An Extended First Look at Black Love | Black Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

An Extended First Look at Black Love | Black Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

I was terrified because he
told me exactly who he was. He was absolutely
honest about his past. And then he brought me home. And he just said, you are a
very beautiful and nice woman. And it was a pleasure
spending time with you. And he shook my hand– I remember you shook my hand– and then I went in the house. 20 minutes later,
he called again. And I said, you
got home already? He said, no, I’m at the
Ralph’s down the street. But I just want to tell you
again what a great time I had and what a beautiful
woman you are. And I said, oh, OK. 20 minutes later,
he called again. I just want to tell
you I got home. And you are a beautiful woman. I’m about to go to sleep
and I just wanted to tell you to have a good night. Four o’clock in the morning
called again because there was an earthquake. [CAMERA SHUTTER] [LAUGHS] My first impression of Cory. We did this movie called
“Hollywood Whore”– that’s all I’m gonna
say about that. Yeah. And I remember looking
at him and seeing the type of shoes he had on. They were terrible. They were horrible. And it was wardrobe. They were like the Birkenstocks. Like, who puts a
brother in Birkenstocks? It was a low budget movie. They gave me what they
had in like size 11s. And it was sandals. – I was like–
– That’s the truth. What kind of shoes
are you wearing? Do you remember that?
– Yeah. – When we were shooting that–
– I remember that, yeah. – Yep.
– I had the open-toed sandals– Uh-huh. My feet were out, but I was
just excited to be working. – He was.
– Yeah. He was.
Yep. That was the first time
We’re Tommy and Codie Oliver. We’re filmmakers who got
engaged after six months, married 11 months after that, and at
the time of this recording, we’re a month away from
having our first child. We move fast. We’ve spent pretty much
our entire relationship interviewing married
couples about how they’ve stayed in love– 10, 20, 30, some even 60 years. I just overheard
her talking to a girl in front of her saying,
I don’t like LA– – Complaining.
– I don’t know anybody here. She was kind of complaining. And I was kind of like,
I was dating a girl who was a little bit of a monster. And I was kind of like, oh wow. She seems like a nice lady,
she doesn’t know anybody. I’m kind of ready to
meet somebody else. So at the end of the
day, I gave her my, uh– Card. –my card. And And he had his shirt on. That was a big deal. A lot of actors
have their shirts off in their little cards. My card, I had my shirt on. I gave her my card. And she called me a month later. And I wasn’t
interested at first. I was like, no,
it’s Meagan Good. It’s Meagan Good.
I don’t– no. It’s fine, baby. It’s because it– my job at the time when
we met, I was an executive for Columbia Pictures. And so we met at
a general meeting. Whereas you know, as an actress,
I meet with a lot of talent all the time. That’s just part of the job. And so when she came in
to me for the first time, I knew she who was.
So it was cool. It was like, hey, you know,
it’s just– it’s Meagan Good. Like, cool. And it wasn’t until
years later when we were making
“Jumping the Broom” that the right opportunity
presented itself. But again, it was just
like, that’s Meagan Good. You know, nothing
happening there. And we made the film. And it was great. And while we were making the
film, I would come to set. And we would talk. And you know, she was
way more into the church than I realized. And so that was cool
because we actually had something to talk about. Where she had been,
and you know, what– you know, who she liked to
hear preach, and all that kind of stuff, which is great. And I was like, all right. This is cool. Like, hey, Meagan Good’s
talking to me, this is cool. Like, this is nice. Meanwhile, I was
telling my friend, Joelle, that was visiting with me– I was like, wow. He’s such an awesome guy. And I remember saying
to her specifically, I was like, that’s the kind
of guy I wish I could marry because he loves the Lord,
