20 Best WordPress Blog Themes [2018]

20 Best WordPress Blog Themes [2018]

In this video, we’ll showcase the 20 best
WordPress blog themes for 2017 & 2018. We’ve reviewed 100’s, if not 1,000s of
WordPress themes, taking into account speed, design, ease of use, mobile responsiveness
and functionality to bring you the very best WordPress blog themes. Here’s a quick look at a few that made the
cut. We’ll walk you through the aspects where
the theme scored well, and let you know the areas you should be mindful of. To make life easier, we’ve created a blog
post that you can follow along with on the OHKLYN blog, at ohklyn 0-h-k-l-y-n.com/blog
(we’ll add a direct link to the article in the description below). There is also a link to our ‘How to Set
Up a WordPress Blog’ video for step by step instructions on how to set up your blog with
one of the top featured themes. As well as a link to discount hosting and
a free domain with our affiliate partner bluehost. If you want to learn more about how we analyze
themes, you can check out our article or video on ‘How to choose a wordpress theme’. All the links to the themes covered in this
video will be in the description box below, and on the OHKLYN blog post for your reference. So, without further ado, let’s take a look
at the best WordPress blog themes for 2017 & 2018. In the top spot, we have Olsen by CSSIgniter. We liked this theme so much we created a whole
tutorial dedicated to getting you up and running with it. If you want to follow along check out our
‘How to Set Up a WordPress Blog’ video which is linked in the description below and
can be found on the OHKLYN blog Cssigniter have some amazing themes, and Olsen
is no exception. This theme will work really well for a fashion,
beauty or lifestyle blog, but could also be used in a number of other scenarios. The main page has a ton of different widgets,
layouts, and navigation options to really customize the look of your blog. This theme has a real elegance to it, and
manages to include a huge amount of content, information, and features, without feeling
cluttered. Overall we scored this theme a 9 out of 10. Despite having a slightly slower page load
speed compared to some of the other themes on this list, Olsen excels in terms of design,
ease of use, mobile responsiveness and functionality. From a design perspective, the visuals are
stunning. The contrast between black, white and full-color
images create a very interesting and pleasant viewing experience. A gold hover state adds a dash of sophistication,
with the default typefaces complementing each other very nicely. A classy serif for the main headings and sans-serif
for the main text, navigation, buttons and other bits of information works really well
together – The padding, whitespace and lines that are used, also allows more breathing
room for content. E-commerce is fully integrated into the Olsen
theme through WooCommerce, and includes a “Grouped Products” feature that is simple,
yet effective. All the functionality you would expect in
a premium theme is included in the Olsen theme, as well as some special features such as “lookbooks”,
which allow you to show off collections, perfect for the fashion, beauty or lifestyle blogger. In addition to that, there is also the ability
to feature products within posts, and easily and stylishly include links to affiliate partners
or sponsored placements. Olsen translates almost perfectly to mobile,
including the shop functionality, making this a very well rounded theme and a perfect candidate
for your next blog theme. In second place, we have ‘The Voux’ Although it may not be for everyone or certain
types of blogs, The Voux is an elegant, beautifully crafted and functional WordPress blog theme
that we have fallen in love with. It has numerous layouts for you to choose
from, allowing your creativity and design style to really shine through. If you run a food, lifestyle or fashion blog,
The Voux may be the perfect fit. Expect elegant visuals and animations. We scored ‘The Voux’ a 9 out of 10 overall,
and it pretty much killed it in all categories, scoring an 8 out of 10 for speed and ease
of use. A 9 out of 10 for Design and functionality. And a perfect 10 for mobile responsiveness,
as it is one of the few themes where the mobile experience is even better than the desktop. Although a page load speed score of 8 out
of 10 may not seem like an overly impressive score, in this case, it is! That’s because this site isn’t one of
the leanest on this list. It has a lot of features and uses a lot of
media, and still manages to score a perfect “A” in regards to browser caching, minimizing
redirects and request size, as well as avoiding bad requests. This proves that the developers put a lot
of work into rounding off the edges. The Voux has a pretty standard navigation
menu. However, it expands in a functional and easy
to use mega menu. It loses some points because of the confusing
use of infinite scrolling in article pages and despite being an image-reliant blog, has
no zoom options. That being said, we had to dig deep to find
anything wrong with this design. Sharp colors are used beautifully on top of
images to create some interesting contrasts. The typography is elegant and also utilizes
bright colors to highlight quotes and keep your eyes engaged. To enhance the elegance, images softly fade
