[BANGTAN BOMB] BTS’ Mukbang! – BTS (방탄소년단)

[Snack time after the 2018 MMA rehearsals!] -Wow
-Wow tteokkochi
[Snack time after the 2018 MMA rehearsals!] Tteokkochi Tteokkochi Sit down, sit down Ohgims? What would that taste like? Hey, it’s mini gimbap It’s good, mini gimbap [RM and V eat and react the same way] Rapmon is locked on target! Can you pass me a plate? Rapmon’s the scariest when he pounces at food -I don’t think he sees anything else
-What did I eat that’s burning me up? Let me just grab one I’ll do this Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’m, I’m not… I’m not Namjoon You looked right at me j-hope Don’t you think your gaze was way too blunt? You saw that? Namjoon
[They even share a single fried gimmari] Here it is
[They even share a single fried gimmari] Eggmari, eggmari
Srimp~ I love~ shrimp
[They even share a single fried gimmari] Do we have any sweet potatoes?
[They share a single fried gimmari] I don’t see sweet potato Is this sweet potato? This sure isn’t What is this, is this tteokkochi? Who wants the last legendary item, the gimmari? You eat it Can I really?
-Sure Wow it’s been a while since I had fried squid What, is this tteokkochi?
[The return of Eat Jin’s Snack Mukbang Time] Taehyung, can you toss me a gimbap? Really? I’ll catch it with my super reflexes You sure? Jin are you sure? Told you, my super reflexes You won’t catch this if I throw it like this Sure I can, I have my superpowers [This has been another episode of BTS’s fun snack party!]

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