Add a Web Page in Website Builder 7 | GoDaddy

Add a Web Page in Website Builder 7 | GoDaddy

You loved your Website Builder theme when you chose it, but now you need more pages. No problem. This video will show you how to
add pages to your website. We’ll use Molly’s Bark and Wine website as our example. Molly, the business owner, has completely customized her basic Website
Builder theme into a great looking website for her combination dog park and wine bar. This is the Home page. Her theme came with two additional pages: Contact and About. While these three pages have worked great for her website, Business is now booming and she’s ready to host events that will help her draw even more customers. To provide the dates and times of her events, she wants to add a dedicated Events page. To add the new page, she clicks the down arrow in the box at the top of the page to expand the page menu [click] and clicks Add Page [click]. In the Page name text box, she types Events [typing] and clicks Add [click]. Here’s Molly’s new Events page. The body of the page is a blank canvas for Molly to fill. This toolbar on the left provides a host of options she can click to add the text, images, links, forms and other information she wants her customers to see. To put the new page front and center on her website, Molly decides to re-order her navigation menu so that her new Events page is just to the right of Home. To access the edit options, she double-clicks on a blank area of the navigation menu [click] [click]. The Edit menu lists all her website pages in their current order. To change the order of the pages, she rolls her cursor to the left side of Events until it changes to a double arrow, and then clicks and holds down her mouse, while she drags Events into place under Home. And there it is! The new Events page on Molly’s website is now in second position on her navigation menu. To remove the page, she again accesses the Page menu [click] To the right of the page’s name, she clicks the red remove icon [click]. To confirm that she wants to permanently discard the page, she clicks Delete. And that’s how you add and delete pages on your site. Now go give it a try on your website!

Author: Kevin Mason

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