Brahmachari Telugu Full Movie | Kamal Hassan, Simran, Abbas, Sneha | Sri Balaji Video

Brahmachari Telugu Full Movie | Kamal Hassan, Simran, Abbas, Sneha | Sri Balaji Video

Seek blessings from elders and
come wearing this saree …Live happily dear
Seek blessings of your brother also …Be happy…go! -You must beat the drums fast
only when l tell you, understood? -OK l will stay here
Change your clothes You have arranged security outside, isn’t it?
Why should you stay here? l’ll dress myself!
Please, everyone leave this room Save me! Go that side! There’s plenty
of place in the front Go! How dare of you to say you love an
about-to-be married girl? l’ll never forget Malathi
till, l’m alive Then, l have to kill you Brother Save me! This isn’t a movie for a Hero to
come from nowhere to save you You have spoiled a good shot Sambandham -Sorry Master, l thought the shot is over
-How can you think like that? …Shall l have to go up
again master? You must go!
Will you get bucks just like that? Great proverb!
‘Will bucks come just like that?.. ..Those who don’t know it are
lazy bums’ so says proverb lt means… Nothing, it’s just a proverb
Experience it! mustn’t research it Careful, he may die in an
auspicious function Then, throw him out! Hello brother, phone for you Brother, l’m Dilli speaking They have killed our brother Anand What? Have they killed him? Where? -What’s this man?
-A problem of life & death The same here also Master, it seems someone has
killed one of my boys lf there’s no shot to be taken
can l go for sometime? Okay, you can go -Hey! what’s this?
-What? Go man go… Brother, are you on the way? Hey! Have they really killed him? They haven’t killed him, l meant
they have nearly killed him lmbecile! Can’t you say
it properly? Couldn’t you have called your
brother Sambandham for help? At least your brother left
after beating me up lf my brother comes to know about it
…He’ll kill me Not only this love, he doesn’t
like even marriage also Okay leave it…l’ll… …l’ll arrange something myself Janaki, phone for you
Here! l’m Malathi speaking What happened? You asked my help for
uniting you & Anand …You never called again
after that l couldn’t because they’ve
locked me up Somehow manage and reach
Police station with Anand l’ll perform your marriage Okay! Haven’t you yet changed your saree? Go…go fast! …Auspicious time is fast approaching Why have you kept your
jewellery spilled all over? What’s this letter? l never saw my father’s face! For me & my well being you had
worn out yourself like sandalwood l’ll not forget this for 7 births
Should you say that to me? What are you doing? Hey! close the door… But, l have a heart of my own… l don’t like this marriage, so.. Anand is my husband
l’m leaving you…Malathi Malathi, open the door Did you jump into this? Slowly …Sister is escaping,go & catch her What? -Mother! Bride is escaping
-Open the knot son! -Pull it quickly!
-Oh no! Oh! Priest! why’re you watching fun?
Come & hold -What am l to hold?
-Hold me! -Pull!
-Why are you going up? -Where’s he?
-He’s there -Hey! Why are you limping?
-Brother, l have committed a mistake Don’t spare them…catch them! Look, you don’t have any
relationship with this problem, move away l have relationship with him because
he’s like a brother to me l have a relationship with myself Because my name is
Sambandham(Relationship) l don’t think he understood you He’s pushing out with her lf you break a boy’s legs
he’ll limp! Hey! Talk to us man! -Move away….my sister
-How dare you touch me? Oh! my bike! l had brought
this bike for you only Better than bringing it here you
could’ve sold it as junk & brought dates We belong to a group which chased
a Tiger with a broom Sinners! You have broken an innocent’s
head with Mysore pak (Sweet meat) Are you women? Brother they’ve pierced a lamp ln a marriage! they’ll
light lamps -They’ve pierced a sharp edge lamp
-Fool! they’ll light sharp edge lamps only -They’ve pierced a burning lamp!
-Why will they light a burning lamp? -Silly boy! Go!
-Unable to understand my position Hide under the seat -My brother knows everything, isn’t it?
-But my brother knows nothing, that’s why What are you searching? Keys brother! Fool! why do you need a key
for this vehicle? Move -lf you join two wires
-Marriage!? Hey! take out the vehicle… Phone & inform all our auto drivers Go fast man…go fast Brother?!
ls it you, brother Sambandham? Yes,it’s me only Hey! he’s our brother Sambandham Hey,l know my name very well
why are you here? l had come just to wish
good morning to you -With weapons?!
-Yes, brother! This is just for fun Just for fun! Play fun elsewhere
– Go Come on boys, let’s go
carry on our work Did you see? Just for loving, how much
trouble you had to face? What would have happened
if you had married? Trust me brother, l’ll never utter even
word ”Marriage” after this lf that girl had loved
you truly Would she have allowed to print
another man’s name in invitation… Sneeze? Why are you sneezing
like a woman? Maruthi? Do you find this
vehicle as Maruthi? Not Maruthi man
my sister Malathi Sister! Sister?! He’s my brother Are you combing the mane
of lion with a comb? lt means… lf a proverb is said, you must
experience it You mustn’t research it
Want to experience it? See it man… -Brother stop!
-Why should l stop here? l’ll lodge a complaint with
police & come Hey, why police man?
l’ll manage it myself Watch your back!
They have arrived Be careful Come…Come… Sir, they have come First sign that register Do you have any law problems
for performing this marriage? Both of them are adults You are a great social activist
who’s signing as witness Exchange these garlands
and become Mrs.Malathi Do you have auspicious thread? Do you have? Tie it…Tie it! Sister! Stop it boy! You sinner!
Are you a friend? Disgusting! You mustn’t spit here! l was aiming him only,l’m sorry
if it had defiled you Knowing very well about
my ideal… Why didn’t you tell me there
was a girl in my vehicle? Not in the front,
she was on the back seat ls it a joke? Keep quiet brother…l’m growing old ln future if l get fever or headache
don’t l need a girl to enquire? Why do you need a girl for it? lf you switch on Radio they’ll
advice about medicines -Am l not right?
-lf you say it’ll be right -Take off that
auspicious thread -Yes Two rowdies have entered here
and are creating trouble Why are you keeping quiet? Whom did you call as rowdy? Sir, keep us in till evening
& release us Sir! Sir, it’s too much to book us
under 302 for thumping the desk Oh God! Show mercy and reduce our
sentence please – sir! Sir! Oh! God… Disgusting!
Why are you shouting like a beggar? Spread your fingers!
You look like a leper Brother forgive me! l’m going Sister! All this happened only because of her
Won’t you ever get married? You are going to experience
hell after marrying l’ll never have any problem… …Because l’m not going to
marry all my life l’m a greater Bachelor than you lf l say something, it’ll come true
do you know that? Just like that girl with shirt
you’ll also elope & marry You will beget 16 kids Each child should study well
and go to college… …and will cry that it’ll
go to foreign You are going to stand outside the
gates of consulates early morning This is my curse This doesn’t look like a curse
it looks like a blessing What to do?
My heart is pure gold You are talking so cheap about women
You’ll fall in love with a girl You are going to marry a girl in
Police,Railway or Radio Station Do you know my name? Do you know what does
that ‘K’ stand for? -l’ll not tell
-ls it a bad word? -Almost! Hey! tell them,what does that
‘K’stand for? Kalyana (Marriage) Sambandham Did you see?
l’ll not even utter that name also lf anyone asks for my name.. …l’ll say like that only Let’s see whether my curse or
your curse will come true? Son-in-law, has come out of the jail Yes, l have come out on bail -He’s the great man who was with me
in jail- ls it? Welcome.. Hey….brother has come… Thank you very much!
l’ll take leave This is my grandpa’s house
have coffee & go l’m intern son-in-law!
He’s my son-in-law No one in our family ever
went to a jail -He’s the first man
-lt’s a matter to be proud, isn’t it? Didn’t Tenzing create record by
scaling Himalaya first? lt is like that You don’t lack in all this -What’s all this?
-l have committed a mistake, grandpa Okay! go! Uncle! When did you come? Sambandham, don’t you know
about my arrival? Had l known wouldn’t l
have come long back? He’s uttering blatant lies Brother, before you go back to
America this time Settle his marriage & go! Otherwise he’ll get into trouble
like this and go to jail Uncle, the only reason that
l don’t visit Grandpa often, is.. ..this talk about my marriage Leave me alone,
l’ll live on my own Hasn’t he handed over the lodge to him? With 10 henchman
he is running a cocks’ farm First, take away the lodge from him Tell him that he’ll get lodge
only if he marries He’ll marry… ln this family, l too had
married very late Look, l’ll be here only for
another 6 months l must know your decision before that Okay, isn’t there 6 more months? We’ll look into that later Are you fine boys? Hey…early morning,
l have become deaf! Tell him This is short route to next
street, isn’t it sir? You may go sir! Angry? Then what? Against our ideals
you eloped with a girl More over you had our
Sambandham also jailed ln that marriage they struck lamp
on my back and l was hospitalised ln these 6 months, did you come
to see me at least once? With what face have you come here? Should he come with a rented face? Leave it Our donkey has come back to us
bring him in Come, let’s go in He’ll not add soda
He’s a water man Hey! Close the Temple man Lord Anjaneya! lgnore this lt’s very funny to think
about it now. l am a big fool. Feeling that he shouldn’t become wayward
till he gets a good job When l took him everyday to
Temple of Lord Anjaneya This monkey had called that girl there
and they fixed everything What will he think about me? -Who?
-Lord Anjaneya Leave it, will he be thinking
only about you? Now a days love is blooming in
Lord Anjaneya’s Temple only For that..hey!… lf he’s happy that’s alright Why is he crying?
What happened? -Gone, everything’s gone, brother
-Really gone? -Yes brother That’s why l always
advised against marriage Unnecessarily he married that girl
and now she’s dead -Now, he has come back as a widower
-No brother she is not dead -Not yet dead?
-She’s killing me everyday You always warned me not to fall into
the net of hallucination of marriage l didn’t listen your words brother
l didn’t listen to you He’s crying shamelessly
go & close the door…go Hey! go away!
Are they dancing nude here? What happened? Before marriage both had applied
for jobs in Australia Even our passports were ready
At the last minute we didn’t get jobs She’s now accusing me that l had
cheated her into this marriage Okay! But isn’t that true? What’s this brother?
You are also accusing me -Are you denying it?
-Yes brother, it is true Look at this date This letter had come a month
before our marriage You hid this, cheated & married me Then, had l told you earlier
wouldn’t you have married me? l would have given thought about it
l wouldn’t have rushed! So you didn’t love Anand
you loved Australia l loved Australia bound Anand
l believed lf not to Australia,
aren’t going to office? Till her anger subsides don’t go
home straight after office Roam around and reach home late lf she asks,
lie that you are doing over time Brother, O.T?
That’s impossible Why? Don’t you have O.T. in your office? O.T is there in my office,
but l’m no more in that office -Oh! Sinner have you quit the job?
On whose advise? As per my wife’s advise only
-Then, okay Aren’t you ashamed to say
you quit on a woman’s advise? lf you are a man, you must
quit on your own Hey! Stop!
