A minute of Richard Armitage – Peter Jackson video blog #3

We need to move now! Come on! We’ve all learnt a bit of the dwarf language, “Khuzdul.” So we all have a selection of words to fall back on. Curses and battle cries. If I could say key moments, in block 1, arriving in Rivendell and meeting Elrond and dining at his table. It really feels like you’re stepping into Middle Earth. We’ve been here since January the 13th. So what is that, 5 months? And we haven’t even scratched the surface. Who are you doubling, Pete? I’m doubling Stanley Kubrick. One of the biggest moments was when we all put our gear on. And we all stood together. Sort of looking around at each other into the characters’ faces. Stand in a circle and look at the guys going on the quest. I got a real tingle up my spine.

Author: Kevin Mason

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