he has a great personality, he’s fun to be around. Like, I respect
his point of view. We enjoy being around
each other in general. And there was one night when
the whole cast went out. And someone– some guy had
walked up to me and, you know, tried to hit on me. And DeVon was right next to
me, and I grabbed him like, oh yeah, I’m with my husband. And I remember feeling
something in that moment. Well what happened was, I was
meeting my friends at a party. And so there was a long
line outside the club. And they were lost
and they couldn’t find their way to the party. So I was on my phone
with my buddies, you know, trying to
explain to him the address and where I was
because he was lost. So while I was on the
phone trying to give him directions to where I
was, Aonika and her friend came up into the line. And so her friend
introduced me to Aonika while I was still on the phone
talking to somebody else. Which is somebody you knew. You know, I think
she felt blown off. But really, I was just
focused on something else at the time– at that moment.
– Unacceptable. You know. Because you’re supposed to
be in the moment of what’s happening in front
of you not a phone. And if a beautiful lady is
standing in front of you, excuse me. And then at least
greet the person. Take in the person
that you’re meeting, and then give your little
directions afterwards. Right? So that’s what happened. When we met again, like three
months later– was it three?– yeah, about three months later,
when I saw her I thought, I know I’ve met you. And I know we’ve
crossed paths before. And you know, and
then we just kind of got reacquainted at that party. CODIE OLIVER: Did you speak? Did you say that? But that’s not
what quite happened. I was I was at the party. And I was squeezing
into the kitchen to get something to drink
or something to eat. And it was kind of like a
narrow opening to the kitchen, so we kind of squeezed
past each other. And as we were squeezing
past each other I was like, I’m in love with her. Well, you know, I was like,
she’s, you know, mm-hmm. Well, first of all, I’m not
the type of guy that approaches women, generally speaking. But for whatever reason, in that
moment, everything inside of me said, you absolutely have to
say something to is woman. You know, you
know, you only have a few seconds, or a
few seconds to really think about what that is. So she was passing me by. I approached her and
asked for directions. We walked, and we talked. And he asked me
where I was going. And I was like, oh,
I have an eyebrow– eyebrow appointment. I was like, don’t look. I am married, if that’s
what you’re asking me. And I just could see
him like, deflate. And I was like,
well what about you? And he’s like, I’m divorced. Yeah, that’s about right. And then it got a little
tricky because in that moment, I like grabbed his forearm. And I was like,
when did you know? When did you know? Like, when did you know
to pick up the phone, and call the lawyer, and
just like make it happen? When?
When? And he was like– Yeah, I wasn’t expecting that. Crazy chick, get off my arm. To be honest, we
went to the movies. Yeah we went to the movies. And, um, I started
feeling on her leg. And I didn’t stop him. It was like, just soft. And then, oh my goodness. I was like– and she was just– I was always looking for
that, you know, a brown, just chocolate, and just with a– I called it a sub-compact body. And she just had it all. We laughed. We stayed up all night
just laughing and talking. And it was just, once we found
that bond, I mean literally, that was a– that was a Friday. He took me to the
airport that Monday. We stayed together all weekend. Oops. He took me to the
airport that Monday. I did exactly what I
told my girls not to do. But anyway, he took
me to the airport. And it was on. I wanted to live
a healthy life. So I said, I’m going to
be this healthy woman. I’m going to be different
than what my parents were. I’m going to, you
know, I’m going to be healthy inside so I can
attract the right sort of man. ANNOUNCER: “Black
Love”, Tuesday, August 29, 10/9 Central.

