AOC won’t pay her party dues: Democratic source

AOC won’t pay her party dues: Democratic source

Author: Kevin Mason

79 thoughts on “AOC won’t pay her party dues: Democratic source

  1. Just like all DemocRats politicians. Get into politics to grab as much money as you possibly could, by lying, cheating, creating fake blames to make sure you will get away with it and keep all t loots for yourself. DemocRats t rodents family of evil. 👿🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭👿

  2. "Radical friends like Bernie" lmao a lifelong politician, entrenched swamp monster, real radical. I don't see why she should pay. They hate her & she sees Pelosi is weak & ineffectual & always has been. I hate always hearing "if a Republicans did this" YES WE KNOW but Republicans are great at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory because they're cowards. Not because of "ethics" but optics.

  3. Socialism is when the wealthy / bigger fund raisers … give to the losers .
    She doesn’t understand the basics ?
    Know Nothing AOC.

  4. Can people look of videos if Fidel Castro and look at the carbon copy that is AOC.
    By the way ALL of Castro children had a derivative of ALEXANDER . Castro was Fidel Alexander…. and can someone explain the flat nose and flailing arms.?

  5. She says she was a teacher. She probably refused to pay her teachers union dues. Wants everything, and give nothing. Typical liberal socialist. Cheap!

  6. She’ll get kicked out of all the committees and groups she’s in, not to mention they will run someone against her.

  7. I don't think she ever was a good bartender. They usually have a lot of good qualities, not the least of which is listening which she never does. Can you imagine having to listen to your bartender spout B.S. all night long while not listening to you!!!!! I can't!

  8. This MORON has got to be the least most intelligent congresswoman out of the bunch. Complete embarrassment to this country's cabinet.

  9. The geriatric antebellum kleptocracy is being replaced. Non-fascists and non-communists are voting pro-choice Libertarian and Soviet communists are returning to CPUSA and Econazi Green. At least the distinctions are clear.

  10. If they expel her from the party she probably would run as an independent and win. Maybe she joins the Greens? That would be awesome to have a Green Party congresswoman.

  11. Months ago she was complaining $300,000 a year is enough money here she raised two-million dollars and she still doesn’t want to pay her fair share in her dues but when it comes to everyone else paying their dues she’s the first one on stage to say no you can’t keep it you have to pay me Give me give me give me. This is the split that Hillary Clinton was talking about but it was not Tulsi Gabbard it is Bernie Sanders and AOC

  12. These brakes are going to cause us to fight with each other oh excuse me we already are get that freak the hell out of our f**** politics

  13. Americans will never have a good working social system. Don't worry about that Americans are full of greed and will never have a good social system. I have worked with American companies and american personal on petrochemical projects in the past and i realized that this people are all about money and ME ME ME and survival of the richest. Most people don't even have basic healthcare from the state they live in and they have to get it from the employer.They can't leave the job even if they don't like it because it is providing healthcare.. That is just terrible.

  14. Don't forget the million dollars she funneled out with her chief of staff. Yet her, Tlaib & Omar continue to commit illegal campaign violations & they are never held accountable

  15. Why should a deadbeat like cortez pay her dues??? Its a lot easier to line her own pockets / bank account like all dems do anyway. She is not fooling me.

  16. Socialists only want to distribute other people's wealth, never their own. Socialists are cancer. This is the type of fool democrats want to elect?

  17. I'm sorry but if that sorry excuse of a woman did this kick her out. The Democrats won't do that, they can't afford to lose any losers out of the Party

  18. The dems have the same problem as the GOP: a powerful party establishnent that has no interest in what their voters actually want. Trump was a rejection of the neocon/libertarian GOP brand. The left wants populism as well, although their version is a lot different. AOC reflects the democrat base much better than moderates like Pelosi or Clinton. The political establishment is virtually a single party with minor differences, and voters see it. The coming decades will be interesting.

  19. There you go! Special interests, special treatment, for Special Ed Student Fresh Class Congresswoman Teacher Pet! Don't judge me for my facts, judge me by my passion and morality! Like abortion, Socialism, Marxism and more…. 🇨🇳Big Red Smile now!🇷🇺


  21. That's how IGNORANT she is!! NEVER have ANY MONEY growing UP so, the FIRST time she held 5k from people's money she thinks it is her money stunt and DON'T KNOW WHAT to do with it??? STUPID !!! Open a BAR IDIOT for you'll have a JOB!!!

  22. Comparing AOC to newt Gingrich is a stretch . She's a lowlife socialist true to the mantra of socialism works until you run out of other peoples money .Pay your bills and ride a bicycle you lying , hypocritical traitor

  23. Shea nothing what they say she is ! Doubt its people that like her, money is all from soros ! Ur an idiot ,that said shes a pres., she Won't make it !!!

  24. Who is shocked that this Socialist isn’t paying her dues? She’s paying Bernie’s debts? They said that. What a bunch of LOSERS. I call them the Squat.

  25. I'll tell you what she's due, is a good slap to the face and duct tape over mouth and put in a straight jacket and put in padded room!

  26. This is the same Stalin did in Russia.. Preaching about equality but keeping all the money and power to himself.
    AOC would definitely become a tyrant sending patriotic Americans to gulags in Alaska if ever given (God forbid) the chance of becoming president. God bless America and save us from liberals.

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