Beth Dutton Meets Roarke Morris | Yellowstone Season 3 | Paramount Network

Beth Dutton Meets Roarke Morris | Yellowstone Season 3 | Paramount Network

(tires skidding) – I gotta go. Some asshole’s standing in our river. (river flowing) Hey! Hey! – How you doing? – You’re trespassing! – Huh? – Trespassing! – [Fisherman] What? – Get out of our fucking river! – I can’t, that’d be trespassing. – This fucking guy. (river flowing) – I see the women in this valley have gotten a lot more fashionable. – Yeah? I see Chippendale’s changed
their policy on capped teeth. – What’s that? – It’s an insult. Nevermind. – Only an insult if I understand it. – Yeah, that’s not true. But that’s a conversation
for another time, that we’ll never have. Both sides of the river
are private property. – I know, that’s why I can’t get out. – Well how did you get in? – Our family owns a place
up river, Cross Creek Ranch. You know it? – Yeah, that’s five miles up stream. – I was blessed with stamina. – I highly doubt it. – When I play golf, I
do 36 holes in a day. I like this much better. It’s like golf, but fish. Do you have any interest in dinner? – No. – [Fisherman] I meant in general. – No. I dine on my joyful life. Just stay off our fucking land, okay? – Yes ma’am. I’ll stay off your
fucking land, I promise. Thanks for the talk. You’re the most interesting thing that’s happened to me today. – You should analyze that. (laughing) – [Narrator] Yellowstone. New season coming this summer on Paramount Network.

Author: Kevin Mason

15 thoughts on “Beth Dutton Meets Roarke Morris | Yellowstone Season 3 | Paramount Network

  1. Just hoping this series becomes a classic so it can be watched throughout the years and remain relevant. Best storytelling and acting I've seen in a long time

  2. Roarke Morris? He better not shave that 5 or 6 days growth off his face…otherwise the name just won't work anymore. Always grooved on this guy. I know it but I'll be damned if his name on Lost don't escape me at the moment.

  3. This season is gonna be fun with him in it.
    btw if you have the hots for Kelly Reilly and haven't watched True Detective S2 you need to.

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