100 thoughts on “Amelia Opens Up to Maggie About Link – Grey’s Anatomy

  1. Pleaseeee all I wanna see is this two ladies to be TRILY happy! FOR ONCE🙄🙏🏽
    PLEASE fix Amlink and my JAGGIE🙏🏽❤️

  2. Shonda need to fired all the GA character and she need to be a actor by her own…tbh , this is the worst bottom season ever

  3. I dont blame Amelia or Link. Not one deserve this. I totally understand Link, its alot too cope with, Amelia relationship with Owen, the Betty stuff, all Amelia problems in the past and now the baby results. But I 100% understand Amelia, if he REALLY REALLY LOVE HER he would choose her over everything even if her life is mested up. Either way Im done with the series. I still watched it only because of Amelink but now that they broke up. Not worthed too watch anymore.

  4. I adore Amelia. I love her with Link. Link is a great guy. But I totally understand where they are both coming from. Amelia and Owen are a dumpster fire, no one whats to revisit that and throw a baby in the mix. But Amelia needs to know that Link's got her, no matter what. It's all such a mess.

  5. Greys became such a downer of a show. It feels like a dog that got hit by a car and now is getting dragged just so it doesn't die. I think it's finally the time to end Gray's and carry on. And for some reason, all the guys on the show became big A-holes if they are not gay or addicted. It just feels like a long PMS that is never over, dunno.

  6. See I was really liking the character of link until he told Amelia he wasn’t sure he wanted to be with her if the baby was not his. A real man a good man if you found out the woman you were with had gotten pregnant before you two had even slept together and the baby was not yours and you walked away from her you’re a piece of shit. A real man would love her and love that baby despite it not being his. Know if this were a cheating situation and they had been together and she went and cheated with Owen and got pregnant then yeah I can understand link being all know I’m not sure but she was with Owen she was married to oh and she divorced oh and she had literally just ended things with him after years when she ended up in bed with you link. Give Amelia Love FOR GODS SAKES

  7. So lets talk about this my opinion is 50/50 first of all whats is wrong with Link do I have to remind you that you are the one who tell amelia such a beautiful thing that she decide to keep that baby … YOU lets her hope that everything gonna be okay because you will be there no matter what , She already traumatic by her last pregnancy who doesn't go well so it's understandable that she doesn't want to but this baby at risk like I don't know a premature miscarry or problem for him , Link lets her love that life that she created and now he doe pression on her to know who the father is its understandable for you but think about Amelia all this time she was happy knowing that she created a stable life for her baby , that you was the father and now everything go away she scared … In my opinion Amelia decision is justified she just want to deliver is baby safely had a quiet final 3 month before the baby is born and she will go do the paternity test … she want to make sure this pregnancy will be fine … on an other sense Link decision is justified we deserve to know if he is the father we doesnt want to be hurt if the baby is owen and on that Amelia is selfish and ruthless she gonna hurt lot of people including herself and he son so she had to decide what she want… even if in this scene we saw that all she wanted is to be loved deeply be someone and her baby to be fine 😩

  8. Everyone in the comments is like poor Amelia… If I was Link Id get a court order for a test. Not my kid… peace out. She should have been pregnancy dated sooner & she said she would keep the baby whether Link wanted it or not so really he didn't have much of a choice. If it is Owens I would run from that dumpster fire of drama asap

  9. I love the fact that last season A FEW persons said that they didn't like the show anymore and NOW there are people who say the same just to be like everyone else even though they like the show . gosh….assume your opinions please if you love this show then that's great but don't follow others opinions! Respect matters guys

  10. i don’t know why, but i always love all the sister scenes. lexie and meredith didn’t have many so i love seeing maggie and amelia and her together, even if i liked lexie more.

  11. I find it sad how many people are defending Amelia. Like, I get it, she's scared of what will happen if the baby isn't Link's, but in the end, her feelings aren't the only ones that matter. That's always been Amelia's flaw. She never takes anyone else's feelings into account. Only hers matter. I mean, she literally just shut down Maggie when she was trying to emphasise with Link.

    And all the people dismissing Link feelings. I'm sorry, but he is 100% NOT in the wrong for not being sure if he wants to continue the relationship if the kid isn't his. Like it or not, most people (male of female) don't want to raise a kid that's not their own. And it is downright gaslighting for Amelia to say that if Link really loved her he would stay with her regardless of the baby's dna. Yeah, that's easy for her to say. She already knows 100% that the baby is hers. Link doesn't. When Amelia found out that Teddy was pregnant with Owen's child, did we just expect her to suck it up and be okay with potentially raising another woman's child? If not, then why do we expect the same from Link?
    Amelia doesn't deserve any praise in this instance. She deserves ridicule. She is being selfish and thinking about only what is right for her. She is depriving her child of a father (whether that be Owen or Link) and all out of nothing but fear. For all those people saying they hope Link will "step up," stop deluding yourselves. He's under no obligation to be okay with this potential dynamic. Do people not get it? If the baby is Owen's, then Link will most likely be pushed aside in his relationship with Amelia and knowing Owen, he most likely won't let Link have any say over the upbringing of his child. Link will essentially be the third wheel. What sane person would be okay with that?

