Bodysense Deodorant and Dental Hygiene Back to School Special 2016

Bodysense Deodorant and Dental Hygiene Back to School Special 2016

Jenn, we we got apply some makeup. Holy smokes i feel so pale these days. I guess the summer is almost done.We gotta get going. It is almost time to got to go back to work. [Jenn] Alright. [Sandra] I am just going to grab my jacket. [Jenn] Alright. Are you ok? Um, yeah. Jenn, did you did you you shower today? Yes I did! You heard the water running!! Yeah, but I don’t know but girl, you’re a little bit stinky. Oh! Yeah I think you need to maybe…here…maybe just take a sponge bath….I’ll leave you to that for a second. Oh my God! How embarrassing! [Sandra] Jenn? Yeah? Can I come back? Yes! Do you wear deodorant? No, not at all. Why? Because I heard that it causes cancer. Because there is aluminium in it… Yeah but there are some things you can actually use. Have you tried…. I am using these. They are actually made in Ontario. I use these two. Aide Apothecary and Penny Lane deodorant. Did you try these? No! Ok. So just let me… Yeah. Just try it out and put it on. I’ll be back. So it’s all natural? [Sandra} It’s all natural. [Jenn]…and aluminum free? [Sandra] Yes. Just put on a little bit. Do you mind if I stay? No, you can stay. Just like that? Yeah, that’s good. Just like that. Make sure you get it on the other side because… Better? WOOHOO!! That’s way better! Oh! Wow! That smells lovely! It would have been a really long day. I don’t know what our clients would have done…. Um, do you think … Do you think our clients actually don’t wear deodorant? Like, does anyone ever come in and where you are like, pew… You know. I’m not sure. Don’t really pay too much attention. Clearly I didn’t notice… Wow. We should really do something for them. Like, what can we do for them? What about a Back to School Special? That’s a great idea. What kind of products can we offer? Deodorant… What do you have in your bag there? Toothpaste Yeah. What kind do you have? Desert Essence Oh yeah? We carry that brand. And I have here a brand called Earthpaste. That’s awesome. We could use those. Do you have something else? Yup. Happy Mouth. The dentists really recommend that. And I got smart floss. Dr. Tungs. It’s mouth and eco friendly That’s fantastic. Yeah. That’s my morning and night time routine. Ok, so why don’t we do…Buy…. What do you think? Buy two of anything? Sure! And give them fifteen percent off? 15% Off! Like, all of September? All of September! Ok, so that’s so that’s fantastic! I think I need some more makeup. Do you need any? Maybe just a little bit over there Yeah, um, okay – so I quickly need to brush my teeth. This is my second brush. I did it earlier but i like to do it twice. Oh, you know what I really go to do something…. No, you know what. We got to go! We got to go! Ok.

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