11 Ways to Monetize a New Blog

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to my channel and
I have a quick question for you. Are you searching for some smart ways to
monetize a new blog? If so, you’re in the right place. You see, you don’t need to
have a huge audience in order to start making money online. Monetizing a small
blog is absolutely possible when you choose the right offerings and market
yourself effectively. So in this video, I’m going to share 11 ways to monetize a
new blog so your website can start turning a profit. Before we begin, I’d
like to stress that monetizing a small blog can be done. And you don’t need
to have a large audience or a massive email list in order to make money as a
blogger. When it comes down to making the sale, it’s more important to have a
smaller, highly targeted audience of the right people than it is to have a huge
following of people who just aren’t your ideal customer and reader. It’s all about
choosing the right offerings for you. You also need to position yourself as an
authority to build trust with your audience and establish a relationship
with them. Without a level of trust, they’re never gonna buy anything from
you. They need to know that you truly know your stuff in order for them to
hand over their hard-earned cash. Earning trust with your audience is a topic for
another day though, but today we’re just gonna focus on determining how you can
turn a profit online by sharing some of the top offerings that you can create. So, let’s dive in! One of the best ways to monetize a new blog is through your own
products and services. And this is primarily what I rely on to make money
online, as opposed to other sources. Why? Well, it gives me more control over the
money I make. I can promote the things I create to land sales or clients. With
advertisements in your sidebar, you’re just waiting for someone to click an ad
so you can make a small amount of cash. You really can’t promote that. But with
your own products and services, you have to put in the hard work to create
something to sell and market it. It’s a lot more satisfying, in my opinion,
because your success is directly related to the work you put into it. You have to
understand your audience to deliver something they need
and you need knowledge in order to create a valuable offering. You have to
work hard to bring it to life and then you’ll need to market it to successfully
make sales. So, what are some great ways to monetize a new blog through products
and services? I’m going to share a few ideas that you can use! First up is
coaching. One-on-one coaching is a great way to make money through your blog. If
you have a lot of expertise in your field, why not put it to use by helping
other people who may be struggling? You can become a coach and provide private
sessions or group sessions where you work directly with your clients. Another
option is to provide specialty services. If you want to work with clients, you
might offer something different than one-on-one coaching. You can provide a
specialty service depending on your own strengths and what you’re passionate
about. You could be a web designer, a copywriter, or something else. Use your
blog to promote those awesome skills of yours to land new clients. One popular
way to make an income online is through courses. An e-course is a fantastic way
to teach a skill while reaching multiple people at once. One-on-one coaching is
certainly very rewarding, but it’s also time consuming. You can put your
knowledge to work for you by creating a course your target market would love. The
great thing about e-courses is that they’re essentially passive income once
they’re created. They typically don’t require much effort from you after that,
unless you’re running open and closed launches or maintaining a live student
classroom. However, once the material is created, the hardest part is really done. An e-book is definitely a great option to consider. You can compile some of your
best content and put it together in the form of an e-book to sell to your
audience. e-books are 100% passive income because once they’re written, all you have to do is promote them and let the sales roll in. Another amazing way to provide value is through an online workshop. You can
consider running an online workshop to connect with your audience and teach
them a skill. Many bloggers have run successful online
workshops that last a couple of hours or span the course of a weekend. What kind of workshop can you create that your audience would be interested in? A workshop will allow you to provide tremendous value to your
audience in a short amount of time. You can even choose to create a membership
site. A membership site would include a monthly fee and provide your readers
with exclusive content on a regular basis. Put all of your best stuff within
the membership site and create a community for members to join. Digital
downloads are another way to make passive income online. Many people sell
digital downloads of printable materials through their site. This could be some
sort of graphic design, or it could be a printable planner, or even a workbook. And
finally, you could go the route of physical products. Just because you’re
running an online business, don’t forget about physical products as
a way to monetize your blog. You could publish a book, create a planner, artwork
or mugs! There are a ton of options when it comes to physical products. It is
demanding work, but if you know your audience would love it, it’s worth a shot. Now, let’s say you aren’t ready to start offering your own products and services
just yet. Or perhaps you’d like to add on other
strategies for monetizing a small blog. If so, you can always make cash by
promoting other people’s stuff. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with running
ads on your website, doing sponsored posts, or anything like that. I mean, you
have to make a living, right? Personally I don’t rely on these methods, although I
do use some of them. They’re just not my primary source of income, although many
people do make a good deal of money through these options. So, here are a few
things you can consider adding to your blog. You can join
affiliate programs. This is the only way I monetize my blog outside of my own
products and services right now. So, if there’s a company whose product I love,
I’m more than happy to sign up for their affiliate program and spread the word.
I’m an affiliate for Dreamhost, the Genesis Framework, ConvertKit, BoardBooster, and even Erin Condren because I love their planners. I also use Amazon’s
affiliate program when linking to products that I talk about. So, if there’s
a product or service you use and recommend to friends, see if they have an
affiliate program to sign up for. You can share affiliate links on your blog when
it’s appropriate. Of course, one of the most obvious ways to monetize your blog
is by placing ads on your site. You can set up agreements with
specific brands or you can join an ad network. The disadvantage with ads is
that you’re essentially encouraging someone to click off your site to make
you money with pay-per-click ads. You also earn a small amount based on the
amount of impressions and ad receives. This isn’t really appealing to me, which
is why I don’t use ads like that anymore. I did when I first started blogging back
in 2009, but I really didn’t keep them on my site for a long time. If you do decide
to use ads though, make sure you’re not cluttering your site with them. Another
option is to partner with bloggers or brands to do sponsorships or sponsored
posts to bring in some extra cash. One way to do sponsorships with bloggers is
by creating packages that they can purchase as a way to place an ad for
their blog on your site. You can also do sponsored posts with brands where you
write about them or a specific product and get paid for doing so. Alright, so to close out this video I want to share one last piece of advice
before you begin monetizing a small blog. While it’s great to make an income
online through your blog, please remember that you can’t be 100% focused on money. Your priority should, first and foremost, be providing quality content that’s
valuable to your audience. If you want people to read your site and keep coming
back for more, you need to give them amazing content
for free. monetization should be secondary, in my opinion. Alright so,
that’s a wrap on this video! I hope you found these eleven ways to monetize a
new blog beneficial. If you found a new monetization strategy that you’ll
implement for your blog, let me know in the comments because I’d love to hear
from you guys. And don’t forget to subscribe for more tips on building a
successful blog.

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