Banfield Pet Hospital – Optimum Wellness Plans Explained

Banfield Pet Hospital – Optimum Wellness Plans Explained

[Music]>>NARRATOR: Optimum wellness plans>>DR. ORTIZ: Hi, I’m Dr. Ortiz. A veterinarian
at Banfield Pet Hospital. As your partner in pet care, it’s our goal
to help you keep your pet healthy and happy. Today we’re going to share some information
with you about our optimum wellness plans. At Banfield, we believe proactive health care
can vastly improve the quality of your pet’s life. Our packages of preventive care services called
Optimum Wellness plans can help make doing the right thing for your pet simple and affordable. In fact, there are five plan levels for both
dogs and cats. From puppy and kitten to all stages of adult
life We have a wellness plan that’s right for your
pet.>>NARRATOR: Since pets age much more quickly
than humans the most important thing you can do to help
your pet live a longer healthier life is to make sure they receive two comprehensive
checkups per year. These thorough nose to tail exams are key
in helping keep your pet in top shape. They give you and your Banfield veterinarian
a baseline of wellness information. That way if any health issues happen,they
can be taken care of right away. And regular comprehensive exams are always
part of your optimum wellness plan. Optimum wellness plans always include high
quality vaccines and deworming treatments. You’ll also be happy to know that each optimum
wellness plan includes unlimited free office visits which means that you don’t have to hesitate
to bring your pet in. So when a health concern develops like an
ear infection your veterinarian can diagnose early usually
making treatment easier on your pet and less costly for you. What’s also great is that your pet’s plan
can be personalized with features like monthly parasite protection and even important
dental cleanings. Healthy pets and peace of mind go hand in
hand. When you enroll you pet on an optimum wellness
plan you’ll know you’re helping them life a longer healthier life.>>DR. ORTIZ: As you can see, Optimum wellness
plans help take the worry out of caring of for your pet. And since wellness services are provided at
a discount and their cost of care is spread over twelve
months, it’s even more affordable then ever. Add in discounts on other Banfield products
and services and special offers from our partners. You can make a huge difference in your pet’s
life and your pocketbook. What better time than now to enroll. It’s simple. Talk to your Banfield health care team today.>>NARRATOR: Thanks for listening. Remember you know your pet best and we know
how to help you keep them healthy. [Music]

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5 thoughts on “Banfield Pet Hospital – Optimum Wellness Plans Explained

  1. Banfield sold me a wellness plan without telling me my cat was dying. Theyre now charging me $700 for canceling the plan.

  2. A wellness plan could be described as a payment plan option that divides about $300 to $500 worth of PREVENTATIVE CARE services into 12 monthly payments. Yes, wellness plans do include free office visits but they do not include medications, diagnostics, emergency care or cosmetic procedures (Btw wellness plan patients get discounts on all of these). When signing up for a wellness plan a technician will give you a brochure with a list of services that are included in your plan just as explained during your pet’s visit. This might not be the best bargain for you if you are looking for a pet insurance which will cover medical and emergency services. Banfield Wellness plans are not insurance.

  3. When I added up what a vet would charge me for all the vaccinations, office visits, and especially my dog's teeth to be cleaned, I saved money by getting the wellness plan! My dog is healthier because Banfield is very good at notifying you when shots, teeth cleaning, or checkups are due.

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