– Are you sure? Okay. – So Reilly, how do we start this buddy? (light electronic music) You remember how we do it? We go, what’s up guys. – What’s up guys. – This is Reilly. – This is Reilly. – Don’t do that. – So you might be wondering why we are shooting this in our home. And it’s because it
was a really busy week, and I wasn’t able to shoot the innovative dental smile of the week. So we are doing it right here with the whole family, in our house. And you might be looking behind me and seeing some of the laundry that’s not quite put away. My wife would kill me if
she knew I was doing this. She’s actually out with an
interview right now, with, doing interviews with some
of the people that we’ve had the opportunity to transform their smile. So that would be kinda cool to see those. I think I may have not
annunciated very well and might’ve said, well
everybody’s commented and said it’s Baxter but
it’s actually Dexter. So this is Dexter, and
yes he is named after the serial kill Dexter, love that show, so his middle name is Dexter Morgan Olsen, so he is Morgan, this is
Dexter Morgan Olsen so we’re… What are you doing? Hey Reilly you wanna come sit with me? – Yeah. – He wants to be on YouTube. He wants to be the next star on YouTube right here, alright alright. So let’s start off right,
Gabby do you know how to do it? Do you wanna do it? Do you wanna go play? – I wanna go play. – Okay, go play, say bye. – Bye.
– Okay (laughs) In this episode, episode 2 of
innovative smile of the week we’ll show you this smile
transformation and how we were able to give this lady four teeth that she knocked out from an ATV accident. (light electronic music) – What’s up guys, this is
Dr. O from Innovative Dental. Here to show you the next
smile transformation, Episode 2 of Innovative Smile of the Week. Here is an awesome
transformation that I can’t wait to show throughout how we did this. We used some really cool technology. Those are maybe missing a tooth, this is gonna be a great episode for you. Those who maybe aren’t super happy with the way that they’ve
had one tooth restored, or a few teeth that
maybe have been damaged. By the way, in the comment section below, if you’ve had an accident
that has caused trauma to your teeth, whether it
be a fall, or baseball, I think we’ve had moped accidents, we’ve had an ATV accident, which is today. So we’ve had some different
accidents that have caused people some serious
damage to their front teeth, playing around with maybe like a sibling. So give me your story, let’s
share some cool stories of accidents and how
you’ve had them fixed. I don’t know accidents, they
just, they happen right? I mean Haile didn’t you
chip one of your teeth? Yeah, my daughter’s right here,
she’s trying to be shy, but you wanna say hello? Show them your braces. Haile’s got awesome braces. This is my seven year old,
almost eight, you old Haile. She’s got some braces. Gabby, let’s see your braces. – Hut! – Let’s see them. Oh you’re gonna shake the camera. You are shaking the
camera right now sister. Come show them your braces. I know it’s recording,
you don’t have to… Check it out, tere’s
Gabby, and her braces. If you haven’t already, would you please subscribe to the channel? That way you don’t miss a single video of how we share these smiles, or any other topics that we
might discuss about dentistry. We try to have a little
fun at the same time, so hopefully you’ll
subscribe, and that way you don’t miss a single thing. Let’s go ahead and dive right
in to this transformation. I will go through the
techniques, and how we did this as much as I can. For those who just are like,
you know I don’t care about how you transform the
smile and all the details, I just wanna see how this lady looks after you fix that smile. You’re gonna wanna go
to like the last minute or two of this video to catch that. For everybody else that’s kinda curious, go ahead, stick around. First things first is,
when you look at a smile and you wanna transform a smile, you have to figure out the plan right? What is the end game? What do we want the smile to look like? And when you’re missing this many teeth, we really need to start with a very clear plan of what we want
the smile to look like. So what we did is we did that, we took an impression, go this plan, and we transferred it to her teeth. So there you can see the plan’s transferred to her teeth, and how the smile should look, but just shape wise obvious, not shade or anything, but just the shape of those teeth. Then we take a special 3D scan. That 3D scan shows us
all of the jaw density, the size of the ridge, and where we could actually
place those dental implants, to help restore that site. Along with that, we’re
able to visualize the, not just the bone, but
the scan that we have with those blue teeth. You might be able to see
that there in the software. That is a plan of where those teeth should be in the software. So in this 3D environment, what makes guided implant
surgery so awesome and so valuable, is that
you can see, not just the safe placement of the dental implant, but you can see the prosthetic, or the fake tooth that’s gonna
be screwed into that implant, and make certain they all
work together really well. That way the smile is predictable. I can’t tell you how many times
I’ve seen very experienced, dentists, surgeons that
maybe placed something that didn’t line up perfect, and that’s why we wanna use technology now that we have 3D Xrays to do that. So that’s the importance of 3D planning. Then, finally, after
we make a perfect plan. So hey, this is a 3D environment,
this plan looks awesome, we should be able to give
this patient a great smile. That’s not good enough right? Because that’s just a plan. How do we make that actually
happen in treatment? So for those who are having a little bit of an aversion to blood, you’re gonna wanna go to past
like another minute or two. For those that don’t mind, I
try to keep it a little mild, but we obviously have to cut the tissue to place these implants. So you’re gonna see just
a little bit of blood. I know I shouldn’t show that. It’s like rule number one,
don’t show anybody blood, but the reality is that you’re
gonna bleed a little bit, when we cut your gums to place an implant, so here you go. Here’s the guide in place. So I wanted to show you the
guide, is what’s gonna control there’s little rings, see those little silver
rings in the guide? Those silver rings are going to control the placement of the implant
to exactly where we planned it in that software, in the 3D environment. So now I can go into this
