5/31~Day 37~AT 2019~Stealth Site at Mile 411.2 to Boots Off Hostel~Mile 411.2 to 428.5~TMH: 437.3

Good morning, everyone. So it is clearing
up, but it was raining all night at campsite 411, meaning we are at mile 411. I’m with Mr. Green Jeans. GJ: “Hello”. But we’re gonna hike to Boots Off Hostel. About 17 miles today. And I’m really hoping it’s super clears up so we can like
maybe go swimming or something. But we’ll see what happens with the temperature and all that stuff. But yeah. It’s gonna be a good day, because even though it’s a little rainy ish, I see blue sky and I am optimistic. Well, I mean like what I would do with North Star. I would just like film hiking the trail, but she
was always ahead of me in the shot. So I just wanna make sure it’s okay I could put it on Youtube. It’s an awkward angle. Hey there cutie. No it’s fine. I got it’s face. -Gotta put it in selfie mode. So Green Jeans and I are walking down the trail and we look over here. And I know it’s kinda hard to
see. I’m going to zoom in. But somebody tried to like make a lean-to or something? It’s like
triangle-shaped. I don’t know. They were trying to build something. So it’s kind
of neat. And then we’re headed to the waterfall soon. So we’re walking along and we see an old log cabin? Interesting. I think we’re gonna get a little closer and
check it out. So I guess the… Well that’s really zoomed in. Sorry. So I guess the
inside, there’s a bunch of hay, so this probably was like a barn, hayloft thing
at some point. And then, cause the bigger door there, they would have put the hay
through there. Or like through the one that we’re in front of. And then there’s a
bunch of hay down the bottom. So this wasn’t like a living cabin. So we just
passed through a really big bridge, and like look, the cliff! Made it to Laurel Falls. You can totally swim here. I don’t know if you can hear me because it’s so loud. But we’re having lunch. I’m just checking it out for a little while.
And then we’re heading towards Boots Off Hostel. So on this part of the trail, we sort of
to have to do like this cliff walk thing around the river. Not a fan. So we made it across the cliff. Yay!
It was a little, teeny bit nerve wracking for a minute. And it’s not like an actual cliff. Like up above, it’s a cliff, but like we’re were like along the edge. And then the
river was right there. It was just because the rocks were still
wet from the rain earlier, so it was a little slippery. But we’re taking a mini
break by the river. And then we are going to be hiking to Boots Off Hostel.
So not very many stops between there. And yeah. Excited to maybe get into the
river or the lake down there, if it’s not too cold later

Author: Kevin Mason

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