ASDIA Days 2019 à San Sebastien

ASDIA Days 2019 à San Sebastien

Hello everyone, we are very happy to meet you in this new video. Today, we leave for San Sebastian, in Spain, on the Spanish border, towards the Pays Basque. And we are invited by the Asdia provider for the Asdia Days, which will bring together about 30 endocrinologists and so we will intervene to talk a little about Diab’Aide, diabetes, sports, all that, and new technologies . And so we’ll show you a little bit of it. Let’s go ! Hello ! Well here we are on Saturday morning, we did not film you too much yesterday because we arrived at the hotel and we were a little tired. We trained a bit for our intervention today. And so we woke up at 7am, we went for a little running, because we still train for the marathon. So we went running to San Sebastian, all along the harbor, the ocean. It’s very nice, in the rain but very nice. It was super beautiful. And so we are getting ready to go for breakfast. Look, Elise is putting on makeup. Here. And so we go to lunch, and then at 11h we have our intervention in front of the endocrinologists, so here we will show you a little bit of everything and try to film to the maximum. The objective was to bring together all of you at the regional level, with some exceptions, but at the South West level, for the Asdia Days. Many told me, you will not succeed, diabetologists are people rather “plan plan” * laughs *, it will be very difficult. But above all, we want to have a total neutrality on Diab’Aide, so when there is something that is very well it says, when there is something that is less well, it says it too, because we are Marseille so we like to criticize. * Laughs *. Help ! We are actually learning. By cons there is ice cream, with sorbet there may be a difference. Yes … you are fussy. It is very small this brownie. Yes, but still. There it’s good ! 25g of carbohydrates! Perfect ! Well done ! At the same time she is a dietitian. Phew! *Relief*. * Laughs *. In the relationship, the important thing is obviously to be at the same height as the interlocutor we have in front of us, to give as much value to our interlocutor as us. From the moment, when we consider that our interlocutor is as valuable as us, it is where we are in the real communication. I will put on my yellow vest. Not happy ! Okay ? And I’m demonstrating, I’ll tell you I’m not happy. So it can be: Doctor, clearly, you can not tell me that the treatment should not be refitted. Because clearly, there it does not look like anything, my blood glucose it change all the time, I can not understand anything moreover. Honestly, I think that there, we have to start all over again. We will find a solution, I understand. Missing a magic phrase I understand, we will find a solution. I understand that you can think that. Thank you Asdia for the invitation and the organization of this 1st Asdia Days. And thank you to the doctors and nurses present for their attention and these enriching exchanges!

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