Bachelor in Dentistry | UCAM Catholic University of Murcia

Bachelor in Dentistry  | UCAM Catholic University of Murcia

The UCAM university is located in a city which has a lot of tourists of all english speakers who are looking for a favor of weather and they even changed their place of residence to live in our region so it is very interesting that Murcia could offer odontologist who ever would command of English in order to properly treat this kind of increasing population Our goal is that our students after they stayed at our university are able to perform a wide range of treatments providing safe trustworthy governmentís which will cover a large percentage of their daily dental practice and can even cope comfortably in a foreign language in the clinical and patient care areas. We allowed students one once they finish their degree to be able to provide services for both Spanish and English species in polar lights The Bachelor in dentistry is a five year degree where students will have the opportunity of being taught by highly qualified group of professionals and researches these concert is a very international campus we’re a very good learning atmosphere is promoted and is a very amicable interaction between pieces and students The bachelor in dentistry also offer students the sense of having personal tutorials and from the third year onwards students can be trained at the UCAM dental clinic

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