CAF Story | Dentistry on the High Seas

CAF Story | Dentistry on the High Seas

♪ Being on a ship is a brand-new
experience for me. I didn’t really know exactly what I was getting into. I don’t think there’s a lot
of dentists in the world that can say that they did
a root canal at sea in the middle
of the Pacific Ocean. My name is Captain
Aaron Lee. Being an army captain,
I’m not used to be on a ship, but I feel very lucky
to be on the MV Asterix. I would say the dental clinic
is as nice as any dental clinic that I’ve
worked at within the Forces. ♪ Obviously, doing dentistry
on ship is different. A couple of weeks ago, I did
a root canal at sea. Oh! We were sailing
through the Atlantic and it must have been
sea state 4. I’ve never experienced
anything like it. My drawers were rattling around. There were books flying
off the shelves. You have to get used
to the ship moving around, but you rely on the excellent
training that you get. A lot of fine motor skills
at work. But I got the job done. I feel so much better. Have a great day. I’ll be well
soon. Thank you. The way that we operate, it’s very much like being out
in civilian practice. It’s a full day. We start
usually around 7:30 and we work to 3:30. It’s a day full of patients. While we’re at sea,
it’s a little bit different. When an emergency and other
things arise, you handle them. You have to be a little bit more
flexible while you’re on ship. I went to dental school
at Dalhousie Dentistry in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After I got accepted, my father
introduced me to the military. He told me about the program. The more I learned about it,
the more it made sense for me. I have family still back
in Nova Scotia and I do miss them quite a bit. I miss the dogs. But one great thing
is we have Wi-Fi, so communicating
with family and friends is still doable
and we make it happen. Being a Korean Canadian
in the Canadian military, I felt honoured
to be able to attend the South Korean reception and see the Korean culture
employed in the Navy. It was an excellent experience. The job that I do
is very important to me. I really believe
that we get to treat the most important patient base, the men and women that serve our
country and wear the uniform, keeping them dentally fit so that they can do the job
that they do. I don’t think
there’s a more important patient family out there and for me,
that is very rewarding. ♪

Author: Kevin Mason

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