Autodesk Revit Architecture: Site Settings

The display of toposurface elements in Revit
is controlled in the Site Settings dialog. Use the options in this dialog to control
contour intervals, section thickness, and
label settings. In order to better understand the contour
interval controls, first label the contour
lines. On the Massing and Site tab, select the
Label Contours tool. Draw a line passing through the contours you
want to label by clicking 2 points. The contour labels are positioned along this
line, oriented from the perspective of an
observer looking in the uphill direction. To access the Site Settings dialog, click
the dialog launcher on the Model Site panel. In the Site Settings dialog, you can modify
the contour line display by adding contours. To do this, click Insert; change the Start,
Stop, and Increment values; and select the
desired range type and subcategory. Then click Apply to see the changes. In this example, a primary contour is
displayed at 1000mm increments, while a
secondary contour is displayed at 200mm
increments. On the Section Graphics panel of the Site
Settings dialog, a material is specified for
use when the toposurface is cut in section. Click the browser button to open the
Materials dialog, and define a new material. The thickness of the toposurface when cut
can be changed with the Elevation of poche
base setting. If you have added property lines to your
project, the angle display and units can be
adjusted on the Property Data panel. Use the Site Settings dialog to control the
look and the units of the toposurface
elements in your Revit projects.

Author: Kevin Mason

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