Awful VS Awesome! Full-Mouth Prosthesis

Awful VS Awesome!  Full-Mouth Prosthesis

You know this is extreme cases which
means that before and after which one do you prefer? ..For the zirconia cases. So
number one is patient don’t like this about the gum color and it looks like
the disease okay and second so we change it, the gum. And also, we, I notice it this
one is over glazed. Okay and really hydrated and when I see there’s some kind
of a stain here and it’s more problems this hygiene you cannot make like that
in other words patient can get a lot of food trapped. And then here’s the lower
right. So we’re trying to narrow down as clean as possible even though here is a
long span and good anterior and also we make this great color and
contour and with a nice smooth the same thing, it’s monolithic here, but just subtle
porcelain outside, very little now same things lower, see the lower as we clean
it? Certain areas we have to protect it
T when they are smiling then we have to show them so this is the final
aesthetics so which one do you prefer from this eight implant? and they have a
descent wax try in from that. Right? This cost from here even though they made
it thick so we have to make it even thinner but
then compared to this this is really bad. So I don’t recommend it okay? So so
now the difference is here with the technician from this and that and texture-wise glazing method, proper
temperature, proper cooling time, so these are the huge differences between the the
fake restoration and this is lower. Alright, so like I said the huge problem is
the underneath. The patient can get a lot of food trapped so they cannot clean it so
they can have the, you know smells is bad So that is not good, avoid
number one. Number two, about the gum color which is diseased-looking. And number three, too much glazing. There’s no individual cut it and there’s over glazing and
number three and here they follow exactly the denture Truscott lingual
format which is the natural tooth is more that the lingual contour just like that
you know what I’m saying so we make the single look the better so we made this
better lingual contour looks like the teeth so number four, why I made this… we
have to get the correct centric stop the occlusion contact so when
the patient chew together right and then move it okay and then they can
get the the better digests so here this we set up, there’s one, and then screw down
okay I just want to show you the what is the differences between the the
occlusion contact. And not only the occlusion contact for the final restoration. So this is the final will be. Okay, so here’s the bite see occlusion contact
it’s good so now we articulate it here like this
so patient can get the fully settle the occlusion not only aesthetics were also
occlusion to chew correctly, right so this is a another’s and a fifth problem is is
occlusal contact only touching incisor one-third their meaning is
patient do not have any room for protruding for freedom so it’ll cause a
more cracking problem and then here’s another issue too
there is no envelope functions which is canine rise – here’s higher here is
lower so which is a little slant canine you don’t get any canine rise occlusion
and the one side higher and the one side low okay so we have a Curve of Spee and
Wilson problem so not only that the lower just follow exactly I know as
people said a copy milled, this is not copy milled… this is really ugly this is the final, final great aesthetics screw retained hybrid zirconia cases
which is called Syton™ 4000. Thanks for watching my video

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. You are so precise! I am having surgery on next Monday. I am getting Nano Ceramic. Is that good? I’m only getting uppers because being a Active Duty Army Wife i can’t afford both. Thank you!

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