Now, l have understood -He’s a Lion man
-ls he? -Have you seen National Geographic?
-l don’t see Animal sex scenes Are they showing only that?
They are showing a Lion’s life history ln that Lion will not go for hunt
do you know that? Then what? Lionesses will hunt and bring the prey
Lion will distribute the meat -What?
-Distribution rights! lt’ll distribute the meat
equally and… lt’ll eat and sleep peacefully After that Lioness will eat Lion’s job is to beget cubs
that’s all -lsn’t that’s what you are doing?
My Lion -ls it? -lt isn’t like that brother
-lf it is not so, then what? Even after so much of sacrifices
our fights have not stopped lf computer studied women do
household work! lt’s duty lf men do the same, is it sacrifice?
Get lost man Unable to bear it l’m thinking of divorcing her and
come here permanently What did you say? Do you want to share property
for a decayed tooth? What does it mean brother? Didn’t you say something now? ln a rush, l quoted some proverb
where was l? Yes…you mustn’t marry…if you do… A wife must be-decayed tooth He’s a pain! We must keep her in our grip! Only he’s a man who keeps
his wife like that Haven’t you told me the matter? -Watch out! l’ll bring your family
to the street -Brother Wait, let me finish -l’ll make every man on street
feel jealous of you -OK l am cleaning
Can’t you see it? What is this?
How many more times should l do it? What more important work
do you have than this? Just because you are cleaning
the floor, should l walk on the roof? -lf wife gets angry..
-Brother, don’t block your face lf wife gets angry on you
break her favourite object lf you talk to me disrespectfully lf l do… Hey! don’t touch that fish jar
it is my marriage gift Oh! ls it your marriage gift?
How am l concerned with it? -My gold fish!
-Next dialogue Just like this tomorrow your head
will get broken, say like that -Tomorrow
-Say it bravely! Tomorrow.. Gone! After committing mistake
if you say sorry, will pain subside? lt seems we can perform a marriage
by telling 1000 lies Marriage itself is a big lie
why 1000 lies for that? Now, few men have started telling 1000
lies even while they are in love A girl l know recently loved
a man and married him l conducted that sin myself She’s very close to me That man while loving lied that
He’ll get a job in Australia.. ..and they can settle there
He had cheated her She has walked out of the house in
haste leaving parents in tears …Now she’s crying leisurely …l don’t want to reveal
her name for civility Malathi, please don’t cry Are you crying for getting
cheated by a man? l didn’t cry for that
Just because you want to get an applause.. You had revealed my story
before everyone Today, we are crying Making us as their slaves
men are living happily Can’t we live all alone
by ourselves? Then,why do we need all this
Tom, Dick & Harry? .. They all married! When all life went past in dream &
when they opened their eyes .. They accepted their mistake
Oh my brother ..Don’t poke your hand in lion’s mouth…. lt’ll stick a little in the breeze
rest will stick on your face Don’t throw garbage near a fire Everyday he told you.. He told you that day itself brother told
you forthrightly that day itself Look at the body of Lord Anjaneya Look at the wisdom of Lord Ganesha Look at the style of sitting
position of Lord Ayyappa -Brother told you that
day itself- l said ..He said don’t marry Marriage will crumple even
a great body lt’ll tame even the Ongole’s bull The Lord who built six abodes
for himself became a beggar ..He did double duty But unable to cope up he stood like
a beggar in Palani Hills ..He stood like a beggar
with a loin cloth Brother,look at the position
of Lord of Seven Hills ..Look at the huge money
he owes to others lf God is in that situation Think about the position of
ordinary mortals like us The boy who was like rotten ..Because of marriage Without listening to brother’s advice
fool ruined himself ..Dance… …A bachelor should never marry ..Never lt’s of no use to tie a net
to the block of wood ..No use This is the road, where there’s
no traffic from opposite side lt’s a race won by a
lone horse running Rightly as well forthrightly
said by elders The same thing was said by brother
lightly under influence of liquor A paper flying in Air can’t
become a kite A branch floating in Sea can’t
become a Catamaran Adopt one for your love
and one for wealth Anyhow you don’t have a chance
of giving birth to them? The group which is out
to destroy you ..No need for you to feel for them Brother, unnecessarily you
blew the conch By holding the Ganges on your head…. lf you say, please leave me
will it leave you? The boy who went from here
with garlands & marriage band ..Got cheated ..Young man,lost his job and
is loitering aimlessly lf you marry with a band playing
it’s a waste of time Get yourself a girl and enjoy life Not another stanza please
sit down.. sit down Sit down… You are inebriated! Have this
don’t you want it? Okay! carry on singing lt has come down This watch is for you Why all this for me, Aunty? Look, there’s an alarm in this 3 times in a day,it’ll
not ring alarm’ll sing lsn’t this Lord Ganesha’s prayer? lf there’s are one with Jesus
prayers,l need atleast 6 -Does she run a watch shop?
-Not like that Every week l go to an Orphanage
to do Social Service, isn’t it? She is the lady who runs that Orphanage Come Are you busy? -No.. come in
-No problem, l’ll wait in the canteen Then, Janaki, shall l go now? To the girls l had presented watches
they got married immediately You’ll also get a good proposal You don’t like marriage You are always with her
Can’t you advice her? -Are you married?
-7 times What?
Married 7 times? l married 4 times
but divorced 7 times For safety, stay away from her
l’ll go How is your prince charming? l have rendered him a pauper and
locked him up in kitchen Like a child lost in exhibition
he’s frightened But, still poke him twice daily by
saying you cheated me That’s alright l made him to quit job as per
your advice only, isn’t it? He doesn’t know cooking at all
he’s all at sea. Don’t bother for all that Yesterday, he was preparing to
go for some interview Still there is only 10 minutes
today,l won’t listen to anyone This will match perfectly
with my shirt Hey, my shirt? Oh God!…You have spoiled my shirt
now,what will l do? lf l need l’ll arrange a cook
please allow him to go to job This sympathy is your failure This is your success Now,You have lost only in
the Mid-term poll What’s this brother?
You are talking about politics! ..Not you man lt (idai) also means waist,
do you know that? He has lost in the desire for woman
lf you win in the family life..’s like winning the General Elections For that, there’s only one way Brother, say it in Telugu Oh! that one …ls it a secret matter? Take 40 sleeping pills and
go straight to home How can he go home?
He’ll go to the grave Hey fool! We all are cinema people For us, 40 means we don’t need 40 Oh! this one, it won’t do any harm lt won’t do any harm?
Then, why should l take it? Open your mouth You’ll spit out foamy spit -Will it? -lt’ll come out without
missing the target -lt hasn’t!…. -lt’’ll
-lt has come out look ..What’s all this madness?
Why did you take sleeping pills? He can’t talk now! even if
talks you can’t understand it -Anand! please say once, Malathi
-Come on tell Did you see?
He’s saying Maduri Atleast you tell Oh God! what was the problem that drove
him to take sleeping pills? Sadness..Sadness There’s no sadness pills to
drive away sadness Oh God! go quickly and
bring a doctor Where can l get a Doctor
at this hour? lf you want, l’ll try by phone Mumbai Raja!
Come immediately..Dilli Who’s not feeling well here? Who’s not feeling well here? ls he the man who took
sleeping pills? How do you know that? -l’m seeing Anand unconscious, isn’t it?
-How do you that he’s Anand? Look, do you want to save
your neighbour or not? He’s not neighbour,
he’s my husband l know that!
lf l say he is your husband.. ..You’ll check mate me,
by asking how do l know that? That’s why, l said he’s your
neighbour, how’s that? Look here, for pestering with
so many questions only.. ..Husbands like Anand are
committing suicide Doctor, please save him Look, will you take care of
your husband nicely? l’ll take care of him Then, l’ll get a fire injection..
a foreign injection ready was all mistake that
l had committed l don’t want any Australia
All l need is you! that’s enough Anand, please don’t leave me
and go away ..What happened to Anand? Janaki,he has taken sleeping pills
all because of following your advice only Sleeping pills? -He has taken 40 sleeping pills
-40 sleeping pills? ..Like a mad girl,
you have kept him here Shouldn’t you have
taken him to a Hospital? Go quickly! They are kidnapping
& taking away Anand Wait! Second gear isn’t
plying in this vehicle -lt doesn’t have any gears
-Then? No gears for this vehicle
Go quickly He has taken out 2 buckets of vomit
Another bucket, it’ll be all clear For second bucket itself all
his bile has come out l think his intestines will
come out in next bucket -How to save him then?
-Call brother Sambandham on phone Hasn’t he has gone to Pammal? -Shooting?
-No to grandpa house Please leave me, trust me
l didn’t take any sleeping pills l know that To bring out truth from your mouth
l gave this stomach wash Understood? Dilli, escape -Priest, finished
-Over -Clear the place Stop the band Like everytime all of you come
in pairs and bless grandpa -Fool! lsn’t it him who should bless them?
-Let it be anything This is for uncle Venu, isn’t it? Uncle Venu! Be happy.. Give me a hand?
-That’s alright May you live long Grandpa -Who’s next?
-You Be happy Don’t give your hand to him
-l’ll give my hand -Uncle -Give this first
-Take it Take it Next, l’m the only one remaining Hey wait,how can you seek
blessings alone? Okay,let all grand children join me First see the girl you are
going to marry And then seek grandpa blessings
together as a couple Bride? Don’t get surprised
who’s the bride? ….Our Raji only He had seen her when
she was quite young Grandpa,what’s all this? Excellent! Did you like the girl? Are you making fun? Normally they’ll ask a girl to sing or
play Veena at bride seeing ceremony You are a stuntman! so l had moulded
her to suit your tastes l just showed only one item and
there was a great applause She’s a junior weight lifting champion
she has lifted 90 kgs Raji, seek uncle’s blessings Oh! no..please don’t
wait..wait…. What’s all this? ..You only said that your wife should
be according to your tastes l said that casually l thought we won’t get such a girl
that’s why,l said like that to escape ..Raji dear l feel proud of you What will you get in marriage? You’ll get a title of Mrs.Rajeshwari There’ll be hundreds like that You go on the route of Malleshwari
..tears are rolling down -Uncle, she’s crying!
-What else she can do? You said your grandson will
listen to your words Look there What’s all this? l’ll listen to any of your
word, but not this one This is against my ideal l may’ve to answer many
people later Who are they? ..There are many like our
Lord Anjaneya, Ayyappa and others Son-in-law, trust me, l didn’t even
pay heed to my parent’s words For you,l have brought up my
daughter like a boy Now she doesn’t know to cook
or to operate the computer Who’ll marry such a girl
in our caste? Enough of the insults
heaped on us Elders are not respected in this house lt was our mistake to allow him to
stay here as intern son-in-law Come daughter-in-law
Hey, come son Come child..
l say come Son-in-law Sell all this plates
to some junk dealer Son-in-law Grandpa,l have committed a mistake
please hit me -Lawyer!
