Body Cleansing Befor/After Chemotherapy. Aliaksandr Haretski.

good morning my name is Alex Ian Trotsky
I am a founder of the Academy of regenerative medicine in Poland in the
city of Shivaji sir I would like to tell you today about a new method I developed in addition to helping people with virus
diseases I also work on the development of new methods of treatment overrated
scientific centers work for years and does not bring any measurable benefits I am developing a lot of new methods of
treatment and I check them in the practice to work as well as possible it
is very interesting and very useful work for people at the moment my work has
focused on very important problem that affects many people who have suffered
from cancer I deal with this problem for a very long time
and I have a lot of experience and I can say that the worst thing that can be in
the treatment of cancer is chemotherapy this is my opinion everyone can think
how he wants and this is just my opinion I can give a lot of evidence to support
my opinion but I will not do it because everyone should be responsible for their
problems and everyone should use the method that he deserves this is my
opinion some people have to use chemotherapy some undergoes surgery and
others will heal in the natural way and no one needs to convince anyone as the
family sometimes does everyone should use a method that should
with the problem of chemotherapy and the face it causes I came across a very long
time ago from the very beginning I was very surprised but the damage that
chemotherapy causes and in medicine there is a rule that says that in the
first place to not harm that’s why I do not know why chemotherapies use because
its main task is to harm it for this reason I cannot accept this method as a
method used to treat people because how you can heal and be aware that it harms
the body for me it is very incomprehensible how can you treat a
patient using poison for me it is incomprehensible I know many poisons
that they say they work but they are still poisons whatever they are high
dose or not it does not matter because they can still be harmful to your health whatever that means straight large dose
of chemotherapy or small who decides what they should be each person requires
an individual approach I have developed a universal method of healing and I
think that is a harmless it is very intense but at the same time is a gentle
method give you atropine regular therapy are very strong methods and I do not
know what they are use in fact I know why it use but I will not say it nowadays there are many countries in
which the method of purification of the body from chemotherapy is used listen
now how it is done in one room they give chemotherapy and in the next one
they cleanse body from chemotherapy how do you think if this is good or not
first somes earns money by giving chemotherapy and later someone else
makes money to cleanse the body from the chemotherapy that they call it I think
it is 100% lie if chemotherapy is use then after five minutes it is already
too late to purify the body from its use because it’s already worked chemotherapy is a poison whose action is
to kill that ceasefire purification from chemotherapy is a lie you cannot do
something like that you cannot eliminate something that already worked to remove
this poison does not make sense no matter if this is still in the body or
is not there and more this action does not make sense because this poison has
already worked within five minutes this poison has already worked and after this
time whatever this poison is in the body or not it does not matter so the dose
artists remains does not matter I was approached by a lot of people with such
a problem so that I coul develop a method of cleansing the body from
chemotherapy but I tell you that I will not do something like that because this
action does not make sense this chemotherapy has already work had
an effect on the body and in this case cleansing the body from chemotherapy
does not make sense however there is the possibility of cleansing the body after
applying chemotherapy and with this request many people report to me we in
no case accept patients who have had chemotherapy and I will stick to this
rule but now I have developed a method for people who have had chemotherapy it
is a mod method of cleansing the body to cleanse the liver kidneys cleanse all
organs and blood it is therefore possible to remove the
remains of this poison that has been used but in the fact such a cleansing is
done by the organism itself no one can do it and if someone says that he gives
some means to remove such a poison it is a lie only the body can do it and only
the liver and kidneys – this cleansing and if the liver and kidneys are working
properly the poison will be removed so what we do in our Academy we cleanse the
liver our kidneys and a whole organism because we have many years of experience
in cleansing the body we can develop a method that can be used to cleanse the
body of the effects of chemotherapy it can also be used before chemotherapy
during chemotherapy or after chemotherapy or radiotherapy it does not
matter such a cleansing of the body will target all functions of the body and
increase its immunity so we can do something like that but I will repeat
again we can help patients cleanse the body but we will not treat people with
the cancer after chemotherapy please do not forgot about it there is one more
reason why I introduced this method people go to me for treatment and say
nothing about the fact that they had chemotherapy they say about it during
treatment we use a method which is a healing method and if we do not know
that a given person is after chemotherapy we do not know what method
to use in the case and then you can harm such a person therefore from now on we introduce a
method that people do not have to lie and that this method did not harm such a
people who came to us to heal this is to be achieved but we need to adapt our
method a little to such a people and then it will help therefore from first
may twenty nineteen we will start such a program and such a people will be able
to use it there is only one country indication that has always been and will
be please do not come to us if someone is in the bad condition it is very
