Ancient Aliens: The Tomb of Emperor Patchacutec (Season 11, Episode 4) | History

Ancient Aliens: The Tomb of Emperor Patchacutec (Season 11, Episode 4) | History

NARRATOR: Machu Picchu, Peru. This stone citadel of
the Inca civilization was built high in the Andes
Mountains around 1450, AD, but was suddenly and
mysteriously abandoned roughly a century later. Mainstream scholars contend the
construction of Machu Picchu was led by Emperor Pachacutec,
and took thousands of men working decades to complete. But ancient astronaut
theorists suggest that the precise construction,
the transportation of massive blocks, and
the Incas’ own accounts all point to a very different
explanation for Machu Picchu– that it was built with the
help of otherworldly beings. Emperor Pachacutec
was believed to have had a special bond
with the god Viracocha. ED BARNHART: Pachacutec,
in the days leading up to the great battle
against the Chanka, he takes kind of a retreat. He goes to a lake. And out of the sky drops this
piece of metal into the lake. When he fishes it out of
the lake, it’s a mirror. And he sees an
image in the mirror. This supernatural creature
in the mirror tells him, I am your father. You will win many
battles in your lifetime, this one included. The image is actually
Viracocha, the creator deity. And then, as Pachacutec stood
with his vastly smaller army, these giant megalithic
stones came to life and became his army. They crushed the Chanka. Pachacutec actually had the
power of Viracocha behind him. It makes one wonder
if, in fact, this was extraterrestrial technology. NARRATOR: Could the
story of Pachacutec levitating massive
stones be true? And might the mirror
that fell from the sky have been some type
of alien technology? Ancient astronaut
theorists say yes and suggest a new
discovery at Machu Picchu may reveal what happened to
this otherworldly device. French engineer David Crespi
was vacationing in Machu Picchu in 2010 when he discovered
that, at the bottom of one of the main buildings, there
seemed to be a doorway, purposely sealed up with rocks. In August of 2011,
he reached out to Thierry Jamin, a
French archeologist that has been studying Peru
and the Incan empire for more than 15 years. Within a month, Thierry
started his own investigation, with local archeologists and
specialists in funerary sites. Thierry and radar
technician Ricardo Hamada took a scan from above
the blocked entrance with ground-penetrating radar. The image on the radar detector
reveals a large cavity. And the broken
lines indicate there may also be stairs, leading even
further down into the earth. Other equipment detected
that there was metals inside this hidden chamber– gold, silver, and other
types of metallic objects, suggesting very strongly
that we’re dealing with some kind of a tomb. NARRATOR: Although Thierry has
confirmed Crespi’s suspicions, that the odd structure
was an entrance sealed off at some point by the Incas,
the Peruvian authorities have since banned his
returned to the site for further investigations. THIERRY JAMIN: [speaking french] INTERPRETER: All of the
iconographic and archeological elements show us that
this is all associated with the mausoleum
of Pachacutec, maybe the most important
archeological treasure ever found in Machu Picchu. NARRATOR: Could the
tomb of Pachacutec lie beyond these rocks? And is it possible, as ancient
astronaut theorists suggest, that it might also contain
advanced technology– the so-called magic
mirror that was said to have been
given to Pachacutec by the creator god Viracocha?

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. This show is total bs. I was listening to one a while ago, that was saying Moses did drugs. That is total BS. Does not the bible speak about those that do drugs? they are call soccerers. The Original Text word is Pharmakeya. It is close to the word that we use to day, called pharmacy. Or some people call the pharamacy a drug store. Any ways the point is it has to do with drug use.
    And drug use is condemned in the bible. And the people that make this show set them self against God and the bible, and try to make the bible say some thing it does not say.

