Being Weird is a Wonderful Thing – Ed Sheeran | Goalcast

Being Weird is a Wonderful Thing – Ed Sheeran | Goalcast

– I was a very, very, very weird child. Very weird child. And I had a port wine
stain birthmark on my face where I got lasered off
when I was very young. And one day, they forgot
to put the anesthetic on and then ever since then, I had a stutter. And I also had very, very
big blue NHS glasses. And the thing that I found
most difficult about it was knowing what to say
but not really being able to express it in the right way. So I did different speech
therapies and stuff which wasn’t very successful. At a young age, I got
very, very into rap music. My dad bought me the Marshall Mathers LP when I was nine years old,
not knowing what was on it and let me listen to it. And I learned every word
of it back to front. It helped me get rid of the stutter. Stuttering is not a thing you
have to worry about at all. And even if you have quirks and weirdness, you shouldn’t be worried about that. Just be yourself ’cause
there’s no one in the world that can be a better you than you. And if you try to be
the cool kid from class, you’ll end up being very boring. Be yourself; embrace your quirks. Being weird is a wonderful thing. Don’t ever treat it as an
issue, and don’t see it as a plight on your life. And carry on pushing forward. And I did alright; you
can do alright as well. Thank you. (light rock music)

Author: Kevin Mason

83 thoughts on “Being Weird is a Wonderful Thing – Ed Sheeran | Goalcast

  1. You have always inspired me and a lot more out there; with your soulful voice and story ! And will continue to!

  2. I really appreciate this video as I "stutter" as well. I was heckled from since primary school because I was born to a mentally ill mother and had a speech impediment. However, I have improved over the years and ironic enough, I outperformed my peers in a degree (International Relations) that requires a lot of oral presentations and negotiations. I had to do a lot of presentations, but what helped me to reduce the "stuttering" was reading a lot. I would read way more than what was required or expected because I know I had to make up for my slight speech impediment and I did (BSc – First Class Honours & recently MSc – Distinction). See link:

  3. Kele Okereke of Bloc Party had something very similar, what a beautiful mind.

  4. I don’t know what more to say over than I love this. I have a speech problem at the moment where I have difficulties doing the ‘R sound’ so sometimes my R’s in words May come out as W’s. And I’m really weird too, but like he says, embrace weird! You only have one life.

  5. Weirness is. Beautiful thing
    We are special
    Be proud of ur introversion
    It really makes me happy when i see the party animals wasting theirs time and me not with them
    Be pruod of who you are
    And be yourself

  6. Being weird is not bad? I was weirder than weird in school , had no friends, poked fun at my looks like any moment and every moment, bullied and so much. And I should be proud? No way.

  7. Knowing what to say, but not being able to express it. Being yourself, embracing yourself is still a lifetime battle.Finding such wonderful amazing people who have overcome and battle similar difficulties yet beat the odds present monuments for persons as a dyslexic. Thank you for this most heartfelt presentation and personal sharing. It means the world to someone as myself. Most accomplished artists musical, art, filmatic have overcome most amazing obstacles which is what make us all so unique and so amazing! I praise the weird and unique. When I teach children, this is what I look for so I may harness their future. Wish I would have the privilege in your couching. I taught Montessori for year to students in London. Wish you had been one of them.

  8. Weirdness is what makes you stand out from a crowd. You learn more than anybody else when you have to adapt to a world that is not like you. Congrats and kuddos to all the weirdos! You make our world more interesting and beautiful.

  9. I think my intuition guided me to this video. Why do we get labelled as weird for something that's not within our control? Instead of calling someone weird and making them want to take away their own life by invoking shame and guilt why don't we show compassion and ask what's wrong? Can I help? Is there something I can do that can make you feel better? Maybe using respectful terms like unhealthy as opposed to "weird" would be conducive to a proper self esteem. I'm perfectly normal but when I'm worried stressed or overwhelmed I can't help but act as our beloved darling society calls "weird" judgementally critically sycophantically. I start blinking my eyes and squinting repetitively and my body movements become somewhat erratic cause my mind isn't in the present cause I'm consumed by something
    But I've seen myself the moment whatever is bothering me dissolves I no longer squint or blink or move as society calls "weird". Perhaps Prince Harry's therapist was right "it's normal to be weird perhaps it's weird to be normal all the time."

  10. En faite, the expectation of someone being un-weird all the time sounds perfectionistic to the point of obsessive which further reinforces the belief " I am not good enough."

  11. Ed was successful in part because he overcame his stutter, not becasue he accepted it. Seems odd to me that this would be inspiration to "embrace your quirks" when he shed his own.

  12. Thank you Mr. Sheehan, and thank you for the beautiful music.

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  14. This guy doesn't know what it's like to be bad weird anxiety adhd not knowing how to be a normal fucking human I don't and can't relate to almost anyone no one I have ever met has liked 5 of the same things I like I have never met anyone who has not liked something I dislike I can't do the things I want I can't use keybinds I press every single fucking key that I don't want to except for wasd horrible eyesight horrible financial situation all my real life friends now hate me it's not a good thing I want to be normal but I can't I don't get normal I don't get good or ok weird I get bad things come back when you know what it's truly like to be weird

  15. I lived a pritty normal life till I picked up the guitar now people think I'm weird playing guitar, Whut are you a rock en roll star, "no" I just love playing guitar 🤪 Thanks Ed when I first saw ya I knew I have to get a loop station but first I needed to learn how to play the guitar low and be hold I'm on U tube five years after the fact haven't seen ya live yet but mabie some day stuck way up hear in northern Minnesota, God bless take care munn

  16. I "stutter" as well and it's really annoying. I hate it when people mimic my stuttering like I GET It.
    Also being called weird multiple times like even when I do something normal, I always end up looking hilarious

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