Bob’s Dental Implant Story: Gingivectomy to Dental Implants

I feel rejuvenated. I feel like a new person.
I was able to smile, I almost trained myself not to smile showing my teeth. Now I have
to retrain myself to show my teeth when I smile and I’m very happy to be able to do
that. My wife says I look much better, people tell me that I look much better, in fact,
I’ve been told those who know the procedure I’ve had had told me how perfectly naturally
my teeth look and I can do nothing but attest to that.
I feel like I have the teeth of a 25 year old. I feel rejuvenated, I feel like I have
a new life and I’m very happy that I made this move and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
I had tooth problems. I had extractions. I had weak teeth. I had to have gynavetomy has
a man in my 20’s. I had some bone loss and some problems. As it turned out about the
late 40’s I began to wear dentures, partial dentures. I always had trouble with the mechanics
of wearing dentures, that is having to remove them at night, having to put them in fluid
and buying poly-dent. I mean come one who buys poly-dent you know, people that are 90
buy poly-dent. And I had to realign them ever few years and every 4th year I had to buy
a new sent and it was expensive. Occasionally I had problems eating where I would bight
into an apple or eat caramel and I would have accidents, things would stick and it would
be awkward and I would have to walk out of the room and fix the problem.
Don’t kid yourself and compare this procedure to having new dentures. New dentures are nothing
close to what you have here. This is a re-birth, a new life. This is having essentially a brand
new full set of your own teeth. Not removable. And you’ll be able to eat anything. You
want to eat nuts, you want to eat apples, corn on the cob, not a problem.
So when you make a decision about expense you need to consider the big picture which
is what is my long term benefit, what is my return on investment, how does that compare
to the next 220-30 years on what I would spend. That’s really the decision you have to make.
You have already been examined, the x-rays have been taking and a decision has been made
to what exactly will be done. You show up, in my case early in the morning like 7-7:30,
but it could be even earlier than that or later than that. The process takes something
in the neighborhood of 5 hours. When you walk out there is no blood, there is no pain, there’s
nothing. I got a little bit of bruising, it was nothing extreme but it went away in a
couple of days. So you walk out with a full mouth of teeth. This is important. You walk-in
in the morning with your old teeth and you walk out in the afternoon with you new teeth,
it’s that simple. There is no blood there is no pain and you will not have a great deal
of discomfort at call, in fact some people have no discomfort at all.I was prescribed
pain killers, I never took one. I never took as much as an Advil during the entire process.
So I want you all to understand this is painless and bloodless and not fear the physical parts
of it. After the procedure, you go home with a full
mouth of permanent teeth and probably for the first week you are asked to eat only soft
foods. Something has soft as apple sauce, ice cream, something of that type. You will
visit them at the end of the first week and make sure that you progress is better, is
as expected or better and the second week you make be able to move on to hard food,
like food you can break with a fork, like canned peaches or maybe even hamburger. That’s
the kind of progress you make. Then they will follow up with you pretty much on a monthly
basis until it’s time for you to have your permanent teeth. But in the mean time, there
will be several visit will impressions will be taken and the permanent appliance will
be built. People at Eon Clinics, whether it’s the
physicians, or the technology people or the nurses or even the administrators, everyone
is entirely accessible to you. I know Dr. Karras for example, who did my surgery, a
view times I wrote him an email actually asking questions, just things I needed to know and
literally within 2-3 hours Dr Karras answered my email. Now I don’t know, I only have
one other doctor of all the various doctors in our family, there is only one other that
actually even shared his email address with me. And Dr. Karras not only shared his email
address with me but he responded to it in a matter of a couple of hours. These people
entirely are accessible to you. After this procedure, the Eon clinics physician
and nurses, all of whom are just outstanding by the way, stay with you. They watch and
observe and monitor the progress that you are making. These doctors are perfectionist,
not only professional but perfectionist. So the bite has to be perfect, the look has to
be perfect, the color has to be perfect, the match has to be perfect. They made me pronounce
certain words to make sure there is no speech problems associated with the new teeth. So
as the technician, the person that actually makes the appliance, was talking to me, she
asked me to pronounce the word 66 and at the beginning it didn’t sound just right so
I practiced the word 66 when I got my new teeth 5 or 6 times and I can say the word
66 flawlessly and I can say flawlessly flawlessly!

Author: Kevin Mason

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