10 Phrases for Networking, Making Contacts & Friends | Go Natural English

10 Phrases for Networking, Making Contacts & Friends | Go Natural English

Hello and welcome back to go natural English I am so excited you’re here friends because today we’re talking about how to make new friends It’s all about connecting with people like literally getting their contact Information if you meet someone once that’s great But in order to really establish a great friendship or a business connection, you really have to connect with that person over time now last week we talked about how to change a topic or end a conversation, but you know What if you want to stay in touch with that person even after that first conversation ends? So today we’re going to learn ten phrases you can use to smoothly and naturally stay in touch with your new Friends, so whether you are a native English speaker Networking at a business event, or maybe if you’re an English Learner looking to make more English-speaking friends, this is for you now if this is your first time here welcome My name is Gabby Wallace and I’d love to help you have better connections with people and better conversations so let’s jump into ten phrases that you can use to stay connected now a really Important point here is that before you ask for someone’s contact information I think it’s really important to establish that you have some reason to stay in touch So maybe you have a common interest or an activity you’d like to do together or like an event that you both want to go? To so something in common Otherwise if there’s no reason for you to really stay in touch, it just feels a little awkward so first establish that you have something in common and then go ahead and use one of these phrases now as you’re watching this I want to Know what is your favorite way to stay in touch with people? What do you use the email whatsapp Instagram and can you think of any other? Phrases that are not listed here. Can you add them to the comments and help us out? All right. Here we go Number one, let’s exchange Info let’s exchange info. So simply make the suggestion Hey, let’s exchange info or we should change info or let’s exchange contact information So different ways of saying the same thing, but it’s very common. It’s very natural to simply say. Hey, let’s exchange info It’s been great talking with you over – you’re gonna ask more specifically do you use whatsapp? Yeah. Sure. Let me give you my number Number 3. Do you have Instagram? Yeah, let me give you my profile Let’s follow each other number 4 you can simply offer your information Let me give you my Instagram so we can stay in touch Let me give you my email so we can stay in touch Let me give you my phone number so we can stay in touch number 5 This one is a little bit more advanced a little bit more Ninja skills because you’re actually going to say something that makes the other person Want to give you their contact? Information so number 5 is I’m going to an events Next week that I’d love to invite you to so you should actually have an event in mind Ideally and then that person hopefully will say oh, that sounds interesting You know and tell them a little bit about the event and hopefully they will want to give you their information Because they would like to be invited to that event number 6. This one is really great for a business networking context Is it okay if I reach out to you about this in a couple weeks or? Two for one here. Is it okay if I circle back to you about this in a couple weeks? Another person says yeah sure. Let me give you my contact information number seven. I’d really love to followup with you on this topic Let’s exchange information. So obviously you can mix and match these phrases here You don’t have to use only one you can use Two of them or three of them depending on your conversation number eight. Is it okay if we stay in touch? Sure, that’d be great. Here’s my contact info number nine. How can I connect with you after this? Oh, here’s my card. And finally number ten pretty direct and simple Do you mind if I get your contact info or do you mind if I get your contact information? So pay attention to if you’re learning English to the pronunciation here You can make your pronunciation sound a little bit more natural If you say let me instead of let’s meet so now if you get someone’s contact information What are you gonna do with it in next week’s video? We’re gonna talk about how to write better email in English So this will be really helpful because you’re gonna know in next week’s video Exactly what to say when you follow up with someone in an email because what is the point if you get someone’s contact information? But then you never follow up with them. It’s so sad. So next week Wednesday 10:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time We’re gonna learn ten phrases that you need to know to write better Emails for networking for business reasons and even for making new friends. So awesome now what to watch next? You should check out last week’s video about how to change the topic or end a conversation right up Here another suggestion is to check out the conversation killers video right over here so that you can have better conversations And get to that point where people want to give you their contact Info, so I will see you in both of these videos and thank you for watching. Bye for now

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    Let me tell you my opinion – asking a contact info to someone who was just introduced to you is not very polite. I'd prefer to suggest him/her to contact me if he/she thinks it can be useful/interesting for him/her. Just give him/her your contact info but never ask his/her contact info until he/she suggests it to you 🙂

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  23. I really love your accent u speak very well and I can understand your English well. I hope to be a fluency like native speakers .
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