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  1. Whilst I applaud this lady and her efforts, it is a hell of lot easier to do all of this stuff when you don't have a day job.

  2. If you are interested in saving more money by changing habits a little bit every day, I wrote a short tip book as well, here: https://www.amazon.com/Getting-Ahead-Staying-Behind-Beneath/dp/1492387762/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1470928686&sr=1-3&keywords=%22eric+santaiti%22

  3. Imagine if you go vegan (whole foods plant based) and are a zero waster! You will maximize reducing your negative impacts exponentially. I mean that would probably surpass monk status. Unison with the planet. I am going to work towards that! I love my planet and my fellow earthlings!

  4. I think a lot of these ideas are really great. Some of them, because of my location in a small city in a prairie province that has very few of the fancier health food stores with orange juice squeezing machines, and is -30 C outside in the winter (so more driving or bussing because of the threatening snow/cold), are not feasible for me at the moment, but I'm definitely going to try to utilize as many as these ideas as I can!

  5. These are all grand ideas. But do you know of any British equivalent of the bulk bins? e.g. where might have them? Because I can't seem to find any place just by Googling it and I know some people might be more clued up than me. 🙂

  6. Another great way to focus on zero waste is by encouraging, supporting, and investing in a c.s.a's, farmer's marketing, and co-op's within your community. As a result, you actually have a source to purchase local & bulk, accessibility makes zero waste even possible. I encourage you to support the a food co-op business model=community owned grocery store-open to all. This will help you to maintain zero waste while impacting your community, food, and the environment.
    Take ownership in everything you do especially where you shop. Check out our food co-op link we need your help, thanks for reading and peace to all.

  7. I've already changed for the minimum at home – I even moved to a studio 😉 but starting a zero waste plan will be more difficult for sure. Cause it doesn't depend of us only… But we should all try

  8. The problem is supermarkets in my country do not allow their customers to go in with their bags. They should be put in the front counter and are allowed to be taken only after we finish shopping. 🙁

  9. What if somebody wants to start a minimalist living and zero waste lifestyle at the same time. He/she has to declutter, but at the same time he/she also cannot throw the waste. How to resolve it?

  10. honestly you look so stupid. qhat about your shit ?? use rock to clean with it than wash it later lol and keep using it again and again

  11. Oh noo the vegetable peeler is amazing plus I do my compost and I lived in Florida the soil is sandy and the compost is black gold girl. Try the kitchen aid brand best vegetable peeler ever.

  12. Thank Bea for telling us your expericences! So inspiring! I would really like this video to have Spanish substitles so I can share with more friends and family.

  13. A great video. Regarding junk mail – here in France we receive junk mail weekly, in bulk. My home is fairly eco friendly and I use all this junk mail for composting veg scraps, composting the toilet waste and also for starting the fires. I appreciate that I live an unusual lifestyle, but my message is that junk mail is not all bad. It depends on your lifestyle and living circumstances. Ps. I do have a read of the junk mail and love that all that is advertised is useless to me.

  14. Great talk and so many awesome ideas. I’m pretty Minimalist and currently transitioning to a less-waste lifestyle. Thanks for the tips!

  15. I watched that today while sitting in a train in India where people just throw their waste out of the window … they have a long way to go

  16. I'm going zero waste so my plastic doesn't end up in the ocean or the landfill. So horrible for animals, and they don't deserve it!

  17. Some great advice however I do have to agree with some other comments here, you cannot lead an ethical zero waste lifestyle whilst still eating meat.

  18. Hey guys! We produced a Video explaining the Zero Waste Lifestyle for German native speakers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0tI4oRXoQ0

  19. Always eat organic meats to protect animals (they are expensive because they pay a lot to make sure their animals have a good life before feeding us and they donate money to organizations that protect animals) even vegetables that are non organic have a terrible side effect on the humans behind, did you know that those farmers get cancer and lung diseases because of pesticides? Let's eat organic! Meat and vegetables! Like we are supposed to eat!

  20. I love this, and a lot of her ideas I have been doing long before she began. I just wonder if she thinks color is waste? hahaha

  21. Too bad so many Google employees are wasting so much energy, driving up housing costs, pushing people into the streets, and condoning mass surveillance and fascism. What a waste when the "Don't Be Evil" sign in the lobby was taken down. Otherwise, I support her efforts. It is not a lifestyle as much as an absolute necessity.

  22. To avoid junk mail, try another email website. Mine is : http://www.posteo.de this is a german website. I have no spams anymore.

  23. You aren’t supposed to compost bones. They are animal products and contaminate a compost. But otherwise, I love this! We are so wasteful and think it’s the only way to be or that it’s normal!

  24. i was thinking the other day, that that jar i sort of a lie. Think of all the toilet paper her and her family of four have flushed down the toilet all year ? If you added that she would have far more then a small mason jar of trash. Still she is doing great job, but she really should go vegan, and educate herself on the devastation of animal agriculture on the planet. Also, one thing that also seems contradictory, is she has books. Are they only available on e-books or paper?

  25. the only problem i have with 0 waste speakers, and government inititaves (not thats there much problems) is that 99% of the problem is "pushed" onto the consumer and speakers make it the consumers problem, when infact its the manufacturer who uses needless plastics in many of their products when i never asked for it nor want it and just causes headaches for most of normal families.

  26. I'm guessing the alternative to Lip Plumper is NOT Lip Plumper.
    Also, the alternative to toilet paper is a thick wet rag(wash cloth) then
    washing said hands often. Depending on the religion of the people that can see you, choose the hand you eat with.
    One may have to practice. Please, still wash both. Wash often whether you need to or not.

