth does not work

  42. I love Mindset. This has helped me so much. I work at a library and this has helped me help our students. Thank you very much.

  43. Don't know why she would diminish the concept of what self-esteem is, the way she puts it is more of labeling a person, people with good self-esteem correlates exactly with every definition she might have for someone with a growth mindset.

  44. 1-hr of growth mindset training improves GPA! Check out Prof Dweck's recent paper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfTcxiwxCXE

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