    And also in defense of Link, you cannot deny that he has been astoundingly patient with Amelia. Most men would have already given up on her (and even then they wouldn't be wrong to). It is only now that Amelia has been testing his patience and he has every right to be frustrated with her.

    TL;DR, Amelia is not the victim here and Link is not the bad guy for having feelings.

  12. Please stop trying to shove Amelia down our throats, you've been doing it since Private Practice and it didn't work then either

  13. I sometimes imagine what it's like to do a scene like that like when the crew says "cut" (or whatever they say) you're just like "hey I'm great I was just fakecrying!" 😂

  14. I keep seeing that Amelia is selfish in the comments, but lets be honest, when you're pregnant its not about being rational. She does have to do whats best for her baby. Personally, I would wait until the baby is born, and be damned if the baby is Owens or Links. Cause that means Owen would now have three kids, and be at war with his feelings over his two baby mamas. Honestly, right now she just needs her sisters and leave both of them alone.

  15. I understand her not wanting to be with Link bc he’s not all in, but she should still get the paternity test because if the baby is Owen’s, Owen deserves to know, even if she doesn’t want him to help raise the baby. Same for Link

  16. When she said “can you stop pretending that you’re link can you pretend that you’re me for a minute” breaks my heart, sometimes we need someone just to listen

  17. Amelia is questioning if link really loves her. She’s thinking that link only loved her because she was having his baby. She’s gone onto self protection mode? Is it right? No. But I get it.

  18. These women are neurotic. I am tired of how they treat imperfect but very, very, very good and caring men. The writers try to convince us that they're strong but they're nothing but a bunch of entitled wishy-washy women.

  19. Why cant mer and Amelia have a happy normal life .. this show lost its charm after mcdreamy died .. miss the old grey days

  20. I don't know if I agree with Amelia about not telling Owen or about finding out – but I definitely understand her breaking up with him and wanting to stay with her sisters. Though I really want the three sisters to live together forever and raise their kids together and maybe bring in partners.

  21. Look I like Amelia.. really but.. This isn't just about her. This is about her baby. Her baby deserves know who his father is. He deserves his "real" father's love. What is Amelia gonna say when her child will grow up and ask for him?

  22. Caterina is hands down the best actress on the show. It physically hurts to watch her suffer. I sometimes have the feeling, that the writers keep treating Amelia like shit, because Caterina is just so good at playing scenes like this.

  23. How it should have happened :
    Amelia gets the test, it's link's baby , they live happily.
    Honestly Amelia is dramatising about nothing link has the right to know also he didn't say that he would leave he just want to know if Owen will be a part of it too

  24. I am waiting until they reveal the father. Regardless of the romantic relationship with Link, if it's Owen's biologically, THIS will be my tipping point and I'll cut ties with GA.

  25. OY! I understand why they are throwing this curve-ball at Amelia and Link, but as a fan of that ship, I HATE that they are giving my peeps problems. And they are both right/wrong, so its even more sticky and messy and real. Ugh. Also, I've never been a huge Maggie fan, but I think this might be my favorite scene that she's ever been in. Can we get more of THIS Maggie please?! Loved her here!!!

  26. i have an idea..bring callie and Arizona back..and April and give them some sroryline cause this is just disappointing..better yet..BRING CHRISTINA BACK!!

  27. I think Amelia is acting immature in this situation. Link deserves to know if the baby is his or not. Owen and Amelia have a shitshow of a relationship, I don’t know who would want to be part of that. Teddy was happy with Koracick and he loved her and her baby despite knowing it was Owen’s, yet Owen got in the way of that . Koracick ended up hurt and without either of them. He knows Amelia’s relationship with Owen and probably doesn’t want to end up how Koracick did because he’s seen how any relationship with Owen ends up.

  28. Nah, you can’t say you love someone and not being willing to tell that person if he is or not the father pf your baby. Don’t feel sorry for her.

  29. I get where Amelia is coming from, but what half of you people are forgetting is that Link has every right to know if the child is his, and if he doesn’t want to be with someone who has a child that turns out to not be yours then so be it. Link wants a family
    But he wants it to actually be his child and not someone else’s. That’s a lot to take in for someone who just got put into something like this. Cause don’t forget Amelia and link weren’t together when they had sex, so to just push a child onto him isn’t fair so he had every right to back out or to feel unsure on what he wants to do. You get confused, stuff like this gets messy but that’s when both people need to talk and what Amelia did was wrong. Mostly of her not even talking to link and just hiding away

  30. Not gonna lie I'm 100% on Link's side. Link has every right to say that he doesn't want to raise a child that isn't his own and he has every right to know if the baby is his or not. He didn't 'drop the ball', he told Amelia as soon as she told him that the baby might not be his that he needed to know if the baby is his or Owen's. AND HE HAS EVERY RIGHT TO THAT KNOWLEDGE. Amelia is completely gaslighting him by saying that if he truly loved her that he'll raise the baby even if it is Owen's.
    Oh and lets talk about Owen. It is COMPLETELY unfair and morally wrong for Amelia to NOT tell Owen that the baby might be his. One thing we ALL know about Owen is that he is extremely family oriented, so it's not like he would regret Amelia and the baby. And just like Link He.👏Has.👏A.👏To.👏Know.👏If.👏The.👏Baby.👏Is.👏His.👏Or.👏Not.
    So in conclusion:


  31. This scene between Maggie & Amelia is beautiful.🤍 but come on SHONDA. Give Amelia a happy ending. That woman has been through hell & back so many times.

