A Look at Your Medi-Cal Benefits with IEHP

A Look at Your Medi-Cal Benefits with IEHP

Hello…And a healthy welcome to you from
IEHP, your Inland Empire Health Plan. We believe you should know what your health
benefits and services are. And how they work. So, in the next few minutes, we’ll look
at your Medi-Cal benefits. Which you get with IEHP for zero dollars. Let’s start with your core benefits. They include doctor visits, specialist care,
hospital care, prescriptions, labs and x-rays… durable medical equipment and more. There’s also preventive care.
Like checkups. And vaccinations. For zero dollars, you get medicine prescribed
by your doctor. And it comes from our pre-approved list of thousands of medicines. Generic and
brand name. You’re eligible for long-term services
and support benefits that help you to live safely on your own in the community. Like In-Home Supportive Services. Community
Based Adult Services. Multi-Purpose Senior Services Program. And
Skilled Nursing Facility. You get Behavioral Health benefits. This includes treatment for Autism. You also get dental services through the state’s Denti-Cal program which IEHP does not contract with. So please, call Denti-Cal
Customer Service for more details. You also get vision benefits, adults an eye exam every 24 months. Children can get an eye exam and eye glasses every 24 months. And, on top of all your health benefits, you get extra programs and services. One. Health education classes and programs.
Choose from Asthma, Healthy Heart, Diabetes, Stop Smoking,
Weight Loss, and more. Two. Our 24-hour Nurse Advice Line.
Call when you can’t reach your doctor or need helpful advice after hours. Three. Urgent Care Clinics – go when you
can’t see your primary care doctor –but you need same-day care. Four. A care manager — to guide you to the
services you need. Five. A friendly bilingual team in Member
Services. Just call. We’ll answer any question about your health benefits. Six. My IEHP Health Account — our self-serve
online portal. Sign up. And you’ll be able to manage your health information — twenty-four
seven. There you have it. A look at your
Medi-Cal benefits with IEHP. Remember, your plan benefits help you feel healthy. Use them now. Look in your member handbook for
more details about your health benefits. Or, go to www.iehp.org.
Of course, you can always call IEHP Member Services. The number is on the back of your IEHP Member ID Card. Let IEHP show you how to get the most out of your health benefits. Watch the rest of our “how-to” programs online, with topics like how to get your medicine …getting care after hours…and getting care from your doctor. Thank you for watching.

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