6 Tips to Writing an Amazing Blog Post That Drives a TON of Traffic to Your Website

6 Tips to Writing an Amazing Blog Post That Drives a TON of Traffic to Your Website

Author: Kevin Mason

66 thoughts on “6 Tips to Writing an Amazing Blog Post That Drives a TON of Traffic to Your Website

  1. Thanks Neil, this video was great. When I started blogging, although it was a sports blog related to football, I really faced a lot of difficulties writing. But now I know what mistakes not make next time I start blogging.

  2. Love your style of videos Neil, short, sweet and to the point! Your blog posts are always a good read and formatted so they’re easy to digest.

    Story telling and writing content people can relate too has worked wonders for me, especially if it’s about topics related to pains and struggles – keeps them on your page longer.

    Like you said, the title is one of the most important elements. I create content templates for my blog posts so it’s quicker for me to get content out and since doing this it’s increased my productivity.

    With your tests, have you found people look at websites much like when buying a book? They have a quick look at the design(like a book cover), read the title and skim the content(like flicking through a book), then read the conclusion to see a brief run down of what the content is about(like reading the briefing on the back of a book).

    I find myself doing that a lot lately and a lot of people I’ve spoken with do the same or similar.

    Or do you just jump in and read content from top to bottom?


  3. If it is a copy right content in blog which is made by blogger.Then Google will automatically deleted that post with out our permission

  4. Neil just one thing to know from you…..how much time you give your all webs,YouTube and etc really I learn a lot from you I am not a person related to computer but I learn some knowledge from you…may Allah bless you with his precious blessings.waiting ans

  5. Hello Neil Sir
    I am following you and I got ranked on Google.
    I wanna know that. Am I need to make backlinks for my articles or not?

  6. Hello Neil..am a big fan of your confidence..just wanted to know if I want to write blogs,do I need to register somwhere?? or create my own website and write there?

  7. You have great info Neil as a soon to be new blogger I feel pump to start soon😊keep up the good work thanks alot

  8. Hallo Nail, you a helping me a lot with this videos, now i got reason to visit youtube now and then to learn something new thanks a lot.

  9. Neil you move very quickly around the screen, I cannot see where you come from next. You are elusive like Bruce and Ali. Verygood your opponents will never be abling to attack. Stay elusive, master the feint like bruce say. Remember, defeating opponents on the battlefield is same as in the mind. How do I make account in kissmetrics free? BE THE BEST!

    – Sifu Soggi Singh

  10. Hi..I wanna know that is blogging need same area of post.. supposed I write first post on the computers ,than there is any compulsion that I have to write next blog about computer or I can change my topic to travel?

  11. Hey Neil…I have a question about starting a blog. Every where on the internet it is said that the blog should be niche and full of useful information. I have recently started my blog which is about my photography experiences. Here I just share the story behind my photographs. Do you think that will be a relevant blog for readers?

  12. Hey Neil, love your work!
    When writing a blog is it better to keep it simple but thorough and straight to the point, or make a long blog and overload key words and be very thorough, but perhaps a little to long and boring?

  13. OMG, that tool is really helpful to create content and getting ideas , Thank you again boss, you really helped me , God Bless You.

  14. Hi @Neil Patel, I have a blog/articles for a couple years on LinkedIn. I get hundreds of hundreds of views and many comments which I comment to all. I have people reach out to me to do zoom talks with some sales leaders with million and billion dollar companies. I have been building a following for my second book on B2B sales which will be published end of 2019. How to collect emails? Do I need a separate website? Any advice would be 'much' appreciated!

  15. The best part of your videos is it does not take me an hour to understand the heck that you explain in just minutes…Well done keep it up!

  16. I'm working on on a "Top 10" list type of blog post. I did my entire outline, the only problem that I'm running into is that, once I started adding my research statistics, my blog became longer…and longer. I want it to be informative, but at a comfortable length. Please help.

  17. Hi Neil – this was a very informative video, however, I wish it was more detailed. Do you have any educational books/CDs for learners for sale? Or do you conduct any online learning sessions? I am hooked onto your videos for digital writing and marketing, but find your videos too short. I am interested in moving from marketing/sales to pure writing but need some knowledge of social media/ digital mrktg before plunging in. Can you help?

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