when you hover over them and most menus also have soothing animations. The Voux provides built-in e-commerce functionality
leveraging WooCommerce. The simple shopping experience should allow
you to sell any kind of product. For all the bloggers out there, it’s good
to know that social media is integrated into every single detail of this theme. Every page and every piece of content can
be shared, liked or pinned. Rounding out the top three, is ‘The blogger’ Aptly named, TheBlogger is a good all-rounder. It performs well above average in most departments
and overall scored an 8 out of 10. The minimalist look and feel of this theme
might make you think it is lightweight, but it has one of the biggest feature ranges and
customization options in this list. This theme is towards the bottom of the list
in terms of of speed, however, just like Olsen, this theme makes up for its low score in this
area with its tasteful design and array of features. The developers should put more work into browser
caching where it scored dismally low compared to the straight A’s it got in other departments. Despite all its features, TheBlogger still
has a very simple and easy-to-use design. It features a standard mega menu that allows
for easy navigation between sections. The shopping section is really well done with
a simple number box to increase quantity and a nice tab design to switch between product
information. The image sliders functionality is also easy-to-use
which is great for bloggers! We’re a fan of simplicity in design, and
TheBlogger nailed this! The design overwhelmingly makes use of black
artifacts on a white backdrop – Images in turn have white typography or shapes on them. This gives the design plenty of breathing
space. The theme also makes good use of some parallax
in its images. This theme completely changes its appearance
for mobile. You’d almost not recognize it if you didn’t
know it was the same theme. Our only concern is the very shallow navigation
that can make you scratch your head a bit on how to get to a certain page. The developers pride themselves on giving
their clients a huge amount of customization options and include one of the biggest pre-set
layout ranges you will see in this list. There are also a bunch of custom widgets supporting
different social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. All images also have lightbox support, so
you can zoom in till your heart’s content. The next WordPress theme is Foodica We scored this theme an 8 out of 10 overall,
with it’s design, ease of use, and mobile responsiveness really standing out. Foodica just missed out on our top 3, but
could easily make it in any other list. If the name hasn’t given it away, this blog
theme is all about food! It has great article templates for recipes
and ingredient lists. The design is also clean and elegant, with
good use of white space and modern, readable fonts. It is easily one of the most attractive themes
in this list. All the color layout options play well into
the food topic, and features simply and easy to use navigation. eCommerce enabled with extensive widgets and
features, Foodica is ‘the theme’ to use if you’re running or starting a food blog. The next WordPress theme is Writing, which
earned an 8 out of 10. This theme is a picture of simplicity. Interestingly, this blog theme seems to be
geared towards artisans. With it’s minimal and clean design encouraging
readers to indulge in the content, this theme is ideal for sharing your handiwork, creativity,
or prose with the world. What lets this theme down slightly is it’s
slower page load speed, and it’s limited features. Although, just like Foodica, it uses white
space and standard navigation really well to provide an easy-to-use experience. This theme is a shining example of minimalism. The next WordPress theme is Paperbag Scoring an overall 8 out of 10, this theme
has somewhat of a hipster vibe. This theme comes from the same creators as
Olsen and shares most of its merits. It shares the same features, navigation and
is all round very similar. Unfortunately, this includes having a slower
page load speed, compared to some of its peers. Olsen has the upper hand when it comes to
design, however, large readable fonts, and a wide range of layouts are a huge plus. This theme has a lot of the features you would
want in a blog theme including a number of custom widgets, easy social media and newsletter
integration and a clean and minimal design. Unlike the Olsen theme, Paperbag doesn’t
include eCommerce integration. So if that’s important to you, go with Olsen
instead. The next WordPress theme is The Chatter We gave this theme an overall rating of 8
out of 10. The Chatter is a good looking blog theme. Every font, color, and graphical element feels
suave and sophisticated. It’s also intuitive and very easy to use,
and includes some unique blog features. This is a well balanced theme and runs off
The Core, Themefuse’s theme infrastructure that allows for easy customization, and advanced
features. When you purchase this theme you get access
to a number of other layouts and designs as part of their core offering. The mobile experience is also fantastic in
that it’s not just a resized version, but they solve some smaller display problems in
unique ways, with great navigation. The next WordPress theme is Supergrid
Boasting an overall score of 8 out of 10 this theme features a fully responsive and adaptive
