Bianca’s Crochet Palace – Blog

Bianca’s Crochet Palace – Blog

Welcome all, not a tutorial at this time I want to talk to you about two things I have already created some tutorials. At the first time I made them only in Dutch. And many people have asked me to make them in English. My English is not the very best. I have to teach it myself. My English is slowly getting better. In the beginning when I started making the tutorials in English. There was often a silence between the sentence. Because I could not find the right words. I found it a bit boring to look at my video’s. Therefore I put some music under my tutorials. I put it in the background so it’s not too much present. Now I get a lot of nice and sweet comments from my followers and fans. Bianca you are doing well. Your English is getting better. But the music in your tutorials all the time, Can you turn off the music? I started thinking, and yes my English is better. Silences becomes less. That music is not necessary. I can imagine that if you are focused, When you are making my tutorials. And crochet stitches goes wrong, that also happens to me. That it can be annoying that you constantly hear music. I have therefore decided, To my new tutorials, That no music will be placed under the explanation. Only at the beginning with the announcement and at the end of my videos I use a bit of music to make it a little cozy. But during the tutorials I will not use music. I hope it gives you a bit of rest? So you can concentrate yourself better. Let me know below my video what you think !!! The second issue I’m sitting here with a box on my lap. I placed a order for new yarn. And that is delivered today to my home And I want to show it to you. A box with light blue yarn and colored yarn. OUR TRIBE A box full. They are really beautiful colors. It is again yarn of Scheepjes. You know by now that I do many tutorials with Scheepjes yarn. Why? Because the yarn is a wonderful nice quality. I’m in love of Scheepjes yarn. When I first started with crochet I bought cheap yarn. That works fine for making small designs. Small stuffed animals or baby clothes and booties. That’s fine. But if you make a large project like a blanket, It is much better to use a good quality yarn. That’s the reason I work with nice yarn to make blankets. Over the years I’m going to make crochet crafts, I’ve had good results with Scheepjes yarn. It is a super nice yarn. It’s a bit more expensive, but you really have something. Not everyone can afford to buy expensive yarn every time. But if you’ll be able longer to save, And you want to crochet a big blanket. Then think about a good quality yarn, And have a look at Scheepjes yarn. These two colors of yarn I will put the color code under the video. I have eight balls of yarn in total, and I ordered with a reason In my mind I am already working on a new blanket. How it will look like I’m not going to tell you. That is still a secret. This time it is a blanket without flowers.
Without 3D flowers. It is a smooth blanket. It is not too difficult pattern,
everyone can make it. But the choice of yarn and the color gradiënt, makes this blanket very special. How it will look like is still a surprise. It takes a few months before the blanket is finished. It is a tutorial for the new year 2020 By the time the blanket is almost ready, I let you know it on my website or Facebook. The link to my website is under the video. In the meantime, I show you some other tutorials.
And the Waltz of the Flowers is also running. Did you have not yet subscribe on my YouTube channel? Then press the button subscribe, And do not forget to ring the bell. So you get notified if there is a new video out. I’m now working on the new design, for the new year 2020 For now thanks for watching, And I hope to see you at one of my tutorials. Bye!!!

Author: Kevin Mason

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