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “An Extended First Look at Black Love | Black Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. Interracial couples & LGBT couples are still black love, black love is any relationship including black people. Just as BLM movement is also open to all black people . Some of these exclusions are stopping people from doing great work. Not dealing with these issues does not make you more conscious.Otherwise I think this show is onto great things; its the comments section that is concerning.

  2. This whole thing made me cry. It feels like this will never happen. Maybe one day I'll get beautiful black love .. but if not this is really cool to watch and see behind the scenes of how others have ❤️

  3. Let's just take a moment to realize how Oprah is bringing all these black shows and making a positive network for us black people..

  4. A show about how to be a SIMP. SIMPs finish last we all know that but one day someone will take them. I like the fact they are promoting black nationalism tho.

  5. (Love is a selfless circle Causality formula)
    Hope always exists as a perfectly infinite choice, whether we choose to do or not do.
    Ps. Love is a choice of free will that is built on respectful trust as Hope (not its result) for Happiness, and when chosen by each half of a couple, it reciprocally makes a selfless circle.
    (Global Love Formats)

  6. I love this series. It just shows that Black Love still exist and that it is strong and powerful. It is a positive reflection that Black Love can conquer life ups and downs. More powerful and preservence to these couples.

  7. I dont believe someone can love me I dont know its something down there in my head saying your ugly but all people man and women tell me how beautiful Iam never ask them how do i look some my friends say to me how such beautiful women like you still single i never told my secret

  8. Viola Davis is so pretty and her and husband story is so cute, that means he was smitten with her and he respected her.

  9. All this phoney shyt people try to make believable you can look straight throw these people. And black women try to live this so called white life. People sad and phoney. Black women you not white. That's why y'all not happy marrying all this wanted be black dudes trying to be white boy y'all fake. Scared of reality. So they jump to the white side. Woow. Look at these people. They love look fake.

  10. i dont know why oprah continues to promote segregation. i watched the previous "black love" while in college w/my sorority & everyone could relate to the 'black' couples although we were all integrated equally black, white, asian, & latin american, etc. surprise to who?! white people had the same experiences as black people! wow! we knew it from little kids playing together. color doesnt even come up with my contemporaries unless its politics, again where its forced on us. im biracial so i see it, maybe more, as one world, one people, all red blooded. btw, its wealth that divides us, not color.

  11. Another racist production by Oprah Winfrey. A TV show with just black people. Why can’t she make a show that simply titled “Love” Why “Black Love” is this Love different for black, white, brown,yellow people. I didn’t think Love sees color.

  12. My song is called BLACK QUEEN I know you’re curious just enjoy some good music it was made for you. Don’t forget to like and subscribe when you enjoy my song on my channel. Thank you in advance

  13. I love it one day I am going to have that black love. That I've been marriage for 34-50 yrs love. & happiness. I claim it & getting ready to receive it

  14. I don’t get why they’re calling it “black love”. My Filipino friends don’t call their love “Filipino love”. My Jewish friends don’t call their love “Jewish love”. My wife and I don’t call our love “white love”. Everyone I know, regardless of melanin or ethnicity, simply call it “love” and it’s assumed to be essentially the same. This doesn’t make any sense to me.

  15. Imagine tht moment….when you met a famous guy but ddn't know he was famous…once upon a time. He says nah man I am nt married; you two live in different countries and you really don't knw wht he is abt etc so you don't bother much, for you know this will last( if he isn't too creepy); half the night and he will be gone. But y'all spend the night and business cards are exchanged, you message each other to say "home now, t'was good seeing you" and that's it.
    YEAAAAARS LATER, You watch a series called Black Love and wala, Mr Unmarried has been "happily" married for 99 yrs..
    What then!?
    Imagine that….

  16. Why the years they been married is sooooo small, you can bearly see the years,but i am sooooo happy to see black love again its time to wake up my brothes and sisters,its time to go back home love you guys God is trying to tell us something,watch and Pray!!

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  18. Black Love is only imposed on black women. Black men marry whomever they want. Just glance at this comment section.

  19. It's a blessing when someone can say how it was when they became impressed by you, enough to want to spend their life with you.

  20. I’m late late. Just seeing this. Beautiful! Just my opinion though on Aonika regarding Sean in phone, common sense should rule, don’t interrupt someone on phone unless there’s emergency. Beauty is in eye of beholder and interrupting someone no matter how “beautiful” is rude. Sean was “in the moment” and “focus on what was on front” of him – his phone.

  21. Get healthy inside so you can attract healthy outside anything other than that you contact a cold or something else and ain't nobody… Got time for that.

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