grid layout which is quite unique. Perfect for a lifestyle, magazine, or viral
news style blog. These types of blogs can often seem tacky,
however, Super Grid brings some style to the genre. There aren’t many layout options, but it
does what it’s meant to do, and as far as Grid layouts go, this one is a winner. E-commerce is available and the shopping experience
is straightforward. It offers plenty of space for advertising
and has a unique tag cloud feature. It also adapts well to mobile screens. With a minimal design that really brings your
content into focus, there is nothing to complain about – Its simplistic nature also makes
it the fastest blog theme on this list. The next WordPress theme is It’s a Wrap This is a unique theme, scoring an 8 out of
10 This one is for is for all the vloggers out
there. Tesla themes dramatic and visually appealing
style seems to suit the entertainment industry perfectly. Wrap, or it’s a wrap would be an ideal blog
theme for a vlogger, or someone focusing on the movie or entertainment industry. This theme features a number of unique layouts,
all of which are straight to the point, yet flexible and deal well with video elements
and images. There is also a unique ‘submit your video’
feature, which allows users to submit video content. Because they kept it simple the theme responds
well on other displays to provide a consistent user experience. The next WordPress theme is The Motion We graded this theme 8 out of 10 overall. As you can see this theme scored reasonably
well across all categories, our only concern is that the design isn’t overly inspiring. It’s very square and to the point, however,
we realize that may suit certain types of blogs and design styles. It’s one of the few blogs on this list dedicated
to video content and has some specific features, for example, a YouTube-ish widget next to
videos which highlights related videos and/or the next videos in the series, which is great
if you’re in the vlogging, education, or digital product space. It also supports WooCommerce, to easily integrate
an online store. The next WordPress theme is MyBlog Which scored an 8 out of 10. MyBlog is lightning fast and is in the top
3 for page speed. It does depend slightly on which design you
choose, for example, the gaming skin understandably performs a little worse. All of the styles feel like the use of color
and typography needs an update and some refinement. Other than that though, the navigation, layout
options, and mobile responsiveness all tick the box. This theme includes eCommerce functionality
and comes with a number of pre-defined layouts to get up and running quickly. The next WordPress theme is Relive This theme earned an overall grade of 8 out
of 10 The look of this theme is nothing short of
spectacular. It’s one of the few themes that has very
little white space, but manages to pull it off! As you can expect with all the imagery, it’s
a little slower than some of its counterparts. Relive however, would make an excellent travel
and experience blog. It doesn’t have much in terms of functionality,
and it’s not really geared towards bloggers that want to run an online shop. However, for any of the thrill seekers, adventurers,
and explorers out there, this theme is worth a look. The only small fault with the design is that
some links aren’t clickable for the whole area, only the text is clickable, which is
an easy fix if you know a little CSS. We are putting together a CSS fundamentals
course for WordPress at the moment, which could help skill you up in this space. To learn more head to courses.ohklyn.com and
sign up to our newsletter to be notified and receive a discount. The next WordPress theme is BuzzBlog, which
scored 7 out of 10 overall What we like about this theme is that it’s
one of the only themes on this list with zoomable images! It’s another theme that leans towards that
hipster vibe, and features a one-click demo content import tool which is an awesome feature. It’s a very cool theme, but feels a little
washed out. We don’t love the textured backgrounds but
they do add a little character, similarly the choice of gray doesn’t quite feel right,
however, the good news is, this can be easily customized. BuzzBlog gets points for having e-commerce
support, a bunch of features, and some pretty hover animations. The next WordPress theme is Brixton We gave this theme a 7 out of 10. This theme has a very modern / trendy vibe
that would be a perfect match for a fashion, beauty, lifestyle, high-end travel, or shopping
blog. It has a real elegance and sophistication
to it, with its minimalistic design and nice use of CSS animation and general styling. What lets this theme down is its page speed,
and lack of features, namely eCommerce support. Other than that though, it’s an attractive
and eclectic theme with a number of layout options, widgets, and styles to choose from. The next WordPress theme is The Essence With a score of 7 out of 10, This theme had
the potential to be great, but unfortunately settled for good. With an elegant and feminine design this theme
does a lot of things right, and looks great on all devices. The navigation is solid and has some unique
elements. The theme also comes with a number of custom
widgets and features, which helps to really customize your blog. However, the lack of hover states on links,
buttons, and images leave you feeling a little emotionally detached. These things can easily be fixed with some
