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When a news story
falls through the cracks, Lewis Black catches it for a
segment we call Back in Black. ♪ ♪ (cheers and applause) Everybody hates the American
health care system. It’s expensive, it’s broken, and it’s the reason
I do all my own dental work. You can’t tell,
but all my teeth are Tic Tacs. But on top of being awful, we’re now learning
our health care system is also disgustingly deceptive. NEWSWOMAN:
Tonight, millions of Americans rush to the emergency room, then slammed
with surprise bills. NEWSWOMAN 2: Nearly 65%
of hospitals across the country use emergency rooms
staffed by outside companies. It’s a loophole that allows providers
to charge patients more because the ERs
are considered out of network. NEWSWOMAN 3:
Liv Cannon, who had insurance and even verified
that her hospital and doctors were in network
before the procedure, was on the hook
for nearly $94,000. Huh! A surprise bill
for $94,000? For that kind of money,
I better come out of surgery as a goddamn Transformer. Then I can turn into
an ambulance and take myself to the hospital
for free! (cheering and applause) And what’s all this crap about doctors being
out of network? If you’re not in my network, then get your finger
out of my ass! (laughter and applause) And not only are hospitals
robbing us blind. The worst part is they’re making
all of these prices up. NEWSWOMAN:
Even if it’s not an emergency, we found there can be
surprising swings in what a given procedure
or test can cost. The cost for an ultrasound
of the abdomen in Dallas ranged from $115 to an estimate of $2,459. From $100 in the Bay Area
to $2,800. And where the price is set
can affect your cost, whether insured or not. Anywhere from $100 to $3,000? Who’s setting these prices, contestants
on The Price is Right? $3,000! $100! Everybody’s right! Well, guess what? I can make up numbers, too. How about I pay one dollar,
asshole? (laughter) -So…
-(cheering and applause) So, hospitals
and insurance companies want to keep prices a secret. But, luckily, a surprising hero
wants to make a buck, so they’re putting costs
out in the open. Groupon,
famous for deals on everything from skydiving
to concert tickets, is now offering patients
discounted medical treatments, and it could help you
avoid the headache of a surprise medical bill. NEWSWOMAN: Patients can find
$91 mammograms in Atlanta and $54 heart scans
in Oklahoma City. Chest CT scans
can sometimes cost over $1,700 depending where you live. With a Groupon at Crown Valley Imaging
near L.A., you pay a flat rate
of 299 bucks. So that’s where we’ve gotten to. We have to rely
on shitty websites for our health care. Boy, that’s gonna be fun. “I think I’m having
a heart attack. “Hold on. “Let me see
if Groupon has a deal. “Great!
I’ll get one heart surgery and a yoga class!” (laughter) Now, obviously, Congress should
outlaw surprise medical bills, but, obviously,
Congress won’t do shit. That’s why I took matters
into my own hands and started
the Lewis Black Clinic. Are you tired
of surprise medical bills? Then come on down
to the Lewis Black Clinic. You won’t find
any surprise bills with me because at my clinic,
everything costs $100, no matter what! Liver transplant, $100! Open heart surgery, $100! A candy bar, $100! And that better be in cash. You took the wrong hand. (chuckles): Yes,
but we didn’t take your savings. Thanks! (laughter) And at my clinic, you’ll never be surprised
by a diagnosis because I’ll warn you
ahead of time. Bad news. You’ve got herpes. You haven’t even looked
at the test results. No, but you just look
like a guy with herpes. (laughter and applause) So, stop by
the Lewis Black Clinic. The only surprise will be
if you leave feeling better. (cheering and applause) Trevor! Lewis Black, everyone.

Author: Kevin Mason

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