Arkansas Children’s Dental Vans -Delivering smiles across the state

Arkansas Children’s Dental Vans -Delivering smiles across the state

We do comprehensive dental services
here on the dental truck. We go and get the child out of class to do an initial
exam, cleaning, and x-rays, and then our dentist gets a treatment plan together and we send that home along with a consent form letting them know that their child needs fillings, extractions, crowns, or root canals and then once they return that, we’re able to do all their work for them. We have some children that
we see that do not have dental insurance so they don’t go to the dentist on a
regular basis and then we have those that do have dental insurance or Medicaid and they still don’t go to the dentist, whether it be transportation issues or mom or dad not being able to take off
work, we’re able to bridge that gap and get them into a dental office and get
them seen. We also have partners and sponsors like the Ronald McDonald House, Tyson, and Delta Dental that help fund our program and we also have generous
individuals like the Brown family in Union County that help our program.

Author: Kevin Mason

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