-Sir! ..Write the Lodge to Community’s Association Why are you always
threatening me with lodge? Am l coming here to see
you for that lodge? Don’t talk Just for fun He’ll come back laughing and
poke me from my back, isn’t it? No! Never face me Someday if you marry,you have
to marry a man,isn’t it? ..l’m already married Brother, as you had cursed her
that day, she’s married You have misunderstood l’m a Doctor Did you see? lt seems she has
married some professor …The work you do is your husband ls the work you do, your husband? What does it mean? That means You have
to do all household work She’s saying it on T.V.
wouldn’t she have told your wife? This Stethoscope is my auspicious thread lt’ll always be in my neck Steth is the auspicious thread lf Steth is always in your neck
then, what about thermometer? lt’ll be in her mouth Hey, your wife is like a child and
you are like a toy to her What will a child do with a toy? lt’ll throw here & there
it’ll put it on ground and stamp it That’s what she’s doing! lf you give a new toy to her
she’ll leave you Buy a new toy and give it to her What? New toy? Then,are you asking him to get
his wife married again? Hey! you wait! he’s a drunkard l’m asking something else and
you are saying something else Secretly turn your beautiful
wife into a mother -Super logic, isn’t it?
-Silly logic When he’s saying, he’s not even in
talking terms with his wife ..How can this? l’m afraid even to go near her lf you are afraid,go to wine shop
take two large brandy and go home lf l drink brandy
will l become brave? Then what? Did your elders say it for nothing? Fear is hallucination Go after buying Jasmine & Halwa ..Go! Super ldea brother
l’ll go..l’ll go Brother, you are asking him
to drink two large He’ll fall unconscious even for
a small peg also Door is open You have not switched on light,
milk is lying outside what’re you…. Are you drinking liquor? No,l just had only one peg, Malu …A big peg Take this Halwa ..Take these jasmine flowers
adorn it in your hairs Why is it very soft?
we can wash it with shampoo -Hey.. where are you going?
-l’m going to my room -Are you calling me in singular?
-Can’t l? l’ll call you in singular
because you are my wife l have the right to call you so All this is work of that
specs wearing girl Talk of man & woman are
equal is humbug Hey..husband drank half bottle
in one hour Can you do it? lf he calls you a dog
you must bark at him lf he says donkey
you must kick him You are in no way inferior to
him in anything Have you finished half bottle? Yes l’m your better half
l am half of you l am the hubby
You are my wife Go man lf l beat you
you’ll say, come Hey..if l beat you’ll end
up in a heap Hey…l’ll beat you black & blue
be careful lf l give a flying kick
you’ll be no where -What? Fly & show
-What? -Fly, let me see it
-Should l fly for you to see? Aren’t you ashamed?
..get lost you… Golly! Leave me Why are you giving poses? -Watch, what l’m going to do now?
-No Lock your mouth Nakkirekkal locks Stuff your ears with
Kutchipudi cotton Don’t rustle like Kandukuri coconut leaves ..Go & join the monastery in Kanchipuram Why is this Thanjavur dancing
doll so proud? Are you feeling proud of being
Ongole bull? Why is the bee and flower
fighting it out? ..Join with me ..Cock’s call! What will you do if l
become a cloud? Tell, come on tell With sorcery.. ..l’ll catch and fry on cot
and eat you ..l’ll eat! lf l become a sugar statue.. lf l peck you all over.. lf l become tobacco farm
and distress you lf l become a goat kid
and graze you Toughie…be patient Will hunger wait? Little parrot ..Sweet honey! Shall l kiss gently on the bed? ..Just like that ln adolescence.. Granny told me to stay away from boys
just like that Just like that Shall l read your anatomy? Shall l beat you with a dosai spadle
just like that? Shall l wash your back when you
go to bath,just like that? Why are scared…. ..of asking silly things
just like that ls it true? ls it true? This is a mixture of
happiness in pain Lock your mouth Nakkirekkal locks Buy a bed with Kutchipudi cotton You adorn your hairs with
Kandukuri Jasmine flowers Gift a Kanchipuram silk saree Sway your head like a dancing
doll of Thanjavur Like a Ongole bull
come & butt me Bee & flower desire each other
Hug me Kiss me… ..Cock’s call! ln a month, you can’t find pregnancy! This is just for safety lf this repeats again l’ll not allow
you near the Hospital also ..No way! now separate bed
and separate food l don’t feel like that Wives who fight their husbands always
become pregnant easily May be they eat more spicy
& salty food Don’t pull my legs We are living in same house
but it’s 2 weeks since l saw his face Where has he gone? Phone call also Brother, l’m Anand speaking Brother, didn’t you hear like some
woman saying, hello? lt is some woman,
but not your wife, leave it Buddy, you are not coming to my lodge And seems you are not going home -Where are you roaming?
-l’m not feeling well! ls that why, you are going around
with a new butterfly? No brother, that is… ..Don’t lie to me Opposite to All lndia Radio ln broad daylight,you were
with a girl in a bush -How can you say so correctly?
-l was in the next bush! Brother Disgusting! l was alone l’m unable to bear Malathi’s tortures Refusing food cooked so lovingly
made by her husband She’s bringing from Hotel
& eating that The design l put so painstakingly She’s riding a scooter,on that
& spoiling it Don’t beat me brother! Did you see? When it is so paining
if l hit you in telephone lf l come personally and
beat you, how will it be? -Wife is not co-operating
-l forgot since l am very far lf wife is not co-operating
then go for a concubine -Concubine?
-People are maintaining a colony of them The girl l saw in bush
is also good looking Atleast keep her happy
take her to cinema,hotel lf you want money for
expenses,ask me -Brother!
-l’ll give -Cut the line
-Okay, Thank you brother Cut the call -You go home now -l have duty
-You continue your work Watch, how she’ll take care of you Women will become attentive only
when husbands go wayward Yes, brother He looks to be a great wayward
carry on your work Then, are you saying all
this is a set-up Bribing the line man of
Telephone Dept. They’ve called from a roadside
junction box phone ls it? -Thank God, you know all this tricks
-All right, l didn’t sleep He may have fallen for a new woman Let’s go to a Star Hotel lt’s him only!
Same bike, same girl lt seems they are going
to a Star Hotel There are 100 such Bikes
in this City Did she see you? She saw,but didn’t get
any great shock lf you go with a mask like the
Prince of Monte Carlo Take away this and go
another round For scared man, everything
that is dark is ghost No….it’s your husband only How’s that? Oh God!
He’ll get ruined …Come,let’s go & catch
him red handed -Sorry brother
-Okay leave it Your lady and that killer lady are
coming together like l said Put your hand on waist
go to Restaurant Okay, come brother -That’s why, your wife is dancing
on your head-What? -Her waist, idiot
-She doesn’t have a waist at all Adjust with what she has
Come here -What did you say, your name was?
-Vanaja! Did you change it so quickly?
Okay, leave it -You must act real, okay?
-Your name is Chandramathi -ls this brother’s name Harischandran?
-Oh! God! What’s this? How many rehearsals we had?
You are spoiling the scene You be Madhavi,
let him be Anand He’s not your brother
he’s your fiance Go man!
Show your waist ls any Bank being robbed here? This is my life’s problem ls this a comical scene?
Be serious Put your hand around waist
and take her in Come Waist…even after many advices
he’s doing what he feels like When he has a beautiful wife like me
does he need a monkey like ‘Keep’? Why do you decide
she’s a ‘Keep’ in haste? She’s a keep!
Look, she’s going on the left of Anand ln our country,
it’s ‘Keep Left’, isn’t it? What’s this? Can’t you see it?
lt’s a Dosai ls it fair what you are doing? Oh! l didn’t prepare it
lt was prepared in Hotel When home cooked food isn’t good
shouldn’t we eat in Hotel? Get up…l say get up Vanaja, please sit down My name isn’t Vanaja
but Madahavi How many more are there? One for each day, 7 for a week l’ll live as l wish You may’ve to face the
consequences for this What consequences?
Tell me lf you ask immediately
how can l say? Okay! let me see -ls she going away crying?
-No No? lt isn’t anything like you said
He’s talking proudly l have decided… Divorce? You are saying as simple as
office VRS (Voluntary Retirement Scheme) What l say is Divorce Taking Scheme Sir, l’m not interested in
giving Divorce lf it’s mutual agreement
my job will be easy l’ll apply in 13B and get
the divorce Otherwise,you must give the reason for
divorce.. and Court must believe it …What more do you need? ln broad day light he’s going
around with a girl Ask,him to deny it! That girl is like younger
sister to me Who’s he?
Your brother-in-law? l can’t divorce her Wait man! You have already said that He’s like my brother Then,that girl is like sister
to him also isn’t it This is something good type Even then,l can’t get you
divorce under 13B Then, you have to go
by 12B or an Autorickshaw Reason must be very strong One he should’ve starved
you of food Or he should’ve physically
abused you Do you remember,what l have
taught you? She’s trying to incite you
you keep on smiling Reason? He can’t earn
He can’t keep a wife happy Wastrel! Still smiling Are you a man to eat
on wife’s earning? No problem…No problem How dare you? Hey,wait man! Ask sorry for spitting… Will you beat your wife
infront of the Advocate? This is enough for divorce Everything is going to end What’s this?
l am hearing a song This will sing now and then lt is gifted by someone Are you divorcing by mutual consent? They’ve mutually agreed on one point
that they can’t stand each other l should’ve told this in English lt’s mutual consent only After 6 months separation this court
will grant you divorce Don’t feel too much Everything will end in good
What happened? Everything is over Why do you say so
as if a death has occurred? l’m not interested to live a
shameful life with her What’s there to feel
shame in it? You both have seen each other both are wife & husband When, l’m feeling so sad
on hearing it.. How sad that girl’s family
would be feeling? -Everyone’s happy isn’t it?
-Everyone is happy How do you know? Forget all that had happened
as a passing cloud Passing cloud? -lt’s me, brother
-l know that much English More than the unmarried lt’s married people who’ll face
difficulties after getting separated He’s grown up like hybrid Papaya But, he’s like a child He may get dejected and
roam like a forlorn lover lt’s great that l had lived with
a cheat all these days As per my advise only
he did all that tricks..just for fun This is called ‘lying’ You were the one who spoiled
Anand and separated them ls Satan reading the Bible? Look,she….Bible reading the Satan That means…
-That means… You mustn’t research all that …You must experience it
-Come Asking for either a pistol or a concubine they say… What does it mean? Why do you always ask questions
for everything? lf a proverb is said
you must experience it Do l have to get advised
by cheap rowdies?…come What stupid? Do l have to listen whatever you say? Don’t make me use bad words Am l wrong? Didn’t l tell it correctly?
-You are right, but left ‘S’ Leave it, brother! -Then, what l said first was right
-Leave them, brother lf you cross my path,
l’ll put you in jail, be careful Hey! Stay there & talk to me lf l don’t stick posters near your hospital
& stop all patients coming to you My name henceforth shall not be
Pentapaadu Yuck Sambandham Write & keep it …lt is not Pentapaadu Yuck Sambandham …Your address!? -Hey, are you watching over me?
