we’re Eamon and Bec and for the past
three years we’ve traveled the world in our tiny home on wheels but our new
reality set in last week when we made the difficult decision to abandon our
van in Morocco and fly home to Canada times are certainly uncertain Good morning! Do you want a smoothie? Yes, please! Welcome to day 10 of quarantine! Cheers to that. now that we are a week and a half into
quarantining ourselves in Lee’s parents basement we’ve really established some
good healthy routines one of which is our 21 day fitness challenge basically
we upload a free 10 minute workout every single day to our Eamon and Bec Plus
YouTube channel so I encourage you to join us there really quick effective
workouts and we’ve got a film one edit one an upload one today let’s go even if
you guys are just getting started you can go back to day one and commit to
something for the next 21 days what’s what are we doing today? Core baby!
sometimes this chick has got me doing two or three of these a day this one
wants to get ahead boy Shakira let’s get going might yeah we’re good we were
doing our workouts go warm up the jump jack one two three
four five what is for breakfast? potatoes again I know I’m addicted I’m addicted honestly to having an oven and being able to
roast the potatoes typically if I want potatoes in the van it’s like cook the
potatoes takes like an hour on the stovetop then take those off then you
basically eat them while you’re cooking the rest of the stuff so anyway he’s
feeling very grateful to have a nice home where we can quarantine do you want
some potatoes for breakfast breakfast has been interrupted because we got
coach on the line he’s making fun of us because we this is how we do group calls
with them shiny more like straightly more like open like you know I’m in the
kitchen cuz there’s a spill there clean-up on aisle 12 there with all the
love because I appreciate your cooking so much that it’s definitely two
different scenarios in the kitchen hanging up after a minute but I will say
that you came in and you were a part of pasta night making a disaster what are
you doing why you means I just sleep you dog huh good boy hockey guys everyone
watching the video take a second smash the thumbs up for Rocky all right
appreciate it thanks luck you know there’s like only enough left
you’re not really sure about these two told me put it all away and I started
putting it in that Tupperware like oh I could pick out an arm I swear I’ll fuck
using me vegan after working all right I’m sure a lot of you guys can relate
but this is one of the most fun days have been looking like it looks like
we’re a little low in the promo that was good what’s next let’s try that
tiger show we’re trying to film a video here get out of bed it’s 3 p.m. bro
let’s go hey man pass me an apple and everyone had their beach balls today
I think it’s time to make a grocery list bell pepper jack broccoli I get it that
was me the band’s look I get it I understand my man they pointed heads and short dorsal fins
give them speed and endurance why not spaghetti bolognese Wales here too hey the chips well at least it’s still
never a dull moment with you no matter we go just look a little better oh my
gosh yeah way better please your biggest supporter for doing
ridiculous things we’re the same way Jamie there’s still a few dead ends but
you got your boat you’ve got an inch and a half ends there all right what’s on
tap for the afternoon yes that make some cookies as you can see we are trying to
remain as positive as possible through these very uncertain times and one of
the things that we’ve found super helpful is actually taking the Morning
News free I basically take all day news free and then imminently informing of
all the latest and I just find that really helps to have that mind space to
think of your options a little more clearly and another thing that really
helps is meditation we’ve got the rock we’ve got the red baby it’s spring they’re girls yeah where am I sitting and in case you’re like I was for a long
time sort of turned off my meditation never really gave it a full shot I am
starting to see a lot of reward and starting to actually enjoy it so maybe
today or tomorrow you can find a little spot and try meditation it might help
you and I think it’s important to know it’s not gonna happen on the first try
and if I didn’t have you babe I probably wouldn’t have given it so many tries and
it’s really as a practice it’s like anything like I meditate a while but you
have moments no but what it what it means to me is like if you stop and sit
down on your mat you’re just checking into yourself
yes my mind really busy today what is on my mind how is my body feeling and by
that constant checking in on yourself sometimes you realize that you’re
carrying extra stress or tension and it’s just really being aware and mindful
of like how your body is feeling from day to day so some days I’ll have these
like euphoric blissful relaxing meditations but most times it doesn’t
look like that even if you’re an experienced meditator frisbee disc toss
so some of you are probably wondering okay enough with the hippie meditation
stuff what is your plan what are you guys doing and to be totally honest we
have absolutely no idea what’s next for us we feel like this could be month to a
year of us not having our van again or being able to travel again so we thought
of everything from renting a place trying to flip a property maybe buying a
new Sprinter van converting it how do you guys think you should do first I’m
gonna sink this bad boy Oh yesterday we started talking about
what’s next for us and that was the point of sort of that section of the
vlog and things just kind of got heavy for us and I said let’s just put it down
we’ll pick it up when we’re positive tomorrow and it’s 2 p.m.
Lee’s made a bold pot Barney and we’re all like going through emotions again
it’s been an emotional 24 hours for us all and I guess we just wanted to share
that with you as much as we want to share the positivity of everything yeah
I mean I’m sure everyone like Beck said is feeling the same weight of
uncertainty I know chai wallah is in a position
where a lot of our business is selling to these cafes and they’re no longer
even open so not only are we worried about our cafe partners but our business
has taken a massive hit and it’s not even really like we can plan anything I
think that’s the scariest part is we usually have stuff we’re looking forward
to or we can start to prepare for a trip and no one can do that right now
Canada government is saying you know could be three to six months my opinion
that could be longer I think it’s it’s just so unknown and it’s like like Lee
was just saying this but it’s day 11 of our quarantine and I think we had this
objective of finishing this 14 days of quarantine and then somehow life would
be different and the closer we get to the end of that the more we realize it’s
just uncertainty going forward we’re all in this together all of our lives have
just changed and you know we’re recognizing to like be kind to yourself
and that’s what we’re doing today is being kind to ourselves and allowing
ourselves to take the afternoon off you have to be so kind I set you back before
this is like don’t worry guys though it’s gonna be prepared to vlog and then
even already said we’re not blogging today that’s a gothic God mmm yeah oh
it’s such a weird but our home is you know still in
Morocco so that’s the biggest thing weighing on me for sure like sometimes
I’ll just try to fall asleep and I’m thinking about our home how much I miss
my pillow it’s all the little things – how many memories we have in there like
so and we just did leave it so fast like it’s one thing if you you’re planning on
telling something like that you can go through those emotions about I’m a super
emotional person and I barely got to say goodbye and my bag came in my toilet nature said
please anyways perhaps this cuts to tomorrow
when we’re in better spirits to finish this vlog or perhaps it doesn’t but time
I don’t think it will no I think this is that we’ll see thank you guys thank you
so so so much yeah those vegans are hard to keep fat man we’re hungry all the
time shots we just want to say a huge thank you oh you’re welcome
everybody give shots some rest as gospel I really owe people well it’s clearly a
new day here we have new kind of spirits around the McMillan residence not only
did we get our food which is always spirit lifting but we were about to host
our first ever live Instagram house dance party basically after we’ve logged
with you guys yesterday we thought we need to do something to lift our spirits
and we feel like our community could really use that – so if you aren’t
already following us on Instagram now is the time because you never know when
we’re gonna throw down another one of these house parties are you ready to
party are you ready to party baby yeah sorry max we’re not feeding your
daughter anymore okay excellent the big loose pants no embodies in
sports yeah jiggling top or are up but never to
my roots Pass they look the exact same well what a fun night unfortunately
Facebook kicked us off because of copyright claims or something so a
little bit disappointing but rhetoric is still ripping it up in his bed and we’re
cooking in the kitchen I was just thanking all of our beautiful artists
for coming out now we’re making our way what’s right which lights I fall asleep
on camera yeah