  27. i dont think ill become such an extreme zero waste minimalist. but im moving to my own apartment in the next few months and ill definitely incorporate some of the things they do. partly bc of the lack of space haha

  28. What a wonderful woman. I have lived in Mill Valley for 38 years. I hope to see her around town and thank her for her remarkable efforts. The world needs more creative minds like hers.

  29. So nice to have finally found this video! For the Montana version of zero waste, please consider Zero Waste in the Last Best Place: www.facebook.com/ZWLBP/shop. Also available via Amazon or iUniverse.

  30. I don't really have a problem with the idea of minimalist lifestyle, but when the lady said she was going to can all the food she uses in a year and a one day! Not unless she has a commercial kitchen and a whole lot of help.

  31. I love how this woman has reduced her family's waste to surprisingly little and randos on the internet have to devalue her efforts because she eats some meat.

  32. Great talk, great tips. I would extend the compost idea to a worm box. The worms eat your veggie scraps and their castings enrich your garden : ) Thanks Bea!

  33. Don't need to wear cosmetics. Skin retains young and healthy look without any substance. Washing face with water is enough. Have short hair. Save water to wash it. So much more you can do without. Grow your own food. Cut down on electricity bill by not hooking to google most of the time. Do something constructive and creative.

  34. Instead of cooking with oil, use lemon/lime/orange juice. Healthy and much tastier. Use salt for tooth paste. In the old days, people didn't have the tooth paste or floss, and had functionable teech.

  35. What is the ultimate motive of Zero Waste? Is it to have a paid vacation? When your saving is reinvested to care and share the nature and unprivileged community, I'll be serious listening to you, Bea.

  36. In many parts of the world, Africa and South East Asia, people don't use toilet paper. They have water pistol gun or water in bucket. No waste and healthier.

  37. What about when you travel on planes, !???what about the boarding pases, or at the supermarket what do you do with the ticket from the bill

  38. I'd like to buy the book but I would buy her eye makeup TODAY if she could somehow sell it without plastic packaging. Is that possible?

  39. I think it's a beautiful thing to love the planet, to save money, to spend more time with family and friends, and to live responsibly in general.

    But what I'mma do is try to reach the rest of you mofos who couldn't give less f***s. How I motivate myself is: what wouldn't I give up… for wifi? Netflix? Netflix and chill? My growing pack of doggos?


    eh? eh? Who's a minimalist now? XD

  40. Recommending leather to save water. I never heard anything more disturbing. The leather industry is not only horrible to the animals but poisons entire villages in poor countries. Please educate yourself on this barbaric industry. Btw it is not true that leather is a by-product of the meat industry. Anyway I can't take a zero waster that still consumes meat serious. There are much better resources out there. Please watch Conspiracy if you are genuinely interesting in reducing your waste.

  41. Jeez all these people in the comments wanting her to be vegan. Sure it would be great but she is already doing something amazing

  42. Just a few people in the audience. Shame. Everyone can give his/her little contribution by consuming less (i.e. plastic bags) so this will change the habits hence the industry.

  43. secondhand clothes contain fungus and harmful bacteria . Even your own clothes should be changed after maximum 5 years

  44. She needs a big house and a beautyfull big car ? of course not ..why they dont use bike too… thats the question .. she can do more lol

  45. Really interesting and I will certainly be checking out her book,from local library, but it saddened me that so many seats were empty at her talk and the way they were obviously disbelieving her on many things which she had obviously spent time researching and getting ALL the facts.
    I have often wondered about those dog poopy bags and it's shocking that there are people who have to stand and pick those bags out of the compostable conveyor and empty them! And she made me smile when she talked about her favorite plant at the airport.
    I am saddened by the negativity of people in regards to trying to like a more sustainable life. The people who take a bag, not because they need one but because it is free. The people who knew they would be shopping but either didn't bring bags or "Left it in the car". Good for Bea and the people like her who are searching for better ways to live and to help our planet. Long may they continue to fight to make this world a better place for everyone and every living thing.

  46. How is it possible to live in the US with an American husband for such a long time and still have this terrible French accent? Is it to sound "cute"? I'm French by the way. I don't have a perfect accent either but at least I do my best with the "r"! This is just painful to hear.

  47. I wonder if the zero waste community wonder or care for the waste that bulk store produce, which must be less than regular stores but still there is waste. Also, all the stores even second hand produce waste, so, I wonder, why would they call themselves zero waste if they are still making waste? I think that a more appropriate label for them would be low waste

  48. I'm glad she is buying organic because that is saving a lot of lives, conventional produce is killing a lot of humans, the harvesters, because seem to care for them. Most vegans only care for animals which is very considering the abuse that harvesters suffer in conventional farms. Organic farms care so much for their workers as well as for the animals, that's something I want to support.

  49. 22:41 – 28:53 Kitchen
    29:00 – 30:10 Buying Secondhand
    30:11 – 32:40 Recycling
    32:41 – 34:50 Composting

  50. I see this lifestyle to be the future of our species. I love that she's not vegan and eat a very balanced diet, I just can't believe a family of 4 has just collected a jar of garbage. Sorry, but it's impossible if you leave on planet Earth!!!

  51. I love Bea however I hate how she speaks about SAHM the way she did as if it’s not a job in itself. Also apples only have cores if you eat it round. Eat it from the bottom to the top and skip the seeds, as the seeds are what have cionide in it.

  52. I just emailed Pepperidge farm (Campbels) to ask them to stop putting the plastic trays in their cookie packages. They are the only packaged cookies I buy. I am sue there is a thick cardboard they can use. Lots of tips here! thanks

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