-You had only told me -Will you type anything said
by anyone? Won’t you lift your head & see? Why?l’m just a typist
l type what l hear Oh!God! Eashwara!why hasn’t Easun
heard our demands What had happened? Come on tell Sambandham
-What had happened? That had happened
-What’s going to happen? That which is going to happen?
-That which l know You can look after it later That which l know
-That which l know That which l don’t know
-That which l don’t know l know everything God of death knows everything Brother, be careful Since morning you have been pushing me Be careful! Sir…
Be careful l’ll repeat it sir
-What will you say? You are saying that had happened
that which is going to happen? The way you talk doesn’t look
like Lord Shiva lt looks like local Shiva …Stop criticising me
l’m a stunt man ….This buffalo is domesticated
…And l’m not afraid of snakes So, you have made me
act as Lord Shiva Since it’s God’s role, l stopped
non-vegetarian food also for 2 days lf you ask me to say dialogue
how can l alone do all this Cow is moving away
Snake is moving around neck l must press this bladder correctly
and bring Ganges water More over you want me to say dialogue
also,how can l? You talk all this excellently
but miss all dialogues Reason for that is….
-No need for you to talk anymore Don’t you want! This is bubble gum,put into your
mouth and chew it nicely l’ll adjust in dubbing by using
a good dubbing Artist Looks like a good technic
Do you want one? l’ll say my dialogues perfectly Can you do a somersault? -l’m ready sir! -l’ll take
care of you later Sir,l’m ready,
shall l eat the bubble gum? Okay! l’ll not say anything with my mouth
like trolley etc.. Everything, will be in signals
only!Understood? Am l teaching the Lord Muruga
knowledge of Tamil? ‘OM’ the first sound of life Lord Shiva don’t eat bubble gum l can’t meet anyone now We’ll not allow Animals
being ill treated Who’s ill treating Animals here? l have given a bubble gum also to him
-ls it? Look there!
-‘Don’t torture Animals’ Today’s shooting is cancelled Don’t torture Animals
Ban torture of Animals We’ve received complaint from Blue Cross
that you are torturing Animals Look here lnspector! Without any sympathy two people
are sitting on a bull Are two people sitting on a bull? Hey,Lift the cloth & show
the bull standing No…No…don’t lift the cloth No need to take cloth
Hey!Take the bull out This woman doesn’t have any
sympathy towards bulls She’s angry on me!she has come
to put me in jail Look Doctor Baby! You don’t have age or this bull is
not enough to put me into jail lf you want,do one thing Lodge a complaint that
l had raped you Though it is shameful,
l’ll accept and go to jail Have you become tense? Leave the bull,you are stitching the snake’s
mouth & using in films isn’t it? Have you really stitched
its mouth? Sir,you are a gentleman You see for yourself if it’s mouth
is stitched or not? Are you throwing a snake on me?
Arrest him Lift him up…. You lifted & dropped me down
Catch the cow Oh God! Snake…
-Catch it Wait! Don’t shoot….Don’t shoot lt’ll get frightened Mani, wait lt’s nothing Oh!God! ls it dead? Have you insured it? lnsurance! Even l am not insured
How will it be? This is the truth Even God can’t separate us My next witness is ‘Basavanna’ ls this your next witness? Oh My God!!! Hey Mani…. Disgusting! Hey, who’re you? Mani’s stomach is upset By Sambandham’s grace, the bullock
was earning Rs.2000 everyday You have even spoiled that l’ll never leave this Move away Oh God! Blood….Blood….
The bullock had hit you… Don’t curse the poor Animal
what will it do? Somebody go & call the
Doctor immediately What are you looking at? Go…. Oh God! Come,we’ll go -Call the Doctor
-Come -Don’t shout in the ears
my eardrum will burst -Wait! Oh God! So much blood
is oozing out, come Please move Press it… Oh God! Who’s the Doctor?
ls this lady? Call the ambulance Send the stretcher Hey…..You…First,get the
operation theater ready His intestine got ruptured
A small operation’s to be performed -Oh God! Operation for my son!
-lt’s nothing This looks like an
operation theater…. Yes sir! Why is the whole room spinning? No sir, it’s us Why are you spinning
during working hours? Who’s going to operate? This woman! She’ll kill me, l don’t want
the operation l’ll not accept even if you
beg falling at my legs Don’t want….don’t want What’s this?
He keeps on talking How much profol did you give? 10cc Doctor
-Give another 5cc more You can’t escape by putting a mask l have seen your face… Who’s it injecting me? ls it an injection? l can jump over a bridge
with a motorbike Oh God! l feel bullock was better This woman is playing inside
with the knife l’ll complain to my grandfather
& brake your teeth My grandfather doesn’t have any teeth
Do you know that? Operation is over You can take him after 3 days Thank you very much He’s Sambandham’s grandfather He loves his grandson very much
That’s why Madam,did you get your watch?
-Don’t know,where it is This is P.K.S’s discharge report
lt’ll would be better,if you sign this They are asking for it for the
past 4 days Who is this P.K.S?
ls he your brother? Call him Sambandham Look here,there is another
person called S.K.P. lt might get mingled up
do you want to get more confused? Sambandham’s X-Ray report
is in this We can send it
if you have a look at it This is a formality l operated Mr.Sambandham isn’t it?
ln which room is he? He got discharged only now lt’s a headache with this man
-l’ll never spare you l’ll even go to Consumer Court
-What’s the matter? l’m going get discharged today Do you want us to drop you
in your house on Palanquin? Are you joking?
Do you know who am l? short Do you know who am l? K.M.T. in short What’s there in it?
-Where is my X-Ray report? What’s this?Are you going to make
an album out of it? -l’ll put! Look here,this is my
head operation X-Ray This is my throat operation X-Ray This is my waist operation X-Ray.. This is…. You are talking very low, stop it
Come on…take it Bye, see you Don’t come again, get lost Who’s it? Who’s it!!! lt’s me your worst enemy
P.K.S. speaking P.K.S….Are you fine? What’s this?ls there any
change in weather -ls it fair on your part?
-l only tasted it Disgusting!! Are you asking me,
why am l disgusted? l will be
lt’s burning inside ls it ‘Left or Right’
-Don’t joke You’ll operate & go Don’t you have to stay &
take care of us Didn’t we pay for the bill?
-l’ll come & see you personally No need for that
l’ll send the boy Please give the reports to him We have a very good
Doctor in our relatives He is a better & big Doctor than you
Will you be 6 feet in height? lt means ‘6’ in Hindi language He had practiced in Delhi also
l’ll get treated by him Do you want to….?
talk to her….? No…No… Even he doesn’t want to talk to you Simply talk & threaten her Keep quiet She would’ve completed the
operation successfully Look,you Doctor never betray
each other Brother….
-What’s it brother? There is some mistake in the operation Mistake in the operation!! Oh God! Oh God!..Oh God!! They’ve operated leaving this
watch in the stomach Not only for this Hospital
Even for our profession Who did it? l’ll tell you lt’s because of this lady Doctor Because of personal differences… You were careless while operating So the Court orders the Medical Board
to dismiss her …From the Hospital and
also not to allow her to… ….Practice medicine anywhere ls she a woman?
Such Doctors are worst than terrorists Why is she still living? Why do you need this stethoscope
& white coat? lt’s an insult to your profession l gave you the watch so that
you’ll get married Will you make a funeral out of it? We must hang her -Dad
-You have spoiled our caste’s name l’m ashamed of calling you
my daughter Even her father died because of her Father Father,please don’t leave me Please don’t leave me,father
-l’m only going for a walk Father, the same cotton Which cotton?
lt’s cold outside, that’s why Janaki, you haven’t come to the
Hospital for the past 2 days Just come, don’t talk Sit down…
-What’s the matter? l operated Mr.Sambandham, isn’t it l misplaced my watch in the stomach Oh My God! Where did you get such a
big strap? -What strap?
-Then what! Tying strap around his
stomach is similar to …Tying a Loin cloth to an elephant
it’s a big thing l had kept the watch
inside the stomach Oh God! okay,forget it lt’s good to have watch
inside the stomach He’ll eat on time l’m very serious
-Tell me Come here Apart from us,nobody should
come to know about it But,one more person knows it
-Who’s that? -The watch itself
-ls it going to talk? -lt’ll not talk, but it’ll sing
-Will it sing? Whether it’s like this No,it’s not that Okay, leave it, first call him &
ask how he feels, you know the number? Malathi….Malathi…
-ls Malathi there? No,she’s not there Are you fine? l have shifted to my mother’s house
He had gone to a lodge We’ve shared the things equally -How do you know this song?
-Why? You sang the song to tease me isn’t it? You sang this song to make me
cry,isn’t it? -Why do everybody…?
-Janaki, it’s a devotional song -But, how does she know about that song?
-Anand sings this song Oh My God!
Does Anand sing this song? Mr.Sambandham had told him
-His mother taught him Who taught his mother?
-When did you join the police? Who informed the police? -Something has happened to you
l’ll meet you tomorrow -No Nobody has to find it
you yourself will tell everybody Sit down Call him… ls Sambandham there? He has gone for shooting lt seems he has gone for shooting
-Ask him,where did he go? -Where?
-Granite factory Hero sir, have a look -Are you ready?
-Yes, ready master lt’s your scene after the fight sequence Tell me the dialogue l’ll take a look at it once more
-Hey you Did they give you too many dialogues
just 1 ,isn’t,it tell me Hey you! idiotic son Will you commit suicide
for stomach pain? Are you telling rhymes?
Tell it sadly How can l become sad suddenly? Do you want to get it by post? l got you a chance,convincing
the Director,isn’t it Remember my face,you’ll
automatically become sad Oh! silly son,will you commit suicide
for ordinary stomach pain? Confuse it Oh! Silly son,will you commit suicide
for ordinary stomach pain? -Oh! Silly son!
-Where’s Sambandham? He’s not here,
he’s up there There?!-Silly son! Will you commit
suicide for stomach pain? Suicide?! -Why?
-No,Am l wrong? -lt’s like that only
-He’s up there He’s doing somersault with a
watch in his stomach lt’s okay, if the watch comes out
from his mouth, he’ll spit it out Come,let’s go for the next shot -What’s it?
-Nothing master While doing vault, l had a
little scratch on stomach -Oh,My God! -Why did say
‘Oh,my God!?for that l didn’t say that Okay,call them-Hey you come
…-Come! Come! No…
Sambandham, No Who’s that? l know them,
get me down What’s it? Who are they? We are not torturing a woman or
an animal here? Why’re you here to torture us? You were operated recently isn’t it
You have come so soon to work Whatever operation you may’ve done
My body’s fit, so, l have come to job -lt’s his livelihood,isn’t it
-lt rings, isn’t it You said,we’ll hear only song…
-What’s it? Nothing l didn’t come to stop the shooting As a Doctor,l came to
see the patient Brother, show it to her Hey, you, keep quiet Am l a washing machine
or an Air Conditioner? That you have come for after
Sales Service -Coffee please….-Bring Coffee for all
-Just for me… Only for Brother Let’s go…
Come -She’s saying something
-lt’s nothing lf you have any stomach pain
please come to my Hospital only Stomach…pain….? for me?…..
