Building a Portfolio Site

Building a Portfolio Site

A portfolio site presents your work to the world, making it easy for people to see who you are and what you’ve done. You can expand your portfolio to include a bio or CV organized drop-down menus, and secure client logins. Every Squarespace template can display your photographs, illustrations, or designs in innovative ways. The three primary methods for displaying image sets are Index Pages, Gallery Pages, and Gallery Blocks. Index Pages are available in specific templates and offer unique opportunities for displaying content. This is a great way to show off series of photos, paintings, or projects. Other Index Page styles are less geared towards portfolios. When considering a template, it’s important to look at the Index Page itself and how its content is transformed. Gallery Pages are available for every template but many templates use distinct variations. When creating galleries on any Regular Page, blog post, or other content areas Gallery Blocks let you select from four standard designs Slideshow, Carousel, Grid, and Stack. If a certain template has one feature you love like an Index Page but a Gallery Page style that doesn’t match your vision using Gallery Blocks on a Regular Page is a great alternative. We recommend uploading images at a maximum width of 1500 pixels for most areas of your site. If you uploaded a very large image and want to resize it down to the recommended 1500 pixels, you can use the Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor. Also, make sure to use images that are in the RGB color space and only upload images that are JPGs, GIFs, or PNG files. If you need your image to display on very large screens or stretch the full width of a larger content area, Squarespace supports images up to 2500 pixels wide. If you’re concerned about image resolution, you don’t need to worry about dots per inch or pixels per inch, as neither of these affect the web-display quality. Instead, focus on using image dimensions that work for your site and keeping file sizes under 500 KB. If you’d like your images to appear in search results adding image descriptions and captions allows Google to understand the content of your pictures. Image captions are also used as alt text, making your site more universally accessible. If you would like to add a resume to your site you have three options. First, you can add a Text Block to a Regular Page to provide further details about your work. When doing this, using headers helps organize your content into tidy sections like “Past Clients” or “Awards.” You can also add a text link that includes your resume as a DOC or PDF file. This lets visitors download your resume or view it in their browser in its original layout. First, enter the text for your link. Then highlight the text and click the Link Icon in the Text Toolbar and select File and drag your resume into the file uploader. Lastly, you can use a third party website to host your resume as a PDF and then embed the PDF on your Squarespace site. While this lets you utilize the vast layout options available in PDFs, it does have the drawback of preventing search engines from crawling your bio or resume text. That means your resume won’t show up in search results If your work encompasses multiple keywords you can use tags and categories to organize your content then display it in a drop-down menu. To do so, add a Folder then add navigation links for your separate categories. This will appear in your main navigation as a clickable drop-down menu. To display work on your site while restricting who views it you can create galleries that don’t appear in your main navigation menu as well as password-protect pages. With customizable lock screens, this allows clients to log in through a branded portal, viewing sensitive or private materials without having to leave your site. Please let us know if you have any more questions. We’re always here to help.

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