Author: Kevin Mason

14 thoughts on “ANXIETY ABOUT WHAT’S NEXT…

  1. We are currently on day 14 of our self-quarantine at Lee's parent's house (thanks again to Will & Shaz for everything!!). This week we decided to share a vlog all about WHAT TO DO WHEN THERE'S NOTHING TO DO ? . And while we are certainly 3 very upbeat, positive people we thought it was important to share the raw emotions we've all been feeling throughout this very strange time. We are confident that so many of you can relate to what we are going through and we just want to remind you that we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER x

  2. Absolutely loved this one! I so look foreword to watching these every Sunday and love having Lee in them as well! I have lived in a van on and off with my boyfriend for 3 years and understand the heartbreak of leaving your home behind in another country. You three seem like so much fun! Wishing you the best ☺️

  3. My hubby loves Dr. Joe Dispenza and wakes up at 3 a.m. for special meditation.
    I have beautiful photos on my laptop and surround my mind with them – that helps keep the mind quiet and happy and no room left for negative imaginings.

  4. Making it into this vlog is for sure a highlight of quarantine!!! Happy dancing everyone! Also, I reiterate Eamon's sentiments about meditating. I've dipped my toes in repeatedly for years and recommend everyone give it a (few) go('s). Or just dance for mental clarity, that's good too!

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