Punch me on the stomach Hey! ls it a stomach or a sand bag? Suppose, if you get it….
-it’ll not come l’ll get nothing Do you know, why?
-Brother,the shot is ready No…No…if you get it…
-he’ll never get all that…. Everybody in the City got ‘Madras Eye’
But,the brother didn’t get it… Do you know, why? Why? He was at Bombay then Ginger coffee for Sambandham, isn’t it
ls it specially made? lt’s very special Brother, can you come here
for a minute? What’s this?You are calling me without
any manners with a snap of fingers Am l your brother? l’ll call anyone as brother
only when l like them l see…lf l like any one
l’ll not call them as sister… l’ll call them as ‘Dear’ -Can you give me some water?
-What will you give me in return? After drinking,
l’ll return the glass Catch this Fool! Have it,Bisleri water Take this Ginger Coffee Come fast Start your car fast,we’ve to get
the operation theater ready He’s not giving any room
while talking l know you’ll never accept,that’s why …l have put some stomach pain tablets
in his ginger coffee Look there… Shut up & keep quiet
-Brother,Ginger coffee… We gave the tablets at 3 PM
wouldn’t it have reacted till now? lt’s going to be 12 ‘o clock Can you keep the phone down? l’m expecting an important call They are calling from Surya Hospital lt seems,Duty Doctor has not
yet come till now A patient is suffering from
severe stomach pain They are asking if they can
send him here Check,what’s the problem?
First,let them take an X-Ray What did the patient eat? l’m a sinner l personally gave ginger coffee
to my brother Janaki,he’s our patient
Hospital has changed A patient who got admitted
1/2 hour before for stomach pain Stuntman?Duty Doctor is checking
his X-Ray reports Oh!Jesus! Have they taken the X-Ray? Brother… Did they tell you,what’s there
in your stomach? Why’re you looking like that? Why’re you crying? She is here at this hour l’m watching you… Oh God!We’ll go…We’ll go…
He’ll kill us l’ll tell you everything l don’t want You are asking me,why am l
behind you all the time? lt’s because of this… This… Hands off me Shouldn’t l show it to Senior Doctor
& get further treatment… Where is the Senior Doctor’s room?
-That room Okay,lt’s your wish Look,she’s giving permission to us l didn’t do it wontedly
Please,believe me l haven’t slept for the
past 1 week Why? All because of your thoughts only Nothing should happen… Why’re you laughing? l thought it was door
l’m coming Doctor Careful You will understand if something
happens to your stomach For a friend…. Please forgive me for the
mistake,l have committed Please don’t leave me lt’s a blatant lie… You are catching my hand…
Why am l stuttering? My future is in your hands Everybody is watching us Can you please come there? l’ll tell you everything that
had happened Actually…-Don’t tell Hey you,Asianet… What’s that,you are making gestures
not to tell? Mani had ginger coffee and stomach pain
…and they took on X-Ray isn’t it l feared that you’ll be scared to know
Mani has Tape worms in his stomach That’s why,l made gestures
like that You don’t have to tell me anything
-Brother,your hand l know about it-Greedy fellow lt’s okay,you work in 3 cinema companies
&…Take 3 wages..No problem Not only gulped 3 company’s breakfasts
he drank 6 ginger Coffee’s with me 7 coffees,brother Won’t you get tape worms…. Okay,you are such a big Doctor
Why’re you crying for Tape worms? No,my time hasn’t come yet Had the worms come out? lf hasn’t come out yet! Did you mean that it hasn’t
come out yet? Yes Let’s go…let’s go Hey,you,Asianet l thought of asking you
there itself… Whenever she starts going out
you make noise,Are you her horn? Oh God!ln Malayalam
lt means ‘let’s go’ Then,are you saying horn was
discovered by a Malayalee? Lord Jesus! Oh!was it by him? Oh My God!Why’re you testing
me like this? On that fateful day,why l should’ve gone
wearing a watch for an operation? He’s not allowing me to
get any closer to him Only way to get the watch by operating him
without anesthesia also is… To push him into deep slumber of Love What?… Love?….me?….
with that guy? l’m prepared to go to jail for the
mistake l have committed This will never happen There’s a watch in your X-Ray Even my Doctor confirmed it Thank God,l’m very happy l’ll threaten Doctor Janaki & demand
a compensation of 40 lacs Don’t be in a hurry,SKP You won’t understand
why l’m in a hurry What’s it? Fearing that the watch
might go with it l haven’t gone to the toilet
for the past 4 days Why do you worry? l’m experienced in this matter l got this fridge through
Consumer Court l got this sofa set through
Consumer Court My wife …
-Hey you… l got her delivery expenses
through Consumer Court l have got a jackpot now You are a very different person
-Give coffee-Have it My dear,give me a cup of coffee l’ll not give l don’t want to lose the
jackpot in your stomach My darling Madam,you are Goddess of Chastity Hey you,switch off the radio We haven’t switched on the radio What is this..? Do l hear hymn from
the Temple near by? There is no temple near by There’s only harbour Who’s chanting hymn
in the harbour? That’s what,l’m also asking? Do you hear?
-No brother You are dreaming something l can hear,l’m still hearing it Tell him even if you hear
you can’t give Hey you Listen Do you hear?-No Then,why did you shake your head? Because you did it Don’t shake your head
along with me-Okay ls it your heart? ls it from the throat? From your ears…from your nose…. Hey you What’s it? Throat,Ear,Nose… You are right We’ll ask him Then,why’re you asking me? lt’s not that…. To our E.N.T specialist Doctor,l hear some sound in my ears The ear is meant to hear only lf you can’t hear,you are deaf How many times do you hear? Once in the morning,afternoon & evening The hymn recited by Brahmins How did you know it? You have told that 10 times
after coming here Did l? He said,isn’t it? You have no problems When l look through this ear,l can see
the traffic on the other side lt’s a joke Take your brother to a
good Psychiatrist Oh God! has he gone mad? Due to Vizag God’s blessings,he’s
able to hear these songs He has God’s blessings Did you see? lnspite of telling,you were
making fun of me Apologise…. Doctor,not you,l can’t blame you They didn’t trust me lf you listen to it
you’ll reach heaven l’ll listen to it without fail Oh! my God…. Only now,l have got Lord
Hanuman’s blessings Don’t talk rubbish The girl said that,it’s just
Doctor-Patient relationship Come on,answer me We are travelling by bus daily Did the conductor come to our house &
enquire about our well being any day First of all,answer this They cannot bring the bus
on our streets This is also the same case She’s a Doctor & he’s a patient At midnight does she hold your
hand close to her heart…. ..And say that her future
is in your hands Don’t plant trees in the ears ls it a tree? This is God’s Basil Plant
don’t talk like this? So,do you say we are in love? Yes… Hey,why are you making noise? lt’ll never happen She’s a doctor,l’m a fighter She’s literate,l’m illiterate She’s modern,but l’m not She’s a women,you are a man Hey you,are you trying to
play a double game? She came to see me as a Doctor
in the Hospital, that’s all lf she had come with a bouquet &
a smile to wish me on my birthday… Why’re you laughing? Why’re you laughing? That’s what,l’m also asking? lt’s just what l said A smile in your hand &
a bouquet in your mouth…. Come..come..
no..stop..stop Why did you come here? Come..come…..sit The house is full of rubbish My room will look much
worse than this Really! Why’re you asking? Look at the romantic pose
of our brother He’s enjoying Look, everybody is laughing l’m a devotee of God Hanuman l used to worship twice a day Now,l worship 3 times a day Won’t you ask for tea or coffee? He likes only Butter & Vadai Brother,it’s for her l see,for you Will you have tea, coffee
vadai or butter? This is what,we call romance Hey! you get lost l need nothing Nothing means… Don’t get agitated Don’t have bad thoughts Have this Basil,put it
in your mouth This Jasmine You can even put it down
no problem There is an important matter But,l don’t want to discuss it here Come here,God Hanuman is there Looking at my beauty & intelligence
you might get disturbed lt’s natural Ask me why l can’t give place to
those natural disturbances? Why? l’m telling you this,because
you are my arch rival For the past few days
l feel blessed by God l can hear the voice Yes,it’s him Senior Doctors & ENT Specialists
have also confirmed it ENT Specialist?? E.N.T. means this Oh!you mean E.N.T. as ENT? Do you know what they said? They said,l’m perfectly alright But,You have also got God’s blessing Don’t tell anybody They’ll queue up to get my blessings l want to talk to you personally Will you come….? No One Hanuman’s devotee has got
His blessings You don’t investigate it You can go… l’ll come later Don’t come You have a resonant voice How do you know the Lyrics of the
song,which l’m hearing Do you want to know it? Come to this address,l’ll tell you…. Welcome Sambandham…Welcome.. No one is here…come boldly.. How can l know that song
which only you know? lt’s very surprising
How do you know? Come closer…l’ll tell you Little more Still more… ls it enough? What are you going to do to me? After injecting you
l’ll do an operation l asked you several times,but you
didn’t agree…That’s why… Dog is barking….
He has come l have to hide this Go….Go quickly… How can l call you…?
What’s your name? Oh!is she also Janaki? Janaki,open your mouth… No…Mani,Dog’s name is James Mani You said you’ll tell me a thing
lf l come here,what’s it? Come inside…l’ll tell you Original has come
You be here… You also hear the same song
which l hear What does it mean? That’s Sanskrit,isn’t it?
l don’t know… l didn’t mean that… You tell me yourself There’s no radio or walkman -Still,it’s heard….how?
-How? l’ll tell you one thing
you shouldn’t mistake me… Have it… l won’t fit in your circle You will…that’s fate No…This is biscuit…
This is whistle… You have come here & won’t you come
into my circle? You have touched my heart… My heart is heavy after
hearing your prayer song lf it’s heavy,leave it Oh!l’m dead Don’t whistle…
l won’t like it.. lf you don’t like, then
why’re you keeping it? You threw it Why’re you troubling me like this?
l don’t know how to whistle also Do you know how to whistle? Not now.. Come…. No…l don’t want… l can’t forsake my ideal Oh!God! What is this? Because you have failed in Love
Are you committing suicide? Oh!God!will any one commit suicide
hanging by the legs That’s right…but you don’t
even know this…. You are timid Look, when you are ready to sacrifice
even your life for Love l’m ready to sacrifice my ideal
for your ideal Oh! Master of all Trades
The beloved who wants to do romance! Oh!Dear
You are my hero Your touch will make me
a romantic veena (musical instrument) ls she a Dream or a gift? ls she a mesmerising girl? On seeing me, what do feel? Oh! My dear!
ls it love or lust in your eyes? When sweet friendship develops in my heart.. will be a life long relationship lt is sufficient
l will be a slave to your heart l will be the breath
in your kingdom l was a sculpture You made me musical
Why do send a messenger? Oh!Dear!ls it justified? l was a hot sun l became a cold moon Oh! Dear! So l sent a messenger
meanwhile Suck me into your rapid flood My saree should take bath in your fire While giving yourself to me
in your lap… Your soul and youth swings Compared to your xerox machine which
your company sells.. Your canteen’s coffee is as good
as the coffee prepared at home That’s why, we’ve appointed
a good cook l don’t know about his mechanism
But he cooks nicely…-Really? Look there,near the machine lf you disturb me,l can’t
work on the machine Give it to me,l’ll send
you copy..Go… Most Eligible Bachelor…. All the girls in the office
are trapping him He’s not falling a prey to anyone lncluding me… After completing Computer Engineering
why are you doing this job? They are treating you like a servant Cooking classes you took are helping
than Computer Engineering This is not good l’m coming… Here, no one is good.. -First, will you leave this job or…?