important there are a lot of people who have chemotherapy and are in good health
and they can come to us for cleansing and strengthening to health such a
people can come to the Academy but if someone wants to come to us for healing
from cancer after chemotherapy we will not to deal with I repeat again if
someone is in serious health please do not come to us because you will have to
go back home because we will not accept you
we have no conditions for such a people and I am unwilling to deal with such a
matter why dismay for the
beneficial for people who have a cancer if someone has a cancer he’s looking for
the metals that will help him our healing method we offer is a method of
cleansing the body it can last a week or two and you do not need to be longer it
is also a training program this person will be trained what to do at home alone
2 weeks of professional healing program and then also learn what to do yourself
after returning home because if a man does not know what to do it is no good
for all people who have a cancer we must use autosuggestion method without this
method of self suggestion which we use I think that it will be difficult to fight
any diseases because you have to program your mind people think that someone is
programming people but really it is a man doing it alone and nobody impose
anything on anyone if they do not like it we only give the receive and if you
like it you use it and if someone does not like it he does not use it it all
starts with the man if you so needs help he will use it and if he does not need
it he will not use it I have told you they very good information that many
people need at the moment everyone knows but I do not accept people with the
cancer who have had chemotherapy because I started to talk about it
in many movies and this information is written on the website of the Academy
because early on people did not know about his continuation in treatment in
our Center a 90% of people who called me and asked for help were chemotherapy
people and it was very difficult for me to refuse to help personally that’s why
I start talk about it information is also provided on the
website as a continuation in treatment because it was very difficult to refuse
to help someone who called me better everyone will know about it earlier than
to find out about it during a phone conversation it is very sad situation
when someone ask for help and you have to refuse I have such an experience and
I can help such a person I try to do it but you’ll take many years and no one
has patient and money to heal so long people expect results after the first
visit and after the first visit the health situation always worsen that is
the natural process in a few days I will conduct a special conversation with my
patient who healed from pancreatic cancer and he himself that such a
healing did not last five minutes but it lasts almost three years
I will tell that after the first stay in our Academy
he was doing very well but after the second stay when he
returned home and the body begin to fight with the disease then for four
months he did not answer the phone from me because he was angry at me and he
would not talk to me but when he start to his other methods and start to affect
him badly then he called me himself and asked me for help that’s why I came
enough experience in such a situation and with cancer and it seems to me that
the treatment process in such a case should be different than one that is
proposed by the doctors and other healers neoplastic diseases are very
serious cases different from the other diseases and these other diseases can be
treated in a standard way and cancer should be approached a little
differently only cleansing of the body can be
carried out on a standard basis for all diseases because I developed a program
that should not harm in such a situation but only on the conditions that the man
is in good physical conditions and that a man can have all the required
treatments you cannot do as last time the children brought a mother in very
difficult condition to our Academy so that we could do something you cannot
come in a bad condition and not inform us earlier about it I will tell you that healing man is the
Ross thing that is in the world people who are grateful for what you do
for them is maybe a few people out of thousand dispute the fact that the
results will be very good people will want more but they will not want to
continue to cure because either there will be no money or they will not have
time and it turns out that the person responsible for this is a person who did
not heal the patient within five minutes who had been ill for twenty years unfortunately I’m not a visit and I
cannot do such a thing that’s why I say that really healing from cancer should
list several years as it happened in the situation of my patient with prostate
cancer about which I spoke early on in his case it lasts for three years and
now that he healed he is very happy he lives normally and it’s been six years
since he came to me for the first time thank you all for your attention and if
you are interested in this topic I invite you to visit the website of the
Academy there you can find more information about new treatment programs
and prizes at the moment the same as in the other states I think that each of
these programs can be used prophylactically so that cancer does not
appear a lot of people are afraid of cancer like fire I do not know why and why not use prophylactically good
methods thanks to which this cancer will not appear I can say that the methods we
use in our Academy is the best prevention measure against cancer people
have for God that there were places like
sanatoriums and people healed there and they had a lot of benefits from this and
they have very good results in treating in fact this method that I create it is
very little different from the place like spa or sanatorium practically there
is no difference between them that’s why I think that anyone who wants to be
healthy can benefit from it thank you for the attention and invite you to
watch our movies I think that I am doing a good thing but for what I’m do
no one will thank me goodbye the best

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