3 Powerful Networking Secrets of Influential People – Dan Lok

3 Powerful Networking Secrets of Influential People – Dan Lok

Author: Kevin Mason

33 thoughts on “3 Powerful Networking Secrets of Influential People – Dan Lok

  1. Remember 3 tips when you go out to network: "1) Become a person of value 2) Network for your network 3) Form a mastermind group" 
    QUESTION for you: What are you doing currently to become a person of value?

  2. Dont see it as obligation.
    1. Become person of value (beyond std)
    2: money is byprooduct of high value

    Value is salary for entrepreneur
    Networking for your network.

  3. This changes the way I think about my networking group. Typically we take turns talking about the type of referral we want. Now, I will think about how can I add value to THEM first.

  4. You can add value by listening and asking questions in order to help by providing a solution by your perspective backed( argumented ) by a similar experience/analogy 🙂

  5. Watch video multiple times to pick up on everything. Main gold nuggets:
    #1. There’s no law saying that you have to exchange information. When you network, be genuine. Get to know the other person. If there is a connection or an opportunity to add value, then that is when exchange of information should occur.

    #2. Money earned is a byproduct of value creation. The more value you deliver to people the more money you are going to make.

    You want higher income?
    Serve more people.

    #3. Become a person of value. A person of value is a person of
    1. influence
    2. expertise and experience
    3. big network

    #4. You have to become a person of value [beyond your core product or service]

    If you can only deliver value from your core product or service, isnt that very limited?
    So that restricts the amount of value you can deliver, restricts the amount of people you can serve, and restrict the amount of people you can meet.

    You have to be more diversified to expand your network.

    #5. As an entrepreneur, you don’t get paid for your time. You get paid for the value you bring to the time.

    So how can you become more valuable?
    1. Become an expert. Learn your subject.
    2. Expand your interest in others.
    3. Podcast, blog, create videos (content)
    4. Speak, host events
    5. Refer business to your customers.

    #6. You want to network for your network.

    Go and network for others. Network for your clients.
    1. When you refer customers to clients, they become happier and better clients.
    2. They refer more business to you.

    “Dan what if I don’t have a large network of high quality people?”
    It means you don’t have big client base. You don’t have clients to send referrals too.

    Associate with people who already have a huge network.

    #7. Join a mastermind group.

  6. Being in HTC and learning from Sifu Dan Lok, I now don't worry about getting something from everyone. I already have the best, so I can now apply these skills and network for my network, and geniuinely give value and learn.

  7. Dan when you say become a person of value, could that mean also increasing your skillset? By the way thank you for the insights.

  8. So many ah ha moments for me in this. I’ve always found networking a little awkward. ‘Networking for your network’ feels far more worthwhile and purposeful. Thank you Sifu 🙏

  9. Totally agree with your comments on service and becoming a person of value. Also agree about expanding your interests as a way to become more valuable. But probably your best tip you gave: network for your CLIENTS. Love that! Thanks Dan!

  10. Well stated, Sifu Dan. As you say and I'm paraphrasing, "your network is your network". Integrating this philosophy into a routine strategy is altering the trajectory of my business and personal life.

  11. Really open my mind. I always have trouble getting into network or meeting new faces. I stop working for other companies and help out in family business for years, so getting back into network seems impossible for me. Now I learned what should I focus in.

  12. My biggest takeaway is you need to create value beyond your core area of expertise. One way to do this is to get to know existing customers and find out their goals and needs beyond the service that you provide. Then you can refer your clients to other clients.

  13. Who else agrees that one of the values from this video is that the art of networking is giving. Giving value to others and not being selfish?

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