Advantages of Oil Careers

Advantages of Oil Careers

Okay. Today, we are talking about the advantages
of different careers in oil field. there are many different options within the
scope of work for an oil field career that maybe very rewarding to you as an individual. first thing I’d like to mention is that you
get to travel a whole lot. in the US some of the hotspots of oil and gas are Texas,
Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, Alabama and the whole Gulf of Mexico region. Internationally,
you have Saudi Arabia, Western Canada, North Africa, South America, Russia, Europe, all
of these are hotspots for oil and gas work being done around the globe. so you got to
go alot of different places if you have an oil filed career if you want to. second is compensation. the work is dangerous
in many cases. and the compensation represents that, you have to be away to your family you
may have a 7-on 7-off shift. you may have a much longer shift. where you’re internationally
away from a month and then back home for a month. so the compensations corelates with
that, you have health benefits, life insurance, for 1k plans, dentals plans most of all gas
companies were trying to take care of their employees and they have excellent compensation
packages. third, the work is very stimulating from intellectual
stand point. if you could imagine trying to interpret a size of graph; numbers to determine
if there’s oil or gas in a certain region so that a well can be drill. that is very
challenging, the work can be challenging yet very rewarding. so as an advantages. I’m going to put Challenging
in the context of intellectually. fourth thing is the work is very varied everyday.
there are no 2 days that are the same, there are wells are completely different, they was
drilled in a different way. the pipelines must be monitored in a different
way, due to temperature weather. on going changes, and so the work is really
very varied. If you’re executive or a boss later on in
your career, you have to considered a flactuating oil markets, challenges, taxations challenges,
new regulations recurring all the time there’s a lot of different opportunities for
advancements in this companies and the work is a lot wide variety. so just a kind of recap. lots of different locations you can go all
over the world pretty much compensation most oil and gas companies really take care of
their employees. the work is extremely challening due to the
complexity of what your doing. the last thing is, varied. no two oil wells are the same, no two pipe
lines are completely the same. a pipe line that goes from the gulf coast to Newyork versus
a gulf coast to California will have completely different challenges. so lots of opportunities
and advantages of having a career in the oil field.

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Ok fine if it is possible please kindly check for camp boss job opportunities I am having 9 years of UAE construction industry experience thank you

  2. I wanna join oil rigs i have done bachelor of engineering mechanical branch how can I join please suggest

  3. Sir, I have a question. I am third year in my bachelor of petroleum engineering. My problem is that I enjoy very much what we study about reservoir engineering and drilling engineering. However in my youth, I do not see myself necessary working an office job as reservoir engineer, but I like that r.e. have a wider view on the project, much more compelling and I see myself being that later in life when I am more stable (family etc.). I enjoy theory drilling a bit less, because somehow… smaller, but I will enjoy traveling, and compensations and the weeks on weeks of schedule. Is it possible to make a transition from drilling to reservoir later in career, with more experience?

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