Best Copyright Free Music for YouTube Videos — Top 3 Sites

Best Copyright Free Music for YouTube Videos — Top 3 Sites

Author: Kevin Mason

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  2. So I wanted to include YouTube royalty free music to my video and when I subscribed on my iPhone it had the option of downloading… but when I switched to my MacBook Pro it does not recognize my subscription – so I unsubscribed thru my iPhone – and the-subscribed thru my MacBook Pro… but it didn’t have the download option so I could attach it to my video project!?!

  3. hey if there is a music video on youtube and the artist has made it available to download the song for free can i use that music in my youtube video?

  4. Thank you for all of these gems of awesome information. I just started my channel about two weeks ago and it's helped me a bunch!

  5. Thanks a lot…. here is big like & subscribe …. I have a question .. what about people like me who wants to make song covers how can I find free copyright music of specific songs ? Specially for classical music like Michael Jackson or Frank senatra music

  6. Super helpful advice! Like always! One of my favorite channels!!! Thank you so much, Sean & Think Media!!! 🙌🏼

  7. Thanks for making this amazing video !!! I'm new so I was just having so many problems with the music for my videos …. But now it's solved !!! Thank you once again!

  8. Good information. But if you use music from Youtube for your video, and one day you decide to post the video directly on Facebook, you still can have problems. I had copyrights problems with one of my video's posted on Facebook alltough i used music from the youtube library.

  9. NICE VIDEO, im new follower for your channel, this is my channel, where you can find a lot of tricks and solutions for different problems on technology devices, that you can fix it yourself ,and save more money. if i deserve your support i will be happy thanks for all

  10. If I wanted to download copyright-free music that would fit in a video that sounds more traditional and old fashioned? Because I usually don't like Hip-Hop or Trap music that YouTube reserves in the creative studio? Or even free songs that doesn't fit in the happy-happy-joy vibe but rather in a the depressing, gloomy, or meditative vibe as well.

  11. I made a video on a motorcycle with a top of the line stereo system on it. The sound of the music was amazing. The video is all about the sound of the stereo. Is there a way I can download it without getting tagged for copyright infringements?

  12. How about i use a new song like boyfriend by Ariana G. and make a lyrics on it? how am i suppsed to do that without being copyright? caus ei've seen lot of lyrics and they're monitize and not having a problem using the song.

  13. It’s a great thing to listen to music, as for me, so I’m sure that you need to do it in the right and right places, especially I want to highlight, for me recently this is my favorite site. Very simple interface, while comfortable, I recommend.

  14. the music artist that I like his name is Gavin Luke and it says provided to YouTube by epidemic sound , so how would I go about that adding my music that I have saved in my library on YouTube to the video I want to edit?

  15. Trap nation and bass nation are not free. Your giving false info and ur gonna fuck someone up doing that. Fuck you dude

  16. From what i can see music on YouTube music library isn't free once you use it for a monetised channel, so how does that work???? You have to pay a subsription fee.

  17. Thank u so much for all the guidelines u give us ti help us eastablish our youtube channel.I watch all your videos and follow all your instructions.I am from India and i have just started my youtube channel and i need all the help from u guys and girls.I have got i question regarding copyright music which i am very confused. I am a guitarist and what about the copyright issues if i play a cover song in guitar of a popular artist. Please help.
    love u guys❤️

  18. Seems like I can only add one song once to a video in Youtube video editor, is that right (ie: I wanted to add music at the beginning and the end of the video but I couldn't) is that correct??

  19. Another problem I had is that I bought/downloaded a ton of songs from Itunes, but I couldn't upload them to Imovie to use in my video.

  20. wait i have a question for anyone that can answer. If we use the free youtube music, do we still have to give credit to the artist?

  21. Thank you for this! New to YouTube and this is something that’s been hard for me to understand as far as the rules lol. Copyright is so annoying

  22. Awesome video Sean! The music on inshot has really impressed me and helped get me started in video editing on my CLCPaint Channel. What do you use for your bumpers? I love the vibe

  23. 1. YouTube Audio library

    2. YouTube Channels

    3. Permission directly from the artist (SoundCloud and Bandcamp)

    Still worth the watch since it includes a lot of tips and tricks to each source.

  24. What if I give credit at the end of the video to the website but not in the video description? will they know I gave them credit?

  25. Can anyone add a few words on who the H is this "The Orchard Music" that blocks many innocent YTers, scar their record by copyright strick, even some who have No music in their video, on "Copy Right" ground? And more importantly, how to deal with them, if you get blocked by their nonsense allegation? (I am in need of the advice that works not just to make dust).

  26. First of all, thank you so much. I am trying use an audio from Trap Nation (Royalty Free) and tried contacting the artist through Instagram (preferred by the description) but it didn't work, so I left a comment asking how I could use one of the music. Its description said it's free to use the music in the album with required information of the artist but for individual music's description box states it's not free to use it and asked to contact the artist. It's not clear because it's saying the two different things. Do you have a suggestion? I don't know what to believe.. Is it done this way to give the artist an upper hand. Is it safe to use it as long as the music is in the album? Please help. Thank you, again~!

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