-Malathi, why are you here? Brother, actually l came here
on office work -Okay We are searching a groom for my sister
Don’t show sympathy & confuse her You remember what all l have given you
in the marriage isn’t it? You were my brother-in-law
when l got married l accepted everything you gave Now…. now,
l’m Sambandham’s brother Just touch me & see…
Touch me… Why do l have to talk to some rowdy? You don’t have guts to drug
& kidnap him? Who said?l think You have
given him a heavy dose What did l do? After l hanged him upside down
He felt on me… The drug couldn’t faint him
your touch fainted him Once,if you say ‘l Love you’
to him.. He’ll definitely come
to the Operation Theatre Do l have to say ‘l Love you’
to that fellow… How can it be possible for me? His beard and his mush… He was looking like
Jewellery shop lnstead of PKS, he could’ve changed
his name to LKS Oh!Jesus! You?! l didn’t see you Screen was hiding you, isn’t it? When did you come? When you were making fun of me
by calling ”PKS Jewellery” l said it for fun… Now,you can say,isn’t it? What? You said,you couldn’t say that because
l looked like the jewellery shop Now,you can say,isn’t it? What’s it?She’s feeling shy…
stand outside… Where are you going? He got trapped himself… l’ll make arrangements for
the operation By the time,you say ‘l Love You’
to him and inject him You are the next patient… lf you had felt shy to say
it in Tamil Has she asked you to
say it in Malayalam? ‘l Love you’ is the same
in all the langauges… Yes…’l Love You’,
there’s no change in that…. Oh!God! A woman has so many desires
in her heart How can she express
all those desires? What’s it? l have missed… When you say ‘Yes’ friends told me
to kiss you This is a Hospital lt’s fully sterlized,isn’t it?
That’s why… This is a Public place lf you behave like this…. Look….child has come… Nothing has happened….
you are talking about child? ls he okay? Tomorrow, we can remove
the plaster Don’t allow someone to
kiss your child We’ve so many Germs in our mouth lf they are transferred to
other’s mouth Definitely, they’ll get infected You should keep your mouth
clean okay? You are right,even my grandpa
used to say this frequently Gurgle with salt water
This is better than that… There’re so many ways
to express love Can you put that Stethoscope
in my neck? This Sthethoscope is my
Auspicious thread lt’ll always remain in my neck Should l. . .
adorn you that Stethoscope? Are you taking medicines properly?
Shall l test him? Now….l’m going to inject you By injecting me & making
me unconscious Are you trying to take out
watch from my stomach? -Who are you?
-You may not remember my face But, if you see my stomach
you’ll remember After leaving the watch inside &
suturing the stomach Now, are you making fun of me?
lf l go to Consumer Court….. You’ll lose your job
respect and money… Operation Theatre is ready…
Where is the patient? Patient is here…but
l’ll not come.. First, l should get money When you give money
you can take out the watch That is…..this SKP …Or else… Sorry…X-Ray got exchanged Let it be anything…we’ll solve
it between us…come on Oh! Are you her agent?
-Yes…come on… You keep it yourself….
Come on… As no one should see me
with Sambandham l have asked him to
come for a picnic Mariya Kutti,you make
all the arrangements l’ll bring him there…okay? What is he doing? Pack it nicely… Everything is good… But…only this cap… l knew that,what l like
you’ll not like… Now, how do l look? Oh! This Aunty…she’ll spread
the news to the entire town Janaki,is it true what l have heard? lt’s true…but, don’t tell anyone l and she don’t like publicity lt’s all because of my watch Didn’t l tell you that you’ll
get good alliance (Sambandam)? Did you?
Really? Oh!You have a good mouth & heart
Thank God, you told my name lf you had said that Peter or David
What would’ve happened to me? That day,when you said
you’ll not marry l knew that you’ll get
married soon She said that she is married
to her profession l haven’t created any record But,l have broken glass,table,chair
done somersaults Somersault?He’s talking
this so casually… Mariya kutti,have you made
the arrangements? Yes…we’ve arranged an operation
theatre in a nearby Hospital Then,bear this one thing
in your mind While you come, cross my ambulance
and turn left -Understood?
-Understood -Understand this
-Shall we go? l won’t say where you are going? See you Hey,it’s coming… You have told everything to
Sethu about our picnic trip -lsn’t it wrong?
-lt is not -What? Come on…Come on… -We are not going there
-Then,where are we going? -That is suspense…
-No…the suspense is waiting there Oh! God! they must have taken
a left turn isn’t it? -This is…
-This is my Grandpa’s house Oh! Dear! My child!… Grandma, how’s it? -Beautiful…very beautiful!!
-Enough…don’t tear her-apart… This is my aunty Everyone is educated in my family… My grandma also had studied up to
S.S.L.C.only,l have remained like this…. You are no loses,You have trapped
a Doctor,isn’t it? Step in with your right foot Sambandham, what’s all this? Nothing it’s only our wish…
these are all old custom Among 4 legs, we can step in
with any leg…-4 legs?… Your’s two & mine two Come in She always gives respect… Your churidhar is tight,isn’t it? While she bowing if her
churidhar gets torn… Nothing like that… Long live…. Come…Come…
Not you… Grandpa,be careful…Don’t punch her
like you punch me She can’t bear it… l’m still alive just because l want
to see my grandson’s marriage He doesn’t know about father, mother
or to cheat He looks like a man but
he has a heart of a child l’m not able to talk properly
because of this… l am always scared that
someone may deceive him You have come…
l’m satisified… Grandpa, don’t get emotional… She’s a Doctor…she’ll take
care of you & me lt’s enough…put on your
false teeth lf Grandpa is tensed,he’ll
take out his teeth… Hey! spittle…spittle…
wipe your hand…don’t touch her… This is a tie…. Why all these things?
-Aunty don’t eavesdrop,what’s it? What’re they going to do?
-Engagement? Why engagement? You wanted to picnic &
all the other places lf this function is over without
feeling shy,we can go out,isn’t it? l also have a family…
l have a father…. Yes…l know… look there… ln my house except Sambandham
everyone is vegetarian Come, Janaki -When did you come?
-Why did you come here? lf you didn’t inform also
they’ve told us everything Let them belong to
any caste or religion… Good family…
So, l accepted You come… Great Grandchild of ‘Pentapadu Balaraman’ Grand child of ‘Pentapadu Govindaram’ Son of my brother,
late ‘Pentapadu Subaram’ -Kalyanam…
-sir Give the lodge to Sambandham Why so urgent?
Let the marriage get over Engagement is over, isn’t it? Any how, after marriage only
we’ll talk about lodge Brother, give this saree & her Wait…this is my grandma’s saree l checked whether napthalin balls
smell is coming… lt doesn’t smell, take it… What’s this? You had only said that stethoscope
is your auspicious thread the T.V lnterview That’s why l made it… lf it was made of steel
it won’t be nice That’s why l made it with Gold & stones… For me?
-Come…change the dress… We both…. So soon, they’ve taken her…? One song… Oh! God! my daughter doesn’t
know to sing… ..Smiling face..
oh!Beautiful smiling face… Oh! Moon, which is seen forever… Oh! Gargantuan! Oh! artist…!! You can’t escape from marriage From today,your Bachelorhood
is over Young moon is coming to marry you… You are a unique person
among all men You are a greatman and
a talented person… You have loved & joined her… Even if a girl loves me dearly.. Can do nothing
until she declares it Oh! dear! l have surrendered
myself to you… Oh! dear! l’m hearing ticking sound
inside my heart, because of you…. Oh! lover! l’m frightened
because of you… Oh! friend! l have got the love disease
waiting of you Oh! friend! lf l put one injection
my agony will subside Give me a pleasant reply today itself Then, won’t everyone be shocked? Youth will never listen &
adhere to time.. ..even breeze sulks and
refuses to enter the heart You stitched me with sutures These stitches are to stitch
with you dear Oh! Dear! steal me &
join my hands Oh! friend! lf your don’t hug me.. My desire won’t subside.. Oh! friend! l came to you
on new thirst of love… lf you hug and kiss me
like a gushing wind out of a storm.. Won’t this little girl seek a bed? lf your open out your confined heart.. Won’t l become love mad and trail you? Brother…
-What happened?… Go that side… Don’t get scared…
Doctor is with us, isn’t it? Doctor is very busy…
Don’t wait for her You get discharged yourself
you can go home… Busy?…what busy? Brother did you hear? l have heard… What type of a woman is she? lt’s 3 days you since got operated
but she didn’t come here… She may have lot of work…
so many patients,isn’t it? ls orange juice hot?
Why are you cooling it? Yes it’s cold…
l’m cooling it… But, it seems you are blabbering… What l feel is that all are
talking in double meaning… No…we are talking in
single meaning What’s it? You sit in my room..
l’ll come after rounds l’m trying since last week… When l ring up to home
she’s not there.. Hospital phone is engaged l didn’t suspect when you asked me
what you’ll talk when you fall in love l didn’t suspect when you were
roaming with Sambandham lt seems, engagement is over….
-Don’t you know? Leave the enagagement..