process with 100% certainty, that I’m giving that
patient exactly the ideal treatment that I planned in software. So I use the guide, you can see here now the implants
are placed in the ridge. You can see the little tissue punches, rather than this large
surgical incision and flap, which is why the patient’s
gonna have a lot less post op pain and discomfort. Then you can also see that
we’ve prepped those teeth around that for- because
we wanna match right? So it’s great to do implants,
but implants are so permanent. The shade is gonna be
the shade that we put it. We did this video about
staining veneers and porcelain. You can check that out here above, but that video proves that these materials don’t change shade. So if we do them and we match your teeth, and you wanna bleach your teeth, you want whiter teeth, then
you’re kinda stuck so… Or you have to pay to
have all of these redone. Okay you wanna play basketball Reilly. What’s up? Comeone bud, you wanna sit
in my lap for a minute? – Yeah. – Okay. Reilly wants to help out and I guess, it’s March Madness so… – Play basketball downstairs. – Play basketball downstairs, man. – I need go potty. – You need to go potty. So we’re potty training Reilly right now. Is anybody else potty
training their kids right now? – I need to go potty. – This is our three year old and it’s like we totally
forgotten, it’s pretty challenging. – I need to go potty. – You need to go potty? I’d better, I’ll be right back, I’m gonna go take him to the
bathroom, I’ll be right back. Now it’s time for a basketball break. (upbeat electronic music) Alright, took care of that. Reilly is definitely, he’ll
get it someday right guys, please tell me he’s gonna
get it, and he’s not gonna pee his pants when he’s
six years old, I’m hoping. Anyway there’s hope, there’s hope. Alright, now let’s get back to the story of this awesome smile transformation. Here I can show you where we wanted the implants to go in that plan. And then below that you can
see where they actually went. Isn’t that cool? They’re exactly the same. And that’s because this technology is very predictable and very safe. It also gives us obviously,
better aesthetic results and that’s really ultimately
what the patient cares about, is how’s this gonna look
when we’re all said and done. Now that we’ve done that we
have some amazing technology that allows us to scan. I think I was talking about…
I think I left out a little about the shade. I got interrupted by
potty training Reilly, but the shade aspect. So when you do these implants, you wanna make sure that
the shade is gonna match what you want the smile to look like. So this patient, we recommended
that we do some veneers. She went ahead with that, we did one crown you can see there because of the decay on that one tooth, and then we went ahead and veneered the other
teeth to make certain that those pieces of porcelain
matched her new implant crowns. Now that we have those implant crows designed in the software, and you can see these other images of how we were able to take pictures and make those
screw accesses to the implant, make them on the back side. (laughs) You’re so cute bud, I love
you man, give me a kiss. Give me a kiss, you’re
so sweet, you’re awesome. You’re awesome, you just wanna be part of the video don’t ya? – Cheese. – Yeah, cheese okay alright. – Bye. – Bye. – Gonna take that. – Bye okay take that, okay take
your step stool or whatever. Okay alright, you know sorry
I’m getting interrupted a lot but this is life right? This is what happens when
you get to record at home because you had a busy week and couldn’t get it done at the office. But we’re gonna go ahead and finish the smile here. Now that we’ve planned
it all in the software, we’re able to mill the pieces of porcelain for the veneers, and those implant crowns, screw those into the patient’s mouth the very same day, how awesome is that? Here’s the smile the same day. So we can see we even shaped those gums. I usually don’t show this because it’s not the
most beautiful result, right same day because the
gums are red and irritated, from the fact that we
had to cut through them, but you can see that we
did a pretty decent job of making those gums look fairly natural, and then here is her
smile before and after. What a fun way to fix
a traumatic accident, like this ATV accident. I really hope you enjoyed
this smile transformation, she’s an awesome lady. I’m wanting people to
maybe see this and maybe hopefully go, “Gosh I
wanna go to a dentist that is using the latest so
that way I get the best result. That way it’s safe,
that way it’s accurate.” And that’s really the insight into this smile transformation is
this lady now has a smile that is really something that
she can be proud of. Alright so that ends this
week’s smile transformation. What we’re gonna go over
next week’s gonna be fun. This lady came all the
way from Puerto Rico for her smile transformation, and in the comments below,
I’m gonna show you her photo. This photo right here. What do you think we used
to transform her smile? Was it veneers? Was it crowns? Did we use implants? Did we use Invisalign? Or is it all of the above? Go ahead and comment below
if, kind of your guess on what we used and maybe how you think we could’ve transformed this smile, and then next week I’ll reveal how we were able to transform her smile. So pretty fun story with her. Alright if you stayed tuned till now would you consider smashing
that thumbs up button? Hit that like button and then also consider subscribing if you haven’t already. That’d be awesome, I’d
really appreciate it. Consider sharing it with a friend. That way more people can learn about some of the advanced dentistry
that is available today. If a smile transformation like this, is something that you would love to see what we can do for you… – A cupcake. – A cupcake, thanks buddy, thanks. – I can put it in a cup for you. – Okay. (eating sounds) Love that kid, so awesome. So if this was something you’re going, man I could benefit from implants and cosmetic veneers, we would love to see you
at Innovative Dental. Don’t hesitate to give us a call, or email us. We’d love to see what
we can do to help you transform your smile. We help people from out
of town all the time, and we can help make that arrangement easy for you, since we
do most of our treatments in one or two visits. So, otherwise, you have
an awesome week ahead. I look forward to seeing
you in the next video. Until then, you keep smiling. (upbeat electronic music)

Author: Kevin Mason


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