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  1. hello please versiun android studio 2.2.1 createprocess error=216, this version of %1 is not compatible with the version of windows you re running check your computer's system information and then contact the software publisher

  2. It would be awesome to actually get a description of why an app / update got rejected.. I used a CC-BY Image in my app and every other update of it got rejected because the reviewer thought I don't have the rights for the image.. the problem I had was that the email only stated that something was not mine.. It should have given me a description on what actually is meant with that.

  3. I hate it when my app is suspended because of violating the sensitive events policy but other guys's apps just with the same contents are still there.

  4. Yeah….. but how is the developer is supposed to fix a problem when the app suspension mail only says "xyz policy violation", which is very broad and doesn't actually explain how the app violates it? Responding to that mail receives a canned bot reply saying "we can't provide further info on this" etc.

  5. Its a shame your policies are so randomly applied. If you are a developer one app can violate and another not. Doesn't make sense. You should also have a better developer support team. Once you get your account suspended you are basically screwed.

  6. I got mail regarding "Unauthorized Use of Copyrighted Content policy" where my app has content which is more than 60 years old and a part of creative commons. They asked me for documents to use it. How can I get this document when the author is long dead.

  7. Download here the US Constitution App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.twismart.usconstitution

  8. Google does not respect developers, it acts with them like with dirt.

    We had a game Happy Room that have some amount of violence in it, but not more then some other apps in google play, like Mortal Combat or tons of zombie games.

    And we got 2 apps ban before we even managed how to get game approved for store. First time google banned app because as they say "violates violence policy". When I show other games with violence (mortal combat) to them, they say we don't care, other games does not effect your case. You can report those games if you think they violates something. Also when I ask what I need to change in game so it will be ok with violence policy they did not give an answer just say upload new version with fixes. But multiple violations may ban your account … but what fixes??

    So next time we have uploaded less violent version of our game, where you need to destroy robots instead of humans. Google approved our game for release, we got to popular new games with tens of thousand downloads per day and then google ban our game and entire account because of violence violation?!

    They did not say what part of a game violates and did not allow you to fix it. And after your account banned they sujest you not to upload apps anymore and find another distribution source! What a service, heaven for indie devs!

    Like if you have 3 mistakes just go and die, you loose in life, right google?

    Sure Mortal Combat from Warner Bros. devs have dirrect contact with google, rules only for losers as I suggest.

  9. Why not you guys follow Apple store rules, they reject app and send full details with screenshots but you guys do shit by sending account termination email.

  10. Google Play Store is FULL of malicious apps that violates the policy. Even if you report them 100+ times, they are still in the market. I can show you bunch of apps with millions of downloads displaying ads after each phone call! The rules in Google Play are not equal for all developers.

  11. play store has so much apps like sexy story and all that type apps…..and they says that sexual related apps are not allowed….but u can see lot of medium sexual apps are on the playstore….and when u upload some violance included game after lots of hardworking nights they suspends you app by saying its vioaltes the fucking bla bla policy.

  12. Why did you then allow the existence of the application https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xotel.Avon&hl=uk

    I agree with your policy if you all forbid it.
    Delete then https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xotel.Avon&hl=uk

  13. I added a link to a facebook page in the play store description and my app got suspended. THAT"S IT! for adding a "Visit us on facebook" link. I feel that was too harsh and beside, I don't think it was a violation

  14. There is an app similar to mine which is kinda cards game, and I uploaded it and after some time I got a mail saying your app is not available in Saudi Arabia and some other countries, but many apps similar to mine are available in Saudi Arabia. I mailed them and the only answer I get REVIEW YOUR APP again for almost 10days….. What should I do?

  15. Google is worse. They first approve the app and when app gets traction then they suspend it saying that its a impersonating policy violation. This happened with me. 2 strikes within minutes of each other. How was I supposed to fix both ? Even though they sent mails at 3am when I was sleeping. Let's begin a campaign #saynotogoogleplay

  16. I received a notification from Google Play, about the fact that "Your app's content rating is inaccurate."
    In the notification, you also need to specify which age rating to install. Because in another way, I raised it, and then it was blocked.

  17. Very bad suupport from Google and they susspend my app due to one screen shot show ratings and even my app nay contain any force ratings every thing perfect but google play system is bad.. I hate and i thought ios is better then google…… 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  18. I get app suspended after 4 years because "spy others" and only is a backround audio recorder in local.
    I try to talk Google and just ignore my questions. I feel despised.

  19. I'm a beginner, first account and I already have 2 apps suspended with no opportunity to fix. It's the most frustrating experience I've ever felt in my life. my dream of being a developer of apps and games is shaken. I am discouraged. I did not know it would be like this, they do not give us a chance to learn from mistakes and correct them. they simply suspend your app without first rejecting your posts, citing bugs and corrections. Using a manual does not help. meanwhile, many malicious developers are not banned and their applications are available.

    It is horrible to feel discouraged and to see that it was not worth it.

  20. Issue: Violation of Metadata policy

    We don't allow apps with misleading, irrelevant, excessive, or inappropriate metadata, including but not limited to the app's description, developer name, title, icon, screenshots, and promotional images. We also don't allow user testimonials in the app's description.

    The flagged content in your store listing relates to graphic violence prominently depicted in app icons, promotional images, text, or videos. Your store listing can be seen by all users (signed-in or not) and needs to be appropriate for all audiences.

    Submit your app for another review

    Read through the Metadata policy and make appropriate changes to your app.Make sure that your app is compliant with all other Developer Program Policies. Additional enforcement could occur if there are further policy violations.Sign in to your Play Console and submit the update to your app.

    If you’ve reviewed the policy and feel our decision may have been in error, please reach out to our policy support team. One of my colleagues will get back to you within 2 business days.

    Thanks for your continued support of Google Play.


  21. Even then your accounts can be terminated any time once your account got terminated! So, Its looks good to talk but nothing else. Leaving google playfor ever! Its sucks

  22. Hi Support , i have a question.
    is it allowed to watch YouTube videos even when the screen is locked?
    because this app "https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.heroofthesun.floatube" does it
    can I upload on store a decent app?

  23. Play Store es una porquería, una estupidez en donde te banean por todo … Como sugerencia y casi una obligación cambiar al App Store ya me aburrí de sus email predeterminados y poco claros…

  24. my app is suspended because of violating the sensitive events policy but other guys's apps just with the same contents are still there.

  25. Hey Google, just get your stuff right and let people do apps. And that's your responsibility to take care of the security if you want to run a "store". Incorportate those rules in your bloated Android Studio, why we do we have to care about most of that stuff seriously at all? 90% of making an app is to follow some silly rules. Each developer is forced to do the same steps over and over, and you have an AI for cooling the datacenter or predicting a disease, yet you can't organize your development process. If you already decided to use that terrible JAVA language, and you made the Android API even worse, just make something right this time.

  26. can we use amazon affiliate links in our playstore app or not..?? Please replay please please ??? who know this ans please replay

  27. i published a very simple webview app a month ago. the website is about snack online shop and then i got violation policy. oh man…

  28. I would rate Google Service 0/10. There are a lot of problems with them.
    1. They do not contact you before removing the app. They just cut you, even if they made a mistake. The response it two slow (you can wait 3 days) and It is so lame and not interested into the issue it made me thoughtthe response was made my a bot.

  29. I suddenly received an email saying that my app is Violating Google's policies, I mean if it did then at least notify me about the issue if I can't solve it then you can terminate my account, and maybe once a developer gets flagged for violating your policies then Google can maybe review the app more strictly but out right removing app with account termination without even notifying the issue to developer ?? That's just unacceptable at least notify me or tell me what was the issue

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