Brush your teeth, America

Brush your teeth, America

Sound:(Bell Dinging) What up Youtube , thanks so much for watching! This is Christy, your favorite Dental HIgenius
and this is my dog Lou here. Thank God I wear a mask at work, that’s all
I can say. Working as a dental hygienist in this modern
society has me absolutely perplexed. There’s such pressure in our society to look
good all the time, appearances matter. But, why is everyone coming in with their
mouthes so dirty? We’re here today to talk to you guys about
that number one thing. Right Louis? That number one thing, and what’s that? Your teeth! It’s time for the lightbulb to go off, and
it’s time for you to become a genius when it comes to taking care of your teeth and
gums, so that you can save yourself some money, save yourself some time from having to lay
in the dental chair, get drilled on, get poked, get prodded. Let’s face it, we’re all taking photos, do
you want your teeth to become all jagged, and looking all infected, and lookin all snaggle-tooth? Follow these tips and tricks and guarantee
you’re going to have better dental check-ups, you’re going to be in less pain, and your’e
gonna have a little extra pep in your step, do you know what I’m sayin’? The more food you leave in your teeth, the
more your gums are going to get infected, the more build-up you’re going to have , and,
actually, the more work your hygienist is going to have to do to scrape it off. Sound of jackhammer People may have been barking at you for your entire life about “you have to brush your
teeth twice a day”, but, let me give you a real reason why it maybe it’s important to
start. You don’t want your stuff to end up looking
like this guy. Louis the dog: “Yuck that’s disgusting”. This bruddah fell off the wagon. He hadn’t been in for a professional cleaning
in two years, and falls asleep without brushing all the time. This young buck was super cute when I first
met him, very handsome, easy to talk to and then he opened his mouth, wow. Spending an hour on his teeth was only damage
control, the guy needs deep cleanings probably two more appointments. Your teeth, your gums, everything going on
inside this mouth requires a little bit of time in the day that won’t take you long,
but, in the long run, is going to save you money, save you pain, save you nightmares,
and save your looks to be honest with you. Taking care of your teeth and gums keeps you
younger. Here’s five steps to better dental health. The Oral B genius has been an absolute game
changer both for myself and for my patients that have switched over. It cleans the teeth better, massages the gums,
won’t recede your gums, it’s powerful and looks super cute on your counter. For all the bargain hunters out there, Costco
is a great place to start. You can get a really good Oral B electric
toothbrush for not that much. Time to jump into the twenty-first century,
enjoy technology, and let these toothbrushes do the work for you. Starting in a random area, not thinking about
it, skipping teeth, jumping around, using too much pressure, thinking about four hundred
different things, is not it guys. Done. If you want to learn the proper way to use (Hockey Buzzer) a toothbrush, preferably an electric toothbrush,
stay tuned, and I’ll post another video on how to do it. You guys want to be aiming to brush every
12 hours, that’s in the morning, after you have eaten breakfast, and after dinner in
the evening, before you go to bed. Cuz, what we’re doing here when we’re brushing our teeth, we’re removing bacteria, these nasty type, toxic bacteria, that want to eat
away at our tooth structure. For the sake of your dental hygienist, please
do a good job getting the backsides of your upper and lower front teeth, that’s where
all the tobacco, coffee, tea, wine, blueberry, fruit stains love to accumulate. It is my mission to get out here and tell
you guys the importance of going to see your dental hygienist every 6 months. The first step is finding a dental hygienist
and finding a dentist that your’e comfortable with. (Newscast music)
So that when you have to go back in 3 or 6 months, whenever they recommend you come back,
that you’ll know that it’s a good office, that you trust the person, you know they were
gentle last time, it should make that hour go by really quickly. You can remember, you know, you’re investing
in your health, taking time to take care of yourself. You can’t remove some of the stuff that gets
caked onto your teeth with just a toothbrush. It takes those sharp instruments, us scraping
it off. You don’t need to be afraid of going to get your
teeth cleaned. Tight areas of the gums, where you’re like,
“Oh no, I’m going to get stabbed”, we’re trained to get down in there. So, you guys gotta trust us a little bit and
know that we’re going to take great care of you, and that hour you gotta spend with the hygienist sings, “ain’t gonna be a thing” This is about to get weird people, it’s pretty
gross, so just watch out. Don’t let this be you. This guy hadn’t come for a cleaning in 40
years, he was only about 45 to 50 years old, wasn’t in a lot of pain, but, his gum disease
was out of control. Unfortunately, a lot of his teeth were super
mobile from having gum disease, and now the guy has to have about six teeth extracted. He’s going to have to wear a denture and he’s
probably about 10 pounds lighter from the chunks of build-up that came out of his mouth. These cases are coming in more and more frequently,
people aren’t in pain, but hey have disease, please don’t let this be you. It all starts with the brushing guys. Time to throw these old school, run of the
mill, hand-held toothbrushes away for good. Say, “goodbye”, join the 21st century and
get yourself an electric toothbrush, you definitely won’t regret it. Flossing is like the holy grail of habits. I’m like a broken record about it. Flossing is super important, but, since it’s
kind of in depth and kind of one of those habits that’s hard to start, we’ll save that
technique for a whole other video. You can become your very own genius when it
comes to taking care of teeth, your mouth, your gums, your breath! Don’t be breathing some bad breath on people
guys. It’s become an epidemic in 2019, sometimes
I gotta double mask it. And you know what? It’s just because people aren’t tuned in to
what they’re doing. You know what I’m saying’? Louis, do you know what I’m saying’? Yea, you know! America, if you can get up, do your hair,
do your makeup, put on your cologne, shave your face, take a shower, look good, eat a
fresh breakfast, you can take that extra five minutes and brush your teeth thoroughly. Save your money and your problems, and brush
your teeth twice per day, and I guarantee you: your dental bills and problems will go shooting

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