10 Essential Parts Of A Blog

10 Essential Parts Of A Blog

Essential Parts of a Blog Hello everyone, this is Alek from alekstanojevic.com
and you are watching the video number 2 from the “Create Your First Blog With Alek” video
series. Before starting a blog, let us first discuss
its most essential components. If you are new to this blogging thing this may sound
technical to you at first, but I promise that it will all become clear as we go on. So, let’s get started… A typical blog has the following parts… 1. Home Page If blogs are online diaries, then the home
page is the ‘cover’ that tells other people what to expect from your blog. The home page is the starting point where
visitors can access your latest posts, categories, archives, and all the other parts of your
blog. 2. Header A blog header appears at the top of a blog,
spans the width of the blog, and usually looks the same on all pages of a blog. The header can include text and an image,
and is used to brand the blog by giving it a specific look and feel. Some header designs include space where a
blogger can include special links or ads. 3. Posts Posts (or entries) are shown in a chronological
sequence (usually newest to oldest) on a single page, such as your home page or an archive
of posts from a particular month or category. A blog post can be an article, photo, audio,
or video that you ‘post’ on your blog. Regularly updated posts are the main reason for a blog’s
being, and the only reason why readers keep coming back for more. Once your visitors select a post to view by
itself, they’ll be able to read the comments as well as your content. If your reader wants
to be notified every time you add a new article, your content should go into posts. 4. Pages Pages are usually used for static content,
such as an About or Contact page. They are not grouped in chronological order, and each
page will appear on its own screen. Pages can be arranged in a parent/child (category/sub-category)
hierarchy, but if you need a more complex or flexible taxonomy, posts would probably
work better. 5. Categories A category is the general topic the post can
be classified in. Usually, bloggers have 7 – 10 categories for their content, and readers
can browse specific categories to see all posts in the category. 6. Archives Archives contains links to your previous posts.
You may show archived posts in different ways – chronologically, alphabetically, by category,
by most number of comments, or by most recently commented entries. 7. Blogroll Blogroll points the reader to your favorite
blogs or websites. When your blog is focused on a particular theme, the Blogroll section
is where you tell readers about related sites that they may also find interesting. 8. Comments Attached at the bottom of each post is a Comments
section, where readers can leave a short note to say what they think about that particular
post. Comments are an important part of what make
blogs more exciting and interactive compared to other websites. 9. Opt-in Form An opt-in or subscription form on a blog is
a tool that has helped catapult a lot of famous bloggers to success. The secret ingredient was the subscribers
list – readers who opt-in or sign up for email newsletter updates, free email course, or
free ebook. By inviting your readers to subscribe, you
are effectively asking them to keep coming back, to not forget you, and to pay attention
to what you have to say. 10. Permalinks Permalinks allow other bloggers to refer to
your blog, page or post on their blogs – within their blogroll section. As its name suggests, a permalink is a permanent
link that points to one of your blog posts – even after it has passed from the front
page, and been transferred to your archives. Now that you know what are the most important
parts of a blog it’s time to think about what you will blog about. If you haven’t yet made up your mind about
a specific blogging topic, then i’m sure the next video will be very helpful, because… In the next video I will give you some ideas
about finding the main topic for your blog If you’ve learned something new from this
video, please leave a comment, like or subscribe to this channel so we can stay in touch. Anyways, thanks for watching and I’ll see
you in the next video! Have a nice day. http://www.alekstanojevic.com/work-with-alek/

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