  32. Effing hell! This episode was top notch acting skills wise .. Amilia Andrew even the guest actors did an amazing job!! Too bad such skill is being wasted to such poor poor writing skills….

  33. Amelia's story line is turning into an Ekta Kapoor serial. 🤦‍♀️
    For people who donno . Ekta Kapoor is an Indian tv producer who drags love stories for decades and never let's the couple be happy for more than a month . 🤦‍♀️

  34. She is going to be a mother isn’t about you boo it’s about the baby! What’s best for the child and she’s being petty!

  35. I love watching scenes between the sisters. The emotions and vulnerability is so real 💕
    On another note, Amelia and Link belong together

  36. Why is this show still going? I stopped watching a while ago and watching just this is like what a disappointment from how it started!! They need end it!!

  37. The writers don’t care about anyone or anything at this point. Reminds me of how they ended game of thrones. Someone please make the madness end.

  38. I get Amelia's point, but it still doesn't negate the fact that Link has the right to know if the baby is his. If he doesn't know if he wants to raise a baby that might not be his, leave him. But have the decency to give him the results. Also, if it is his baby she can't just take away his rights as a parent. This was way messier than it needed to be. 😒🙄
    If she truly loved him, she would have picked up the results. I also don't think it's fair to measure his love based off whether or not the baby is his. He'd still love her if it was Owen's, but even I wouldn't want to battle with all that history.

  39. Woman up and get the test and put this confusion to rest. Link deserves to know if the child is his, that is all stop making it difficult Amelia.

  40. honestly for most parts of greys after season 10, i was only watching mostly because of Caterina…. She is great, she is awesome, she is such an inspiration… soo please Grey's anatomy writer please give her a damn good storyline!

  41. Honestly the closeness between Meredith, Amelia and Maggie is one of my new favorite things. The way Amelia later calls them her sisters, love that representation!! Can’t even describe it, it’s just wonderful to watch

  42. This show suuuuuuucks now. It’s so disappointing. I’m tired of these new characters coming in and having shitty storylines. I’m hoping there is an episode where Meredith just wakes up and realizes the past 5-6 seasons have been just a terrible dream and Derek is right there next to her. 😭 one can dream 😅

  43. IM FULL OF OMELIA SHIT!! I'm full of ANYTHING that has to do with Owen at this point!!! This is already getting on my nerves! Let the baby been Link's for god sake!! He's the one Amelia deserves!!! I'm really so fckn done w Owen's shit!!!!

  44. Caterina Scorsone is one hell of a good actress! I loved her character from her first scene on Grey's Anatomy without having watched Private Practice and she is one of my favorite characters on the show.

  45. She shouldn’t end up with anyone because link is making her suffer and Owen has made her suffer enough. She should end up alone, like that she’ll love herself and her baby no father needed only sister needed!

  46. I'm sick of Amelia and her endless drama. Link is too good for her, he deserves someone who doesn't bring the crazy to every moment of her life. Grey's needs to end already.

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  48. Honestly, I personally feel Amelia is allowed to feel the way she does after the hell hole she went through. First she gets addicted to drugs and alcohol after being sober for years, can’t move away from it, meets Ryan, who both so drugs together, get engaged, then try to get clean together but he overdoses after getting high one last time. She finds out she’s been impregnated by Ryan, and she’s happy until her ultra sound showed that her baby will be born without a brain. She donates his organs and watches him slowly die in her arms. Then she runs away from James to Meredith and Derek, tries to restart, only to have an oath broken and be exposed to the entire hospital about Ryan and her baby by someone in an AA meeting and with Derek effectively trying to steal her job, she marries Owen with none of her family there, the marriage doesn’t work out after she thought she was pregnant and when she wasn’t, she was relieved cause she was afraid of another brainless baby. Then there’s the tumor, her getting back together with Owen only for teddy to come into the mix, pitting her in a love triangle that she didn’t want a part of, and with Owen saying some nasty things about her and how she’s incapable of love. Now she’s with link, she’s happy, she wants to have the baby which is a huge step for her, and then he says he doesn’t know if he could be with her if the baby isn’t his. As a guy, I can understand where link is coming from, but Amelia has already faced enough trauma for a lifetime, and something good was finally coming out of her life only for her to get another punch to the face.

  49. Caterina Scorsone been making me laugh, cry and smile for years as Amelia. does she even have any awards, cuz she is one darn great actress

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