Altenew October 2019 Decal Release Blog Hop + Giveaway

hey everyone welcome to the Hedgehog
hollow office I know you don’t get to see up here very often but today we’re here
celebrating the new altar new decal release and I’ve kind of taken and gone
rogue because I’m gonna stick something on the wall without permission so
normally we talk about little these things and I put that catchy up on the
wall here and I’ve decided I’ve named her Hetty anyway I’m gonna stick up
these really cool decals that I’ve got over here so what they sent me were two
things so this one says be the someone that may know ya be the reason someone
smiles today and then underneath here is this really cool little whiteboard and
we always need whiteboards reminders and this is Greg side of the desk I miss
Ali’s side of the desk so I decided that I’m giving her something to write on so
she can write me to do notes and reminders because I know she will love
that idea so on this one here you have to first of all peel off this one here
so you just peel this off it’s really really easy it comes on the release
sheet everything’s pre done pre weeded it’s really really simple you can see
here so you just peel all of this off and then I’m gonna stick it up here give
it a good scrape peel back and then this one here is also really simple because
there again everything’s pre weeded you just peel the outside off you can see
how it just you know comes off super simple and then we’re gonna peel and
stick as we go so let’s go started I’m not you been down thinking about
having been I know that your hearts been broken you should try and let it go and stop
being yourself baby Drayton Oh beautiful our second Nicholas
control break away this guy’s you don’t need to
big thing everyone’s are the hearts broken sometime let’s go lose some
nights forget all about him so that’s it stay tuned in a second I’ve got lots of
prizes that you can win in this video too of course don’t forget to hit
subscribe like all of those fun things join the community but we do have
giveaways as promised so you can check out today’s inktober fest video as well
we have prizes every single day and coupon codes this is also part of an
Ulta new blog hop which has prizes in it too so you can check that out as well
go to the Hedgehog holo calm and you can check out those prizes too also I should
mention that this is removable so you can switch these out for different ones
put them all over your house I was thinking it’d be great to pop on the
back of like the entry to the garage you know don’t forget your lunch today or
your gym kit because in this house people always forget their lunch as you
can pop up little messages like that and you can switch these out for different
things growl some of the decals go check out the last decal video we had as well
and then it tagged us in your post tag at the Hedgehog holo and at all Jinyu
I’d love to repost how you’ve been using them in your home as well and see what
you’ve been up to so do all of those things go win some prizes go into new
crafty stuff as well and I will see you again real soon for some new fun of
videos see you all soon and happy crafting bye

Author: Kevin Mason

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