Dinner was excellent… Look here Malathi,
l’m still old Janaki l don’t like marriage..and
l don’t like’Kalyana Sambandham’ There’re reasons for everything l haven’t talked with Sambandham
with the intention of love ln an operation l had left my watch
in his stomach unknowigly… l didn’t notice it at that time
As it shouldn’t be known to anyone… Particularly, Sambandham
shouldn’t know about it Just a minute… That day, when l was talking like this
he was here inside… Are you fine? We are here in the same building
for the past 3 days And we never met…
that’s why… Janaki,see you.. Now, there’s nothing between us… Did you hear what l had said? During the operation… Watch fell into the stomach -To take it out, you acted…
-Yes…everything was a lie… Only now, l understood…
first,l was shocked… When that madam went out
only then,l understood Then it striked me… Because we had created problem
in her marriage Now she’ll be sad… lf she knows that we are loving
she’ll be jealous… She may cast an evil eye…
They say evil eye is danger We’ll keep it as suspense…
We needn’t tell this till the end We’ll tell them ‘No’ Sambandham,no, l never loved you…l… You know about me &
my life isn’t it? What’s there in you to make me
fall in love with you? Boys say that love blossoms without
giving importance to anything How can l?…. Your profession, taste,
language, culture,…everything l don’t like anything That day you told me by
removing the screen… From that day, l have changed to wearing
simple jewels & colourful shirts… l’m wearing faded coloured
shirts only for you lf l keep on talking with you
my language will also… Okay,leave all those things… My profession is my husband l knew…This is your
auspicous thread When you asked me to put this
around your neck Only on that day l…understood This is a small help…any one in the
Hospital will do this help Okay leave all those things… Did l ask you any day by
holding your hands That l depend only on you
& don’t leave me Did l ever ask you like that?.. When?… Leave it…you would’ve forgotten… lf l tell you,you’ll say that
l have mistaken you… Was everything a lie then? l can’t believe it… ls it true? Okay… Now l understood… You don’t have to sacrifice
anything for my sake What do you mean? Did you think that l became
stunt man without watching movies? You have cancer & you’ll die
within 1 month You are saying like this,because my
future shouldn’t get spoiled l’ll never see another woman… Even if it’s one minute
l’ll be with you only… ls it not true? l’m crying for your ignorance… l didn’t love you…
l didn’t love you…. How can l make you understand this? l didn’t get that feeling
by seeing your face Why? -lf l had hurt you…
-Don’t use big words… Then,forget it as a bad dream l can forget… l was brought up rough & tough… lf l join my job & work hard…
l’ll get tired and… Oh! l have quit my job also… So, all these things are passing… What do you say? Who’s it? Have you undergone the pain
of love? Did you ever cry? Men say that women are poetry That poetry is only killing
men as a sickle You go,l’ll join you later… Dear, come soon, we are purchasing clothes
for the groom on the 3rd floor Brother has gone mad l went to your house
in search of you Oh God! Why did you go? To give this Still there’s a months’ time
so soon in the Court… No…This is E-mail about confirming
your job in Australia What about your job? l didn’t deceive and married you This is an opportunity to prove that
l’ll take leave Sambandham,there are only 10 days
left for your marriage No arrangements are made We had sent them the invitation proof
Why they’ve sent it back? This marriage won’t take place -What are you saying?
-l have objected to it Brother,did you see? -Sambandham, why did you object?
-Where’s grandpa? l don’t know
what has happened to him? He didn’t talk to anyone
Didn’t even take his tablets? He hasn’t come down for past 2 days Don’t you like her? Are you a big shot?
You illiterate fellow… Now, she would be worrying,isn’t it? -What…-Why do you torture me
like this? Who’s torturing? lgnorantly, l’m asking you
‘who’s torturing’? You are torturing me!
That girl is torturing me And you are calling me
an illiterate fellow Why l have remained illiterate?
lt’s because of you only You educated everyone But you took me to circus and
made me do somersaults Till now, l’m doing somersaults
like a monkey -No dear
-Don’t talk to me ln anger without bothering about
your old age l will abuse you,
then you’ll feel sad What’s lacking in me? You are a King!
Nothing is lacking in you Only you are saying that
l’m the King, Minister etc. Do you know what they are
gossiping outside? lt seems l’m a stunt man
that’s a rowdy l’m looking like a
Jewellery shop Because l was wearing many….. What else can l do? Did l object to marry her? That girl only objected
to marry me, grandpa Now, you cry…. Hit me here She had hit me here
and you hit me here Forget it, why should we men cry? What’s lacking in me? l have you and the lodge.. Lodge? What happened?
Call them, call them Why do you cry for this?
lt’s just a failure in love For this generation failure
in love is insignificant They’ll come with smiling face
look, l’m smiling Don’t get tensed -Nothing
-Call them -Do you have chest pain?
-Call… Whom should l call? Nothing has happened to me What happened to him?
Nothing,don’t get tensed -l’ll call the Doctor
don’t get tensed -Don’t go Uncle! Grandpa is suffering from
breathing problem -Father?
-l’ll bring the Doctor What happened to you? What’s happening to you?
– change…change Do we’ve to change the blanket? Did you urinate in the bed? No…Will.. Brother, what happened to you? Sambandham has gone
to call the Doctor? What’s he saying?
-can’t understand? Why can’t you understand? So many educated people are here
& none couldn’t understand Lawyer… Look, he’s saying about the lawyer Will…Will…. Sound won’t come if you
whistle like that Sound will come only if you put fingers
folding into your mouth Want to change T.V. Channel? Oh! he’s asking us to change to
T.V. Channel, we’ll change it Paper…paper…? He’s asking for paper Give the paper Take the paper! read it Come quietly.. Come man… There was a traffic jam, uncle Come dear Brother, Janaki has come Don’t cry…please For what should l cry? He had objected to marry your
beautiful daughter Do l have to cry for that? Grandpa got cured for good But that rascal sent him
loaded with worries Do l have to cry for that? lf they don’t listen to elders
they’ll really suffer in their life They’ll be ruined lsn’t this wrong? Why did you tell them like this?
Why should they scold you like this? l’m one of this family their
sins can’t harm me Why should you…? My granny is a devil
if her words come true…. Only because of me,isn’t it? What? Only because of me
poor grandfather… Why do you think like that? He died due to old age and illness He was giving a toothless smile
when he was alive l told him to put a denture He’ll listen to whatever l say But l didn’t listen to him at all He felt very happy when he heard
about his grandson’s marriage He ran here and there… l didn’t know that he
was about to die l scolded him,
Grandpa, forgive me l didn’t know grandpa You take leave ln our tradition,
rituals take long time He said he’ll surrender his life
just because he loved you He stood calmly even
when you scolded him He behaved in such a way that
no blame should come to you Are you crying so deeply? After becoming intimate, have you
come to snap the relationship? Won’t sins committed by you
affect you? Hey! Soodamani, did you ever
experience pain of love? Come sir, you have to go
downstairs,isn’t it? lf you overload it,it’ll fall
and we’ll reach the heaven Please come in the next trip lt’s alright,you come Wherever we go,there’s only
crowd and sweat odour That’s why l’m scared
to come here But your brother pestered me Why has the lift stopped
in between 2 floors? Lift got stuck up? Hello be calm!
Nothing will happen Be calm Oh God! lift stopped inbetween
someone call the mechanic -Mechanic is coming
-Okay madam l got trapped nicely!
someone please open the lift Hey,don’t run here and there
cable may get cut Go man go.. Manickam,what’s the problem? Over loaded
Fuse has blown out Come out one by one safely Okay…Okay…
lt seems overloading problem Get down safely one by one Madam you come l’ll go out first Hey, wait man, ladies are there isn’t it? l’ll go and see what’s the problem l’m the only son of my mother After coming to lndia l nearly
got crushed in the lift lf mother comes to know that
she’ll kill me -Hey, wait
-What happened? Sister! Careful! slowly… What a coward? You were the woman who
came with him,isn’t it? You go No! l’ll stay here,first
send this elderly woman out Go carefully! Hey,why’re you coming?
where’s my sister? lt’s a miracle that l escaped She’s in the lift
Who knows Are you a friend? Get lost man
believing you… Will you go at least now? Okay, you go man… Be careful! -Was that yellow dress girl
your sister? -Yes -She wasn’t prepared to come out
-Why? -She was refusing to come out lt’ll take 2 days to repair the lift
Come later and see -lt has got repaired
-ls it? lt’s your luck lt is their bad luck Forgive me! Mistake is mine No, mistake is mine No…mistake is mine l shouldn’t have beaten you
mistake is mine l shouldn’t have spitted on your face
mistake is mine No…mistake is mine Without solving the problem
ourselves lt was me who heeded the
words of a third person You didn’t lie! that’s
enough for me l don’t wish to go to
Australia or anywhere Hey why’re you sitting
here & not going Then what? brother…. Did we go to work on anyday by
leaving you in the house Am l simply idling? Since morning l have grinded the
glass pieces,prepared porridge -Chameleon’s blood! -Hey wait man
simply repeating the words We shouldn’t destroy a life for
us to fly kites understood? Look,you are showing mercy
on chameleons etc… But did she show mercy on you? That lady Doctor will be ruined She won’t be happy!
she’ll be ruined She will not survive… Are you his echo? No sir,l was on the next bed
in the hospital l am just opposite of you You are PKS and l’m SKP Forget that We’ve to put Janaki behind the bars
atleast for a week for betraying you What does it mean? Did she betray you in the
guise of love? -She’s a wretched woman
-You leave! l’ll see to him She left the watch inside
and stitched the stomach Even in your stomach? Then has she left the watch inside
and stitched your stomach? Take an X-ray and get it out soon l’ll get you Rs.40 lakhs
as compensation Sir, you shouldn’t see like that You should see like this No… You have seen even this in reverse -P.K.S, this is my X-ray
-Sir, don’t talk inauspiciously Since the watch that’s inside the
stomach,shouldn’t go out l have even avoided eating
for past 1 week lf l feel very thirsty l’ll take
a spoon of water that’s all… Doesn’t look like that Hey,what’re you going to
do by taking his X-ray? lf you want money There’s no use of having the
watch on your hand You should have it in
your stomach Hey,take it Oh God,sir… Spit out the glass pieces
in this l said it in fun but he has
really swallowed the watch Oh God!…Oh God Come! -Sit down!
-lt’s alright How’s Sambandham? What’s there for him? He left his job just because
you didn’t like it From the money which he got
from the union and the jewels He made an auspicious thread
with a pendant for you Now he doesn’t have a job and
even his pocket is empty But he’s very happy By playing with the children Take it! my brother’s X-ray The one who was threatening
you with this He grabbed this from him and
asked me to give it to you Think nicely! Your intelligence didn’t protect
your respect & honour even now But his nobleness He’s a devotee of Lord Hanuman When Lord Hanuman opened his chest Lord Ram and Sita were there But if you open his chest Only this Janaki will be there You needn’t have loved and
betrayed him to protect your honour You are supporting Sambandham,isn’t it? That he loved and sacrificed
everything for me Now why should he agree for
another marriage? Maria, you only said isn’t it?
Tell them l know! the reason for that is… He’ll lose his property
if he doesn’t marry isn’t it? No, he isn’t avarcious
for property Just because he loves you truly…. Madam,you don’t know anything Janaki you don’t know anything When you introduced Sambandham to me l had asked him a favour that time Janaki and l are running an
orphanage at our cost 400 children are there They don’t have a right
place to stay lf you request your cine people
for any donation… Don’t mistake me! for saying this… Why should we beg others? Now, she’s a Doctor Can we make her stay in a lodge
after marrying her Oh God! no…no But,l have a lodge of my own l’ll marry her and go with her Then, lodge will be orphaned lf we accommodate those orphanange
children in the lodge -Then the lodge will become a family
-lt’s very good to hear -But all these things…
-Do you think l’m joking? Within a month, you vacate the place.. And come along with the
children to the lodge Lodge will be empty At present it’s named as
Pentapadu Mansion l’m thinking of changing
it to ‘Janaki Nilayam’ Only after his grandpa’s death He came to know the problem
with the property No…children shouldn’t stand on
the streets whatever l have said is said Lodge is for the children Oh God,then that Janaki didn’t… Janaki isn’t for me isn’t it? But the name of this place
is Janaki Nilayam And this lodge is for
the children l thought of presenting her
this as the marriage gift Now,l’ll present this to the
children as a symbol affection l didn’t know all these things lf you have little mercy
go and meet him Hey, what’re you saying?
