AUDC: JOJO LOST HER SPARK? (Season 2 Flashback) | Lifetime

AUDC: JOJO LOST HER SPARK? (Season 2 Flashback) | Lifetime

Author: Kevin Mason

38 thoughts on “AUDC: JOJO LOST HER SPARK? (Season 2 Flashback) | Lifetime

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  2. Who are you:
    1) Ally
    2) Kalani
    3) Jojo
    4) Tyler
    5) Travis
    6) Gianna
    7) Trinity
    8) Mckaylee
    9) Chloe
    10) Hayley
    I will start I got Ally🤪

  3. Tiffany has been out to get JoJo and Jess since the VERY beginning of the routine. Leave her alone she’s 9 !!! Pick on someone ur own size. Woman face it!!! JoJo was better than your daughter in this competition .

  4. Literally everyone : "oh my god I hate the Jojo circus!!! 🙁 she's too much"
    Jojo dials it down because of constant bullying
    Everyone: "why isn't Jojo herself?? We need more sass!! :("

  5. This wasn’t a dance made for sass though. That’s not an emotion that should’ve been portrayed in this. It’s not jazz.

  6. 1:46 it’s cool how Jojo changed real fast. I know she only had to add stuff to the costume but still it’s impressive how she got all the feather accessories on in a few seconds.

  7. You gotta give it to Jess, she was the only mom on this show who was proud at her daughter, good or bad. Ally’s mom was screaming at her in one of these episodes.

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