10 Best Ways To Monetize A Blog

hey guys Justin Bryant here from self-made success dot com and a lot of people are trying to make blogs these days and you might be one of them and you’re
looking for ways to monetize that blog actually make some money from it so you
can make a living online and not have to work a job the rest
your life and it’s not the easiest thing in the
world to do for most people because they don’t know exactly what they’re doing and they get overwhelmed by how many
options there are some I talk about ten main options that you have for
monetizing your blog and I’m going to break them down a little bit for you and kind of show you how they work alright
so the first one we’re gonna go over here is affiliate
marketing okay because affiliate marketing basically you can just go to a site like
Clickbank dot com okay You go to a site like Clickbank and all you do is you sign up and neither you can become a marketer or vendor now you probably don’t want to
be a vendor yet if you’re just starting out in marketing and you don’t have a experience in
creating our own products so what i recommend is you become a marketer this way you can get paid commissions
on other on marketing other people’s products through sites like Clickbank as other sites
to like JV Zoo is another one there’s others but a Clickbank is probably the biggest why in
your prime had the most options here so if you need something
that has the sales page done for you as the product done for you and you just
want to send the affiliate link for your blog to sell
stuff that way that’s going to be about the easiest way
to do that now with Adsense Adsense are a basically ads like these as you can see here this is an AdSense
ad you can can it tell by these little a
these little things right here shows you the ad as the X on it and the other little symbol there but these
are from Google and Google’s ad program is one of the biggest in the world and that’s how they make all their money
is through Adsense okay so you can come up with these ads that kinda
look like this mostly text ads is what you wanna go for
because people don’t really go for image ads as much as they used to they want you know people are kinda immune to ads these days but the thing about AdSense is it
puts ads on there that are related to what other people have been looking at before they visit your site so it’s always something that you know
if they visited page before they came to your site your blog then they’ll probably see an ad on Adsense ad space on your site about this site they were at before so it makes it more likely to buy stuff
but you get paid every time they click on it so it’s really the easiest way to
make money if you get approved okay so when you’re going to get
approved for something like that you want to make sure that you just go through adsense and it’s free to sign up then you can also make money from your
YouTube videos but when he signed up for your blog make sure that when you have to put the add code on
your on your blog to get approved put it
actually like in the in the text like say you
put HTML in here instead of over here in your widget bars
see i put it in my widget bar and it kept messing up wouldn’t get approved
and when I put it right here you know in the middle of a
blog post that’s when it got impressions it got approved so that’s just a kinda side note for you if
you decide to go with Adsense another thing you can do is sell your own
products okay when you sell your own products you make more money but it’s a lot more
work because you have to come up with something that you can sell obviously in
usually when you’re on the internet here you have a blog you sell information or a mastermind
group or affiliate stuff but when you sell
your own product you can have kind of like a mat like I
said a mastermind group where people join and pay monthly to be a part of
this group and kinda talk about the industry with each
other share tips and ideas and strategies you can a you can make e-books and sell them on Amazon Kindle or just sell them on your site he can make
courses there’s a website called Udemy dot com where you can do that if you don’t wanna hosted on your own
site but you need to know a lot about a certain subject before you do this and the media look into how to create an
actual product case if he’s regained the lights software and
actual hand like products you can actually hold
your hand have to ship in staff bag it’s really complicated self you to sell your
products make sure you know a whole lot about a
certain subject that most people down and you evaluate what kind competition there is no market place in
kinda get ideas from others that are on doing something similar to what
you’re thinking about and I make it just like a digital course or
something like that like a video course or a ebook or
something like that that’s a good place to start but that’s probably gonna
make you something most money especially if you get to where you can sell high
ticket items a Amazon ads are good to you because they’re actually
products and you actually get paid when products are sold within 24 hours people clicking on the ad cell if this
wasn’t Amazon ad and people clicked on that you
don’t get paid for the click but you get paid if somebody buys anything on Amazon I didn’t have to be
the exact product they buy anything on Amazon than 24
hours from your link from your blog you get paid a commission
on that commissions that going to be huge but you have related products to your blog a
new you do a good job picking the right
products to display then you’ll get some nice
commissions building up and as you get more traffic
you get more she at the you can do is sell consulting okay consulting you definitely want to
be kinda more of an expert in your field before you start doing