custom CSS, but they really should have thought about this. The lack of eCommerce integration may present
a challenge for some, although if you can get over this, and happen to know a little
CSS, then this theme could be the one. The next WordPress theme is Divi Divi is lower down on the list than it actually
deserves with a score of 7 out of 10. It could potentially be a very good blogging
WordPress theme, in fact it’s the theme we’re using on the OHKLYN blog at the moment. The keyword however, is potentially. Divi is a multi-purpose theme, and is really
suited more towards building websites, rather than stand-alone blogs. That being said, Divi is one of the most popular
themes around, and has a huge community of followers and contributors, which means you
get access to support forums, layouts and designs, and tutorials. One of the best things about Divi is it’s
intuitive page builder and mobile responsiveness. The next WordPress theme is BloggingBox We gave this theme an overall score of 7 out
of 10 This theme comes with a number of layout options
tailored towards a news, travel, or fitness oriented blog. BloggingBox is a more informal and light-hearted
blogging theme, however the design feels a little heavier compared to other options on
this list, which we recognize may suit certain users. One thing we really like about this theme
is that it integrates with, and allows you to share content on almost any platform you
can think of, even GitHub! This theme responds well on mobile, and is
compatible with WooCommerce, which adds to its appeal. The next WordPress theme is Rosemary This theme earned an overall rating of 7 out
of 10 It’s mobile responsiveness is by far this
theme’s best attribute. Like The Voux, its mobile experience is even
better than the desktop version. Unlike The Voux however, it doesn’t have
that many features and it doesn’t have any e-commerce support. Other than that, it’s a relatively easy-to-use
theme with a clean and simple design. The text in paragraphs feels a little too
small, which is an easy fix in the customizer settings. There is also very little in the way of animations,
which makes it feel a little too static. Once again though, if you know a little CSS,
this is an easy fix. The next WordPress theme is ViralPro This theme is a little different and earnt
a 7 out of 10. It is geared exclusively towards Viral news
blogs. If you don’t run this kind of blog, then
we’ll cover off on this one quickly! For what it does, it does well. This theme is not meant to be attractive,
but to get people to click and read articles. It scores reasonable well for speed, ease
of use, mobile experience, and functionality and includes a number of features and widgets
tailored to this niche. It doesn’t have eCommerce functionality
built in, and isn’t likely to win any design awards, but it is effective. Rounding out the top 20 is Modern Studio Pro,
with an overall score of 7 out of 10 StudioPress create beautiful themes and this
one is no exception. They are synonymous with clean and modern
design. The biggest issue with Modern Studio Pro,
despite it being a bit of a lightweight in terms of features (for example, no eCommerce
support), is that it’s ranked towards the bottom of the list in terms of page speed. Other than that flaw, it’s easy-to-use,
has tasteful navigation, and looks great on all devices. It embraces the minimalist approach, with
great use of white space, typefaces, and hover states. Everything feels sophisticated and considered. Alright, well that completes our review of
the 20 best WordPress Blog Themes for 2017 & 2018. Hopefully, you found something you like – or
will discover something in the process of exploring some of the theme providers covered
in this video. Remember you can find the links to all of
the themes covered in this video in the description box below, or on the OHKLYN blog at ohklyn
o-h-k-l-y-n .com. We’ll also provide a list of our preferred
WordPress theme providers, so that you can explore their themes further, and find the
right theme for you. If you liked this video, hit the like button,
and to learn more about blogging, WordPress, or digital marketing remember to subscribe
to our YouTube channel and sign up for our newsletter at OHKLYN o-h-k-l-y-n .com – and
until next time, happy blogging.

Author: Kevin Mason

6 thoughts on “20 Best WordPress Blog Themes [2018]

  1. I have not found any WordPress theme selections here that would suit my planned blog for one reason. Typography was not in its criteria. Not the fault of the reviewer here but I have noticed many of these blog themes to be bloated (which of course can be customized once purchased), lifestyle-oriented, even magazine-oriented and even more feminine to a degree which is not wrong but ill-suited for my site, although these may of course be just the samples. There is nothing wrong with all these themes; they're beautiful, perhaps too beautiful for my site. The sample here show amazing design work, but which could be distracting if one is running a serious blog. Would you know of any WP theme that is like Medium.com. I would like people to focus on the content (content is king) than the visuals? Right now, these blog samples focus on design than content. The search for the true blogging theme continues.

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