Janaki is only a surgeon She only knows to cut
she doesn’t know to mend ln her dictionary love is… Who said that my daughter
doesn’t love? She gave back the jewels & the clothes
given by the groom’s people Did she give back the
auspicious thread? -Father
-Even you won’t do that l’m saying that she’s going to
work only by worshipping it Hey fool! Do you love him or not? l love him Somewhere inside…
in the corner deeply Hey,first throw that out with
the help of borewell pump Listen! Say,’l was having you in
my heart so long.. ..l couldn’t bear that burden & now…’ Meet him Meet? l’ll forget everything if
l see his eyes Request him to turn back if you
get afraid of his eyes To you… Tell him that you want to say
3 words to him He himself will understand lf nothing works out and
if you are speechless There is an easy way
hug and kiss him Even my husband did this something
in our first meeting Hey, even you do that same thing Brother,protect my kite Hey, you’ll seek my help only
at that time of difficulty Give me You should leave the thread according
to the height kite flies Kite will be flat if you
loosen excess of thread -Did you listen?
-l’m here Shouldn’t you learn it at
once when taught? This is a graduation course Then you’ll come crying that a
neighbour has thrown stones Come Hold this Why did you? Shouldn’t you come after
climbing so many steps? lf you had informed me l would’ve come to meet
you,isn’t it? Hey,take it l want to say…. To you… To tell you an important matter… For that only… Have you come by climbing
so many steps? You have come,isn’t it?
if you say ”No” Even to see Lord Perumal
l’ll climb the steps and go Lord Perumal…that’s for
Holyness this… This is… This is… Even this is like that
only for me Brother kite is getting defeated Loosen the thread, l’ll come You have given this lodge to the
orphanage children isn’t it? What an exalted thing it is No,my grandpa didn’t
let it to work out He left the will with problems lf l don’t marry within 5th Lodge will be transferred to
my community’s trust and not to orphanage Everyone is searching
for a bride and l’m… By looking at you…
l became… Even if l see any girl…. And the joke is… My friends brought a lady Doctor
As if l got fixed with the Doctor Every Doctor will.. Even kite has a tail
But can a monkey fly? A good proverb, isn’t it?
lt’s been long time l said this As soon as l saw you l started
blasting out words Who’s the girl destined for me? That’s l… l want to tell you,even l
want to tell you Even l was waiting to ask you
You select a good girl for me l’ll tell l… You please turn that side Why? Then only…lt’s like that l couldn’t bear it The burden which l have in my heart… lf l tell it to you.. You met Anand before coming
here isn’t it? -Did he tell you?
-He would’ve told you Or else how do you know weight lifter
Rajeswari is my relative? Oh was that those 3 words?
l have refused to marry her Now,l should go and ask
her shamelessly Hereafter,no need to search any girl That’s l… Oh,you should wish me
‘Best of luck’, isn’t it? Look even ‘Best of Luck’ is 3 words …Please say No… You have expressed your love
to an aeroplane l should kill you lnstead of advicing and
sending you We could’ve sent you after writing
‘l love you’ on your forehead He would’ve understood after
seeing that Hereafter,will you express
it properly? Hereafter what’s there… He had gone to his uncle’s house
he’ll get him married Only now they would’ve started
discussing about marriage? Will it be performed immediately? Wipe your tears! Look,don’t worry if
there’s any obstacle lf you can talk to him for
a minute also Tell him’That l don’t have life
without you’ l swear! Look…here even if he goes to the
toilet alone you follow him l’ll come with the auspicious thread You trap him and tie the
auspicious thread Oh!he should tie the
auspicious thread isn’t it? Sorry dear l’ll come with the garland… Hey Soodamani… Does your heart crave to get
back what you have abandoned? Are you intending to touch
again what you have abandoned? Get her ready and bring her soon Love won’t reveal any anticipated
events Even the knife doesn’t
kill us like love Does anything happen to you
after getting hurt? Hey Soodamani, have you undergone
the pain of love? Then, your intentions won’t be
fulfilled No… Look, he’s going to tie the
auspicious thread within 5 minutes Okay, bless them,have the feast & go Why’re you walking away
without coming inside? No…l have some work, that’s why… Mistake is ours isn’t it? We should’ve invited her
to the marriage Nothing like that
-Don’t talk like this We should thank you Because groom decided to marry
my daughter as per your wish He himself told us everything -You come inside!
call her inside -Come He may give some excuses, that’s why
l have arranged the marriage in this house Groom resembles Lord Kubera
in this dress Even l feel like borrowing loan Hello, look,who has come? Come Janaki! Hey, take her inside
Rajeswari will feel happy Come You are going to marry
him as you wished Are you happy? Why’re you crying? l’m not interested in this marriage Everyone is forcing me &
getting me married to him Rajeswari wants to talk to you Rjaeswari wants to talk
something to you What? Rajeswari wants to talk
something to you Go… Go son…Go brother Groom, go… Oh God, this marriage should be
performed well without any confusion Why? They’ve lit so many lamps
all over the house Will my body bear it? Really,it can’t bear Sorry sir, l got a bit late -Where’s the groom?
-We are waiting for him only Oh God, why is he thanking on
entering the bride’s room? Sir, your daughter is very clever Hey, be quiet there’s some auspicious
time allotted for that,isn’t it? lt’s getting late isn’t it?
go and bring him -Darling
-Yes dear Even after calling her several times
she isn’t opening the door Please come! This is too much!
Go fast She may get scared… move Dear Raji… Oh! God,look inside through the
key hole Oh God! whatever it may be
l am his father isn’t it? l’ll see and tell you
-Hey,get lost man Hey,someone see through it Oh God! please see Why’s she getting down
holding rope? lt wouldn’t have been rope
look,properly it must be a saree Correct! she’s getting down holding
a saree Gone! your daughter is escaping -What did you say?
-Even my sister did the same thing… Why do you compare your
sister with our girl? With the help of your groom Your daughter is going to escape
and marry her lover l’ll chop you Only for that l have aranged full
security around the house Where’s my lover? Oh God! Lamps are coming Ask our men to stop them Did you see?
Marriage got stopped as we told Lodge is for our trust, go man ldiot, there’s time upto 6 ‘o’ clock ls she loving? l won’t even bother that she’s
my daughter! l’ll chase and kill Bring the vehicle Oh God, why’s he bringing
the lorry? They’ve taken away all the vehicles
only this is remaining Oh God! we’ve escaped! -Oh God! bomb?
-Hey, it’s phone bell Can you hear? Bring Rajeswari’s lover to
police station l’ll tell his address listen Hey, take the vehicle to the
mosque street First, l’ll chop that man Hello, we are coming there only You needn’t come anywhere!
there’s an important work for you You don’t worry about anything
we are there l’ll talk to my mother
and come Hey,we are making arrangements
to get you married And do you want to talk
to your mother Get in…Get in… Hey, drive fast Oh God!l don’t even have
2 wheeler licence Oh God!
Why’s he saying like this? Hey, drive carefully Let there be any sentiments
l’m an lnspector Why do you take me as if you
arresting me in the midnight? Sorry sir, matter’s very urgent
Oh God! Look,Sambandham’s friends are
bringing groom Hey,drive fast Shall l turn right or left? Go straight Sir,do you know the way to the
police station?-Yes, l know -Why did he go by making me
to lift my leg like dog? We’ve to buy the auspicious
thread & the garland Don’t worry give me the contract l’ll get you at cheaper cost What sir? you are changing
your profession lt’s because of you only 20 love marriages were performed in our
station including yours Now a days, no one is performing marriage
in traditional canopy They are coming straight to
our Police Station Hey, groom is looking our girl
start the vehicle They’ve shown the red signal Hey, start man, we’ll pay the fine Can’t put the gear? Oh God,lift it up They’ve provided another
gear for safety Oh God! Atlast the gear is working Lie down… We are able to see all kinds
of vehicle here My dhoti got hooked onto the vehicle Hey,You have the underwear
isn’t it? come… Brother,we’ve to go for a
marriage urgently -Groom is with us
-lf the groom doesn’t go… -Marriage will stop
-l wish for the same -Hey, he’s the groom isn’t it?
– Yes Marriage will stop if he
doesn’t go -Then the lodge is for our trust
– ls it? Then, can we go? Go to hell!
You come Start the auto -Hey, where’s the cold drink
-Take it Okay we said the marriage won’t
be performed if you kidnap me? -Groom is Sambandham
-Yes, isn’t it? They’ve come sir
-Have they come? Sir,give the register
-l’ll give Come…both of you put
your signature in this Don’t worry lf anyone objects to it,l’ll
put them behind the bars Oh God! why’s it printed
in English? Exchange the garlands Oh God! he’s not the ‘groom’ lf he is not the groom? Then, why did you kidnap me
and brought me here? Don’t get angry My name is not ‘groom’
l am Sambandam, he is.. Oh God! Come -Why did you delay?
-There was a problem on the way Are you the problematic person?
Put him behind the bars No sir…he’s our friend ls he the groom?
Good alliance Sir, he’s not related to this
-l am also related Not that, he meant
in connection with the marriage -Why is he signing?
-Did you sign? -Yes -Okay, are you the groom?
-No, l am my dad’s son Oh God! -Groom?
-He’s the groom, uncle Groom’s uncle?
Then where’s the groom? Sir, what you said earlier was right
First, put him behind bars -You exchange the garlands
-You recite the hymns Hey, put the garland Sir, stop it! This is improper
Garland her! Hey, tie the auspicious thread Hey, will l spare you, if you come and
hide in the Police Station What a respectable & honourable
family l’m from Will l spare if a fool occupies
the place of my son-in-law? -l’ll chop her
-Uncle don’t do it -Marriage is over already
-ls it? Can’t you tell this earlier? l was shouting non-stop for 3 minutes Here only There are only 5 minutes left for
your marriage to be performed -Uncle, please bless
-Prostrate Oh God, who’s he? Uncle, he is the groom
but his dad’s son Hey, you be quiet… You first bless them! Everything is over, please come -What’s 5?
-What? 5 minutes? Your watch is slow!there are only 2 min
left to perform the marriage Whose marriage? -For your marriage!
-Only 2 minutes -Where’s the auspicious thread?
-l saw that somewhere here l have kept it here somewhere Why do you close my mouth?
You have said what l wanted to say How many more minutes are
left for marriage? Only 1 1/2 minutes are left Hey, what’s that hymn? Do they perform the
marriage like this? Whatever it’s,marriage is marriage
-Hey,look there Brother… -Oh God!
-This is not correct Oh God,l have tied the knot Only 1 minute is left Only one munute brother, it seems only
one minute is left Hey,remove the knot with
the help of teeth Don’t take this seriously
lnspector -How many more minutes are left?
-1/2 minute more Come…Come… Take it…you got back your property
as per your grandfather’s wish lnstead of me or the Trust getting
this property Only orphan children should get it Alarm madam, take it! May you live prosperously!

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