Art Laffer: China trade deal is a win-win for the world

Art Laffer: China trade deal is a win-win for the world

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Art Laffer: China trade deal is a win-win for the world

  1. All the na Sayers about are president better take a good look at the hear say democratic penguin stooges that say Trump is corrupting the country, who is the joker now? I have never in my life seen truly how stupid people truly are. Hmmmm, the only thing I can say is that who is working for are country? I know the democratic party according to the news CNN, MSnbc, and a few more not worth mentioning. Let's see how many thumbs down we get huh. Wow 1 can I see a 2 yes wow how about 3

  2. I hope china products coming to U S are good quality , especially that comes in 99C stores but not 99C store is not 99c any more. it is just says but some things cells for 2.99c and even more. no rules or laws.

  3. There is No Deal and The Fed is printing and buy everything in site it’s all a Big Ponzi Bubble and Trump the Chump is a Criminal and Hillary is his Friend

  4. "I've always fallen in love with China…" Art Laffer (neoconservative). <– At least he outed himself rather than forcing us to do it for him.

  5. Trump is so smart. All Pelosi and Schumer have is 30 plus years of corruption and now some control over intelligence agencies. In the long run, if investigated, they both will be in serious legal jeopardy. They are pillars in the political arm of the deep state and must be exposed and prosecuted.

  6. The agreement wouldn’t force them to make economic-policy changes Washington had long insisted on. The U.S. doesn’t get the fundamental reforms in Chinese economic policy it sought to help American businesses. And levies remain on about $370 billion of China’s exports. Since 2018, Chinese negotiators had pushed what they called a 40-40-20 plan: They said 40% of American demands were doable because they involved reforms China planned anyway, 40% were negotiable, and 20% were off-limits, impinging on national security. Beijing would buy $40 billion to $50 billion annually in agricultural products, Lighthizer said, about twice what it has ever bought from the U.S. Mr. Liu didn’t contradict him but didn’t confirm the claim. This is to boost the markets. China only agree to buying agriculture products it stopped buying when the sanctions were imposed.

  7. Big Agra has to get away from all this GMO crap their glyphosate and roundup spraying along with big chain food selling this crap after super processing with sugar and maltodextrin. It’s poisoning America.

  8. The real big winner is Taiwan winning the democracy elections which is fantastic for Americans and for the world. 👍👍👍and more laughable the CCP was crushed like a bug 😂🤣😂🤣😂😭😭😭😭

  9. There was no negative impact as a result of Trump's tariffs on China. All of that reporting was Fake News. You stupid twit, soybeans store exceptionally well, it money in the bank. Cash flow for the pork farmers increased because the price of pork dropped a few percents and American purchased more they normally.

  10. Ah Trump retreated from the trade war. Who didnt see that coming from the lieing masganist racist treasonous now murdering piece of dogshit president.

  11. I like Art Laffer but I disagree that China is "our natural trading partner". A communist dictatorship is our natural enemy, not our natural trading partner.

  12. Stick to trade, Art. The Chinese leadership is evil and bent on controlling the world, and not for good in the way we keep the world relatively safe and prosperous.

  13. President Trump keeps winning…no matter what Schiff the Dems throw at the fan. USA economy is great, time to address the debt situation…we have spent more than enough on the military.

  14. Nancy. Pelisse. .good. News coming. On trade with China. Look after your self you can't .take it when America wins thank you president. Trump. ..

  15. The President received a huge ovation tonight before the anthem in the college championship football game! Liberals are freaking out!

  16. Unlike the loser that didn’t have any brains or balls on the last administration the country is doing good but the other dumb fker during his 8 years only worried about dildos and strap on for his husband

  17. Art, you love communist dictator in China, do you know the corruption and murdering done by the dictator government in China??

  18. You're all being Played!
    Whatever you "IDENTIFY" With
    (GROW-UP!), will ya!
    Always gotta
    You FOOLS!
    The T.V./MSM
    It's 2020!!
    If You're Still IGNORANT, with all of this Technology/Information at you're fingertips! (If you Actually Bothered to get past the Google, "Populate with PROPAGANDA" 1st Page or 2 of Search Results, you'd Know!) YOU DESERVE TO BE! Whatever you wanna keep telling Yourselves! I Just PRAY that you are Not RESPONSIBLE For Others!!
    WAKE THE "F" UP!!

  19. This will put focus on the US for SCAMMERS to target us and especially the elderly should be made aware. Especially from India.

  20. Blah-blah-blah-blah THE WORLD IS BURNING Blah-blah,BLAH!!- GEE! Now I know why his Name is "LAFFER"!!🤣🤣🤣
    That's just Rich!
    Talk abt. playing to a "DUMBED-DOWN", Audience!!

  21. Yes Sir Mr Xi is the most respectable leader in modern China . He is helping his farmers out from poverty too. He is learning to listen all the inputs. He decide on it which is most important, for his country…. He was a military man so, its hard for him. He is slow to anger, easy to work together, as far as I can see.

  22. Bhahahahaha! It won't be passed, you idiots! China doesn't want anything without tariffs removed and then maybe they will start really talking. Oh, a Great economy because the FED it propping you up! you said it Expand Expand Expand!… POP!!!


  24. Who cares what Laffer thinks. He is the economist idiot that came up with trickle down economics. Epic fail that has plunged America into massive debt and ruined the lives of many, many Americans.

  25. I like Laffer, he's a smart dude. But he sounds like he's reading off a cue card here. Makes it easy for leftists to call BS.

  26. According to the pundit it is good news that the US economy has grown with $750 billion more than expected while the US debt has grown with $3,200 billion.
    Is this a business channel for idiots?

  27. Come on~ nobody believes that this deal is executable, unless US were to sell all its agricultural products to China and to give up all other markets on this planet…

  28. The only win-win for the world when it comes to China is the destruction of the CCP. That would be a genuine and permanent win-win for the universe.

  29. This trade deal was held up by the Demobrats. They took months and months to get their minds off impeachment long enough to glance at trade deals.

  30. What are the new industries or new jobs that came to America that direct uplift working class, middle class? We hear about GDP, maybe this is Corporations growth GDP? I don’t see people to spend more money or for them to buy homes? People that own they need to buy, if they don’t buy, money doesn’t circulate for all business to flourish. Money need to go back to people through jobs.

  31. This is going to be the biggest win for the Trump Presidency. Forcing China to comply with the world trade rules and regulations, and also getting the Chinese to purchase more than what they need from the US (reducing the trade imbalance). Bravo President Trump!!!!!


  33. I think Wall Street is the worst thing for American Farmer and America can do without China. This guy talking is making money off all this. Never seen anyone as happy as this . Screw China and those sweat shops. Trade with somebody else. Big mistake!

  34. This trade deal sucks, and there is no way to enforce it or verify China's compliance. The CPC, has gone back on their word numerous times (and that's what Communism is). They have proven that they aren't trustworthy.

  35. The reason investors love China is due to their huge human stock and 3rd world country wages they have to pay. Little or no overtime pay or vacation time and probably zero pensions. Screw China! Pay those people a fair wage equal to US workers and investment in China wouldn't look as sweet.
    We don't need to deal with the communists. Investing in China is investing in human oppression.

  36. What does Art Laffer KNOW? The guy who said everything was FINE and Good just before the Housing Bubble Broke and the CDO's imploded in 2008?

  37. What about the South China Sea.,, all you are thinking about is money,,have you any , what China is doing in the South China.. look what China are doing to Hong Kong,,Tiawan,
    but all you think about is money, money. i keep telling people NOT to by China products.

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