Best SEO TIPS 2020 : How To Rank Higher In Google With On Page Seo, Blog Posts And WordPress Plugins

the best SEO tips that you can use in
2020 coming right up there is something I
need to share there’s something different about me
there’s something different this video you’ll learn everything from
start to finish SEO related and you’ll learn how you can
grow from ten clicks today to over thousand users per day just from Google
within the span of one year and how you can actually get paid over a thousand
bucks per month from clients so first of all what should you listen
to me a guy speaking to you on the Internet
that’s giving out information for free on this topic instead of paying for a
course or something like that right now well first of all I actually have
results to prove that and a half clients ping me over thousand dollars per month
retainer and I can go over that in another video but if you see my stream
you already know but for my main ecommerce website that actually has over
ten employees just because of the SEO traffic I did the tips that I will show
you for free you like literally right now but first come with me and to make
sure no one can say that actually pay the results I’ll be recording from here
and here I’m recording my screen here and first of all obviously hide some
stuff you guys know too much about my website because if you know my
strategies then copy them in my niche well that can be a little bit dangerous
and at the same time also want to be transparent with you guys and girls so
get me so as you can see here within the last 16 months on this website at the
beginning I was getting around it will blow the beauty here I was getting seven
clicks 20 clicks 16 key clicks right average position for me but I wasn’t you
know getting that many keywords and some people I saw some videos and YouTube
people are happy with a thousand impressions that was you know FB before
I did most of things that I’ll show you in this video I was getting those
results so if you’re teaching about SEO and you’re getting a thousand
impressions per day I was getting that before actually applying this
there’s there might be some things that you can actually take away from this
video but let’s continue watch as you can see your father’s precious birthday
but right now I’m getting you know some things sixty thousand impressions
sometimes 70,000 and I’m getting you know a lot of time over thousand
connects pretty much you know of eight hundred for nearly six months now how
did that happen how did it get from here you know tens forty to sixty gradually
increasing to here how did that actually happen what change first of all the
first tip that I need to give your ass to WordPress what have you poor people
have Shopify right then you have a Shopify store what of you guys and girls
might have a Shopify store but you gotta know that there are some issues with
that there are some issues that we need to talk about if you’re actually using
Shopify and want to get as your child so first of all Shopify is great right for
dropshipping it’s easy to that set up and all of that it’s also perfect as a
payment gateway that helps you in your being that mini middleman of PayPal
payments or for stripe payments Shopify payments power bi stripe so if you need
a payment gateway and you live in a country where stripe is allowed Shopify
is really a great option to go along with but I had some clients that they
took on for SEO and I’m currently taking on and I know that there will be some
issues going on word because there are were things that are a little bit hard
to change we can still get them results as an agency but the results might be a
little bit slow football if you’re using a Shopify store walking you you have
pretty much three alternatives on top of my head so first stage on Shopify
website and just build a blog that’s ready for this client the second thing
you can do is have the opt out your website domain and that walk dot you
know this part of the domain this part of your website or whatever you can
actually have wordpress installed and just build it like block like a
literally a block there are some issues with that because the SEO juice that you
build for your product I will not have the same result it’s a little bit worse
to do that from my experience from what I heard and the third option is to
completely migrate and just use Shopify as a payment processor but you know
that’s a little bit pious why should you use WordPress first of all the plugins
there’s the word things you can do by just having WordPress the the basic
plugins that you can use that have a free version and you can I’m getting
those results with the free version yes Yoast is your your a store whatever
however you pronounce it and rank math I use rank map because the scheme is
really good when you’re ranking number one some keywords it really helps to
have multiple answers that have more screen real estate on the search results
I’ll go over that and if you want to know more about it let me know in the
comment section down below but when it comes to schema and free version the
rank map works really well I’ll pay the plugin that’s 50 bucks a year that I use
is actually double P rockets in my opinion it’s a good plugin it helps
pages be cached images and so on things that it’s a little bit easier for people
that have already been on the website for stuff to load because the load speed
and mobile usability on your website really affects your SEO so what do you
do what are the two things when you have Yoast
or recommend with both of them you can easily just a snippet which is the slug
you know the page URL what I actually want to do is the best practice is to
always have the keyword as you are right so if I have the URL dog
food and my website is I know cats calm I’ll have I loved cats calm / dog – then
you can actually just it in the Meta Description
you can sell say something like dog put them the title obviously because that
that’s good for SEO that would be dog food dots the best no
choice you can make the Meta Description if you’re looking for dog food you
should definitely consider some things that no one else would tell you but we
are telling you that those right here right this is a good male description
focus keyword dog food it’s really easy to set up that with rank map Oreos I
would always choose those when I have when I’m bringing on a new client
audience now those a basic mistake that whore people made had clients say I paid
for SEO and then I look at the website obvious years a lot of issues with it
doesn’t even have a side map and it’s not connected to search console so if
you don’t know how to connect the website to search console an easy way
would actually be to get plug into that but rank map can get you a site map
instantly and you just upload it to Google konso and you know if Google
doesn’t know the structure of your website pretty much done so getting a
site map and getting search console is definitely a must
writing blog post and researching competition so why would you research
your competitors it’s pretty simple if you’ve been on my channel and even only
what five of my videos you would know that studying your competition is the
best free course you can take you can study your competitors by just
simply going to over suggests and typing in dog food checking your competitor
stick what box day two what keywords leaf targets how many are getting you
know how many blog post did you brulee was will do many notoriety so you know
how many backlinks you need to build and so on but when you check your
competitors you should write down at least fifty keyword ideas but you should
make dog balls on in X one year at least one blog post per week is a good start
actually do two for my clients per week for the higher ticket clients they have
and you know for my own website I did five to seven on some weeks at the
beginning and literally have over 300 dog post and I’m targeting thousands
tens of thousands of keywords I can go over that in another video
but writing blog post is detrimental and it’s really good signals field it helps
Google understand that you have new changes to your websites things that are
going on these are happening and you really need to acknowledge that if you
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actually have someone message me on instrument me grab my phone so had
someone message me here hey Nikki how are you brother look I just want to say
good thanks here because for the last couple of months you and your tips from
for YouTube Instagram and Facebook have helped me and my clients grow
exponentially so for that brother have a good day and peace and so definitely
check him out I’m gonna follow him right now and he’s posting some great content
he’s met her by Jason capital who’s really big in our niche follow him on
Instagram follow his journey and remember that a video day keeps doctor
away CNX one but wait there is more one of these videos should help you out
this or this one choose wisely

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