this but consulting can make you very big sales and I know
people that are in marketing that make year no make that seven hundred
thousand dollars up one clock of one client over the course you know maybe a couple
months but they’ve been in the industry while they
have a reputation it’s easier for them to get this kind of
business but Consulting’s and I think he can do if
you have certain services that are in demand you can also sell solo ads solo ads
basically is a way if advertising for people through email
list okay you can go to a site like next mark
dot com and it kinda looks like this right here she can search for people’s email list and up people contact people with us
email s and come up with a price to actually
email their list leads and they said their own email with their own
links so that they can opt into a whoever’s buying the rights to place an ad with that list its let’s say yes what say you you are on here and you wanna email to
somebody else’s giant list and now marketing okay see find a
marketing list and what’s s you know hundred thousand
people I it and you pay so much per click okay so much for a just a one-time
payment for the rights to email that list and then you
have links in that email and go back to your sales page or your
capture page to get leads or sales from it that’s the
fastest way to get in front of a lot of people through email but they can be
costly but if you’re more vendor in your
selling a list selling the rights to advertise to your list you can make why
their money from that but you know you need to build up a very
big email list before you think about it another thing you can do is flip blogs are flip websites now this kid the this can’t make you thousands of dollars me it’s like for me how surf looking at
cars it can make you thousands of dollars but it depends on how good you are doing the work on it are how good you
are outsourcing work on these blogs how fast can you get it to rank are you
gonna buy sites that are already established in an auction on Godaddy dot com are you gonna start
one from scratch and build that up over the course of the Year
to you and then sell it edges can depends on your expertise and
how long weekend afford to work on it before you flip it how much you can make up that now that’s
something for more experience people but if you can do it you can make
some very big sales from a guest posting is well you know what a lot of people do
to get backlinks things like that now I think Google’s
can to crack down on this a little or sis not prosper not quite as popular as it
used to be but a lot of people do still do guest post
and if you a have a very popular blog you
can have people pay you to put a guest post on their or you can get paid to put guest posts
on other people’s sites depending on how good you are writing your how good your
blog years you can go either way with that are both
ways few what network marketing is a lot like
affiliate marketing except you also have the option above making money off other people sales and not just yours
okay so network marketing is set the yet to be
careful with that the same time they can have alive great benefits if you get and with the
right company that’s actually gonna last and has good
things to sell so it’s it’s like an affiliate company
also has referrals basically so you can advertise that on
your blog in another the lasting and talk to you
about is ad space says kinda like with affiliate ads through Amazon it’s like ad space through Google Adsense ad space is a is great because companies but
you’re not gonna make a whole lot was hit on a traffic but a you can make more of ad space if you sell to individual companies or
out people just looking to advertise in your
niche set they will have ties internet she can
actually have a tab at your blog menu that has a page where you talk
about the prices a advertising on your site I know I’ll theres a site called John Chow dot com for
instance he’s in the marketing niche an he sells ad space to other
people on his site and you know there’s other ones out
there to bed depending on how they give a other banner you get him it’ll be like a I love square banner right here that’ll
be your ad and then you pay the money to get that spot it’s usually a
monthly payment as long as you want to be on sell it it could be five hundred a month for a really small line maybe and I can’t appear yet it kinda look at
how much traffic they have an if it’s really good traffic for what you’re
selling okay but I that’s if you wanna sell
another people sites but you can also make a lot of money if you have good
traffic you have a lot a good niche I am subscribers coming in all the time
people why advertise their business on your widget area of your blog okay so that’s another that’s another way you can make pre good
at money from your blog I so there’s that 10 probably the 10
very best ways you can monetize your blog and it is kinda tend to watch which you
wanna do the easiest ones do you are probably a Adsense Amazon affiliates maybe the he can do consulting if you already
know certain skills and you can sell your own ebook sell
your own video courses stuff like that and you can do affiliate marketing is well
through Clickbank other sites like that on and then if you
want make bigger sales bigger commissions
bigger I am money online in getting more
complicated stuff like selling your own products or I sayings light up even consulting selling solo ads flipping blogs is in
everything that can be a have a really big turnaround even network marketing you’re selling ad
space to a small individual companies things like that are more complicated
but can make more money so it is kinda tenure which line do so
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