Autumn Lake Dental – About Us

Autumn Lake Dental – About Us

Welcome to Autumn Lake Dental. We are located in Oakley, CA. We see patients from Oakley, Brentwood, Discovery Bay, and Antioch. At Autumn Lake Dental, we focus on the four C’s: Comfort,
Convenience, Conservative, and Comprehensive. My favorite thing about Autumn Lake Dental is the staff. They are very, very friendly. Doctor Ton is one of the most competent, painless dentist that I have ever experienced. We offer several amenities, such as the beverage bar, internet cafe, as well as video games for the kids. My favorite thing about Autumn Lake Dental is everything here from the great customer service to the
exceptional staff here and their experience as well as their best technology. An example of that would be the dental vibe when he puts that to numb me, I felt nothing at all with the injection. So I love everything about this place!
Some the state-of-the-art technologies that we offer here at our
office are the DiagnoDent, which detects caries using a laser. We also offer digital x-rays which significantly reduce radiation and shows the image right away on the computer. Also we have
a dentalvibe that makes procedure a lot more
comfortable for our patients. Dr. Ton is very sweet. He’s very gentle. I had a crown
and he made me feel very comfortable. I don’t like needles and he used this instrument which is called a dentalvibe. I didn’t
feel anything! Didn’t feel any of the needles. I really appreciated that. At Autumn Lake Dental, we go above and beyond by providing our patients with dental warranty because we stand behind our work and we want to make they have peace of mind in the service that they get here. When I first arrived here, I was in for dental pain. And when I came in, they took great care of me. Great Service! I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to take good care of me and my dental needs. My goal here at Autumn Lake Dental is to provide a positive, comfortable experience for my patients. And provide the quality care that they deserve. My favorite thing about Autumn Lake Dental is I like that it is modern. I have gone to
previous dentists before where everything is kind of outdated, so I feel like they’re very up on
technology here and I appreciate that because I want to
make sure that teeth are treated with perfection, and this place is perfection. I believe
that patients enjoy our services and want to come back because we are ethical. We provide comfortable
service. And we do the right thing for the right
reasons for our patients. I think what’s most important about choosing a dentist is having that connection with your
dentist and also his workers as well. I feel that having a gentle hand is
important because I have went to previous dentists where they were a little rough and you don’t want to go back to them and with this dental office, I felt safe
basically. And I would definitely coming back. To ensure that our patients are
comfortable, we offer them a neck pillow. A headset as well as a blanket. For patients who need a little bit more comfort, we offer oral sedation. I would convince my family and friends to come here based on my smile alone. It has improved some much within 1 year. They have to see it to believe it! What sets us apart from other dental offices is that we are open late and on weekends. We see patients of all ages: from kids to elderly. And we offer dental warranty. If I were to refer friends and family here, I would tell them obviously, it’s amazing because everything
is up to date. I believe that people look for that and
that’s the reason why I came here, and I would refer people here. The practice that we have here is the practice that I would want to go to. Is the practice that I would recommend to my family and friends. I look forward to taking care of you, your family and your friends as well. Dental Implant, Cosmetic Dentist, Dentures, Braces, Invisalign, Ortho, Dentist in Oakley, Brentwood, Antioch, Discovery Bay, and Contra Costa County. Pediatric Dentist, Laser, Sleep Apnea, Kids, Best of Oakley, The Press, Gentle Dentist, Family Dentist, Veneers, Oral Sedation, Main Street in Oakley, CA.

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  1. We welcome you to Autumn Lake Dental. Here's a video about us.
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