Baazaar – Official Trailer | Saif Ali Khan, Rohan Mehra, Radhika A, Chitrangda S | Gauravv K Chawla

Baazaar – Official Trailer | Saif Ali Khan, Rohan Mehra, Radhika A, Chitrangda S | Gauravv K Chawla

Shakun, my friend… Take my advice. Slow down. Life is a marathon
and not a 100-meter sprint. What’s the name of the world’s
best marathon runner? – And 100-meter champion?
– Usain Bolt. Correct. No one remembers marathon runners, Deepu “Let’s go.” I am Rizwan Ahmed. Allahabad University boy. Working with Shakun Kothari
and making it big is my dream Sell this coffee inside this room. I just did, sir…to myself. “Raise your hands in the air,
because we’ve arrived…” I didn’t come here
to struggle but to settle down. For every new team player,
a senior player is his God. ‘I seek your forgiveness.’ ‘I seek your forgiveness.’ Shakun Kothari. My God. There’s only one difference
between winning and losing. Hunger. I’m interested in profit only. In order to own money,
you got to earn it. Money comes only to those
who know the business. And no one knows it better than me. From my heart. I seek your forgiveness. “Yo Yo Honey Singh.” So what if Shakun doesn’t
give you a chance. I am giving you a chance. I came to Mumbai to work with you. He’s a clever boy. Welcome to Mumbai, Rizwan. Don’t break his trust. To be like me,
you’ve got to cross the line. Can you cross the line? Remember, I have only two rules. Rule no. 1; Don’t ever lose my money. Rule no. 2; Don’t forget rule no. 1. You rely on emotions
and I rely on maths. This will be fun. “How are you…having fun.” “Make money… Money-Money-Money.” “Make money… Money-Money-Money.” – “Make money…”
– “Having fun.” “Make money… Money-Money-Money.” “Make money… Money-Money-Money.” “How are you…having fun.” This country is still being run
by a handful of families. Tatas, Birlas, Ruias, Ambanis, Wadias. It’s time for the game to change now. Kotharis.

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Baazaar – Official Trailer | Saif Ali Khan, Rohan Mehra, Radhika A, Chitrangda S | Gauravv K Chawla

  1. Arey thu tho Ghandhis bool gaya wahi, hona chahiyee tha Nehru's lekin naam change kar diya saloon nei

  2. Bollywood mai sirf Sharukh, Amir, Salman, Said Ali — Khan'. Abhi game thoda toh change hona chahiye na. iko hakal do yaar koi.

  3. Yaar 😮😮 mai sadme me hu ye movie dekhne ke baad…laga hi nahi ki mai bollywood ka movie dekh raha hu
    Sachh me mazzza aa gaya 😘😘
    Extraordinary performance given by new superstar Rohan mehra..luv u bhai 😋😋😘😘😘😘

  4. Bazaar was a very good movie. Honestly, Salman, Shahrukh must retire. They are bums wasting public money.

  5. Пokaжу каk пoлyчать185 бakсов ежeднeвно. Подpoбности на кaнaлe.

  6. 25 बार ट्रेलर देखा हूँ । मस्त नवाब साहब😎

  7. I still believe Kothari was the hero. And his wife and priya were villen. And rijvan was foolish donkey.

  8. Ye trailer dekhne ke baad main saif ko salman ke saath compare kar rahi huun…..
    Bolo log Race 3 ke upar hopes rakh rahe te…. Nikla BAZAAR 😂😂☺☺…. HIT KARO AGAR MERI COMMENT APKO ACHHI LAGI HO TOH……!!!!!!

  9. It's not at all a good movie because it will hurt the religion and ethics of Jain a religion known for its purity and trust towards good people…

  10. 0:29 मां का भोसड़ा ऐसी नौकरी की… जो दूसरे की थुकी हुई कॉपी पीनी पड़ी…..
    इज्जत के दो पैसों की बराबरी जिल्लत के लाखों रुपए भी नहीं कर सकते
    सफलता का कोई शॉर्टकट नहीं होता अगर होता है तो वह ज्यादा दिन नहीं टिकता

  11. Atankwad Muslims Ke Upar Movie Banate Hoo Sharm Aani Chahiye …
    Nazayaz Suwar Kutta Allah Ka Nazayaz Wolad Wale Muslims

  12. Chanced upon this movie on cable last week me n husband oh gosh saif Ali khan movie bbbboorriinngg but 30 mins watching it we were hooked.. what a badass character n exceptional acting from Saif.. mind blowing

  13. Ye Saif Ali khan langda dokra sala jain culture ki insult Kar Raha hai i pray this movie director and cast should go to hell

  14. Dialogue,promotion,trailer,manly rule no1and2,vogas,may be it could do well, but the execution wouldn't be perfect,sure.saif is ok,imraan hasmee,wouldbe much better for. Shakun role,

  15. I have never ever thought in my wildest dream that this movie will impress me. I thought this movie is flop. I have seen it on Netflix. I wish i could watch it on theatre. These type of movies deserve more attention. Saif ali khan…..damn!!!….he is just amazing loved his work!!! ….guys if you are reading my comment by any chance go watch this movie!!… Bazaar chaalu che!!

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