  2. What if the meteors that hit the earth was a test by other living life forms out there. And the meteors that made this planet inhabitable was planned and that the other meteors brought human life here. And we are basically test subjects to other living life forms out there

  3. In the quran they say that sulaiman used the jinn (demons) and built his castle… Huge rocks piled up… So these people also might have used the jinn…

  4. The alien known as Enki/EA is Satan who is our creator. Go to(its backwards because YouTube keeps deleting any comment where it is mentioned forward) nataSfoyoJ . gro to find the truth.

  5. I don’t understand why they just don’t break it open who’s down to go open this we need a team of 40 lol

  6. We been lied to since we were young because they want to keep us in the dark n not tell us the truth about everything but the evidence is to strong to ignore

  7. This is the most racist show in existence. "Could brown people have built this stuff?. Nah. There are these white aliens who did it instead."

  8. The guy has been going to Machu Picchu for 15 years. Discovers "treasure". Possibly a magic mirror. Gets told he can't come back. How about a thank you. The Peruvian government is hiding something. Aliens!

  9. i wonder if these ancient astronaut theorists really believe in those Inca stories as being true, or do they know these are just legends. These makes think that in 500 years from now, there will be those nutcases who will believe that Harry Potter really existed.

  10. Well the aliens took them. … And to live a better life some where out in space and are probly more advanced than us in reality

  11. What if the mirror that talked to pachacutec was actually a videocall? Ancient austronaut theorist beliefs say yes!

  12. If you people have some knowledge about the universe, you must know that the universe is so much vast that it would be a stupidity to believe that the humans are the only intelligent being alone.

  13. The Peru government will open it up then they will have the ability to win wars….the minute the people from science find something, said government will stop them and take over the sight. The question remains WHY did the people hide that area behind rocks to begin with? Their "sudden" disappearance isn't so "unknown" now. They're sitting on a star somewhere.

  14. What if a rock was dropped from high altitude in order to get the heating from the atmospheric pressure. (Don't hit nobody or cause an earthquake)

  15. Oh yeah, the Incans had alien tech that could levitate huge stones but were conquered by a few hundred Spaniards. Sounds about right…

  16. You realize they took massive amounts of dmt dimethyltryptamine from iboga trees…most powerful hallucination known to man, and your third eye

  17. I bet in the seem way they have extinct all the dinos 26 milions years ago, them space ship have push a huge asteroid in the direction earth , and has extinct all this dinos to clean the planet for us.I do believe this was happend then ,and i do belive the patchacutec has realy in connection with the god Viracoca ,and most probably this legends was true fact ,this aliens have support this inka king, and most probably this aliens was the true builders, from all this citys and all this huge walls sfmy spelling !

  18. So ancient aliens? Here is my question, if they were granted power by ancient aliens and they did all this amazing things with the help of aliens then why did the aliens stop helping? I mean if they were helping humans, they must have done so for a reason. So why did they stop and then disappear. I think it’s all bogus. I think that there are way too many questions to justify aliens.

  19. Say it a million times, then say it a million more and the word you will have said two millions times is YES..!!!!

  20. "The Peruvian authorities have banned him from the site for further investigations".. uh huh… It just confounds me that nation after nation, once having huge archaeological discoveries that can upend the science and push back the timeline of each civilization, they stall or end any further research that could prove even how much more unique their civilization is.

  21. In another video, History Channel calls him "Pachacuti" and the mirrored disc fell out of the sky. Here, Patchacutec was given the disc by Viracocha the Creator.

  22. Yes,it is at all for the reason of unknown subject,object and phenomenon ,The magic sun-disk ,the magic sun-disk ,the magic sun-disk with massive unknown and universal and ET power,not from our planets,as the famous 80's pop song "We are not alone,From a distance ,Overjoy"with proverbs,prophecy and apocalypse,The human being evolution only 100,000 years of history,far beyond of that time,people in the world believe there was far more advance high-tech civilization existed but suddenly vanished with no reasons,no answer and no logical way of modern people thinking at [email protected]@@@@

  23. Narrator: they may have had help from otherworldly beings in building their ancient city.

    Ancient Humans: are we a joke to you?!

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