A tour of Google Forms

A tour of Google Forms

A tour of Google Forms Suppose I’m planning a surprise birthday party and want to ask friends if they can come. Let’s use a Google form. When you first create a form, you can choose a name and a theme for your form. I’ll go with the balloon theme for this. This here is the form editor. We’ve got a title already, and here we can add a description to the form. Below, we can work on what questions to ask. So, question one: “Can you come to the party next Saturday?” If you need to clarify a question, you can add descriptive text here. But I think this question’s simple enough. Then, down here, choose a question type. There are a few different options to choose from. I won’t go over all of them now, but you should play around with them sometime. Let’s choose multiple choice. When you’re done with a question, click “Done.” All right, question two. To add it, click the “Add item” button here. Let’s ask, “What kind of cake should we get?” There are lots of different kinds of cake, so we’ll make this a text question and let respondents write in their answer here. Click “Done,” and I’ve made my second question. You can, of course, add as many questions as you’d like. Now I want to share this form with a friend of mine, who’s helping to plan the party, to make sure I haven’t left anything out. To do that, I click “File,” then “Share.” If you’ve used Google Drive before, this should look familiar. From here, I can add my friend Susan. Great. Now, if Susan makes changes to this form, I’ll see those changes appear in real time. Ah, it looks like she’s added a question about ice cream and put it above the question about cake. Cool. Then, to see what this form will look like to our friends, we can click the “View live form” button up here. Ah, very festive. Now let’s send out this form. To do that, scroll to the bottom of the form to this “Confirmation page” section here. To send the form, click the blue “Send form” button. You can copy this link to distribute to friends, you can share the form via social media here, or you can specify individual recipients. I’ll add Susan just to make sure she has this. Cool. As you can see, now that we’ve sent our form out, we’re asked to choose a destination for responses. We can choose to create a new spreadsheet, we can use an existing spreadsheet… …or, if we don’t want to use a spreadsheet, we can choose the “Keep responses only in Forms” button, here. If you choose to keep responses in Forms, your form’s responses will still be saved, and you’ll be able to see a useful summary of them. We’ll choose to create a new spreadsheet. Now, if we click this “View responses” button, we can see a spreadsheet with the responses we’ve collected so far. Susan must have sent this out to friends, because we have a few responses to our form already. Or, if we don’t want to view individual responses but would rather get a big-picture sense of what people are saying, we can view the summary of responses. To do that, click the “Responses” menu, and choose “Summary of responses.” Ok, that completes the tour. Give Google Forms a try. And if you have any questions about anything not covered in this video, you can find an answer in the Google Drive help center.

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Can forms no longer be shared publicly? The "View live form" link doesn't work in Incognito mode and asks me to log in, and when I click "Looking to invite other editors to this form? Share it" it's only sharing edit / view / comment abilities. Even if I choose "Publicly available on the web".

    I'm using Google apps and we've used Google Spreadsheets for a long time.

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  4. I am looking for the instructions to use GOOGLE DOCS ONLINE PETITIONS , if this  is posted somewhere, and anyone knows where, feel free to let me know.

  5. Hi.
     i wanted to ask whether  is  there  a way to make visible which  person gave which response? (for example i m conducting  a  poll for a  picnic place ) ? 


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  8. Where is the form to talk to a human at google.I have no access to my account,lost enough time to drive to google and back trying to recover..and each section on this topic is purple instead of blue…which means i have tried it all..for months.meanwhile,cant get gmail,drive,you tube channel,or any other attached to this God forsaken company..beginning to think this computer thing can go to the trash and we all would be better off

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